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Lahori Fish Fry Recipe

Lahori Fish Fry Recipe

Sumera Saeed | category: Cooking Recipes

Lahori Fish Fry Recipe. Lahori Fish Fry is very much popular among people. In whiter a huge number of people rush to eat Lahori Fish Fry which is not only very much delicious but also contains a number of health benefits. Its use reduces risk of heart attack and stroke, lowers blood pressure.

The use of fish provides high amount of omega-3 fatty acid, calcium and phosphorus. In winter it is essential to eat more fish, especially people with osteoporosis and women going through menopause should eat more fish than others.

Furthermore, people with diabetes should eat more fish.

Today we will tell you how to cook yummy and crispy Lahori Fish Fry Recipe.

Here are the ingredients of Lahori Fish Fry:

  • Fish 1 kg
  • Lemon Juice 4 tablespoon
  • Salt 1 ½ tablespoon
  • Ginger, Garlic paste 2 tablespoon
  • Anardana 1 tablespoon
  • Red Chili Flakes 1 ½ tablespoon
  • Ajwain 1 teaspoon
  • Cumin seeds powder 1 tablespoon
  • Coriander powder 1 tablespoon
  • Turmeric 1 teaspoon
  • Chickpea flour (baisan) 5 to 6 tablespoon
  • Chart Masala 1 tablespoon
  • Oil For frying

How to make Lahori Fish Fry?

Wash the fish fillets and let them dry. Add the fish in a pot and pour lemon juice, ginger garlic paste and all other ingredients instead chick pea flour and chaat masala.  Let the fish fillets to marinate for 1 hour. You can also leave the fish to marinate overnight for best results.

When the fish marinate completely, add chick pea flour and coat all the fillets. Let them marinate for more 30 minutes.

Now heat the oil in a pan fry the fish fillets until golden brown. Once fried, sprinkle chaat masala on fish and serve it with Tandoori rooti and Tamarind sweet sauce.

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Early signs of heart stroke

Early Signs of Heart Stroke

Shahid | category: Health and Beauty

Early signs of Heart Stroke. Now a days heart attack is the most common reason of sudden deaths. Very often heart attacks are unexpected and severe .But most in heart attacks someone feels only a gentle or a little pain or inconvenience. A majority of people who traps by this situation are unable to know that what are they suffering from and pay no attention to consult about a silent heart attack. They may feel a lot like a bout of the stomach bug or the flu or indigestion. Now we will discuss about some signs that can be warning about heart attack;

  1. Chest discomfort:

Commonly in heart attacks victims feel some pain in chest for a few minutes or it goes away and starts after awhile. They can feel uncomfortable pressure, squeezing and heavy pain.

2: Inconvenience in other parts of upper body:

During heart attack you can feel pain in one or both arms, the back, neck jaw or stomach.

  1. Low breathing:

This feeling may occur with or without chest pain.

  1. Some other difficulties of heart stroke:

Some other signs of heart stroke are breaking out in a cold sweat feeling vomit or lightheartedness.

            Symptoms of heart attack in women

Just like men women also face the same difficulties during heart attack such as chest pain or discomfort. But women are somewhat more likely than men to experience some of the other common symptoms, particularly;

  1. Pain between or behind shoulder blades
  2. Fatigue
  3. Dizziness
  4. Nausea
  5. Vomiting
  6. Sweating
  7. Chest pain
  8. Shortness of breath
  9. Back or jaw pain

           Unusual symptoms of silent heart attack

A Number of People suffer heart attack with traditional symptoms as mentioned above. Unusual symptoms include unexplained fatigue, shortness of breath and discomfort in the throat, neck, jaw .Some people feel like h,” Dr. Rimmerman says. “If you feel sustained discomfort for a period of a few minutes, especially if the symptoms are new and without clear explanation, you should not ignore these concerns.” heart burn and they take medicines for its treatment instead of recognizing that pain may be from heart.

Sometimes people feel that something happening wrong with them but they never notice it .They ignore the symptoms. It is observed in a recent case that a patient was feeling food poisoning only for a couple of days ,later he caught by the heart attack. Heart attack can be named as silent killer.


1: Whenever you feel heart burn like problem you should seek care. Don’t let uncertainty lead to regret later for you or your family.

2: Always keep in mind you should not be your own physician.

3: If you experience a distinct change in how you feel, no matter how subtle, you should seek medical attention.

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Good News For Coffee Lovers If trying to Burn Calories

Sumera Saeed | category: Health and Beauty

Good News For Coffee Lovers If trying to Burn Calories

If you are doing hard to burn your calories then stop for a while and must read the below mentioned tip. The below mentioned tip is very much effective and simple to use. Now you need not to do any hard exercise or starve yourself for losing weight.

It’s good news for coffee lovers that they can burn their calories every morning if they drink a moderate amount of coffee.

The presence of caffeine in Coffee helps you to boast your metabolism level and save you from heart attack and other diseases.

Adding a small amount of below mentioned ingredients in your daily morning coffee you can burn your calories and extra fat of body and can get slim and smart figure. You just need to have honey, cinnamon and coconut oil.

Honey contains a bunch of nutrients like iron, phosphorus, zinc, sodium, potassium and calcium.it is also a good source of vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, folate, riboflavin and niacin. Its use controls the cholesterol level and save heart.

Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. Its use helps you to fight bacteria in the body.

Coconut oil contains fatty acids but this fat is healthy. It offers high level of energy and metabolism.


Put one tablespoon of honey, ¾ tablespoon of coconut oil and one tablespoon of cinnamon powder in the cup and mix well. Now pour hot coffee in it and mix it properly. You weight loss and calories burn coffee is ready to drink.

Drink it daily basis for getting desired results.


How to Reduce Lower Abdominal Fat

Sumera Saeed | category: Health and Beauty

How to Reduce Lower Abdominal Fat

Fat belly is really annoying and its bit difficult to get rid of it easily. Fatty and sugary food contributes a lot in developing fat in our lower tummy and this fat increase the risk of diabetes and heart attack. It’s not very much easy to get rid of lower abdominal fat but by practicing on below mentioned tips and tricks you can achieve your desired target in few weeks.

  • Avoid foods that have saturated fats.
  • Don’t consume Junk foods.
  • Consume high fiber food to increase metabolism level.
  • Drink green tea daily as it boast metabolism level.
  • Use vegetables, fruits and whole grain in your daily diet.
  • Limit your salt, sugar and fatty food intake.
  • Drink lots of water in a day to remove harmful toxin from body.
  • Don’t starve yourself. Eat your healthy meal on time because dieting is not the solution.
  • Avoid having stress.
  • Have sound sleep for at least 8 hour.
  • Keep your cholesterol level in control.
  • Limit your alcohol consumption.
  • Do exercise on daily basis; you can go for aerobics, swimming and jogging etc.

The above mentioned tips for getting rid lower abdominal fat are very much effective and handy. By practicing on them you can get desired results in few weeks.

How to Deal with High Blood Pressure

Sumera Saeed | category: Health and Beauty

How to Deal with High Blood Pressure

Today, you will find here complete details about how to deal with high blood pressure (BP, hypertension). What the blood pressure is and how much dangerous it could be for your life?
When your heart beats, it pumps blood round your body to provide it the vitality and oxygen it requires. As the blood moves it pushes against the sides of the veins; the force of this pushing is your blood pressure (BP). If your BP is at its peak it puts extra strain on your arteries (your heart) and this may lead to heart attacks and strokes.
Tension and anxiety are not the direct cause of heart attack as there are other symptoms too. You just need to check your BP at regular basis. Generally, your BP is measured in “Millimeters” of mercury’ (mmHg) and is mentioned as two numbers, for instance, if your reading is 120/80mmHg, your blood pressure is ‘120 over 80’.
The first one shows your ‘Systolic’ blood pressure and the second is ‘Diastolic’.
Systolic shows higher level of BP, whereas the Diastolic indicates the lower level of blood pressure.
All of you need to keep your blood pressure at normal level; otherwise higher level of blood pressure can cause severe health damages. For instance, a pulse rate of 135 more than 85 may be “normal” but someone with this reading is twice, prone to have a heart attack or stroke as someone with a reading of 115 more than 75.
Your heart is the vital organ of your body and there is a need to keep it healthy. If you are diagnosed with hypertension, you need to change your life style and do proper medication. Below are some tips and tricks to keep your high bop normal.

• You need to keep your weight in control because obesity contributes a lot in increasing pp.
• Involve yourself in regular physical activity; do exercise daily for at least 30 minutes in the morning.
• Eat health food in your daily routine especially fruits and vegetables.
• Use potassium oriented food in your daily routine.
• Leafy green vegetables, potatoes, beets, blue berries,oatmeal and bananas, etc.
• Reduce you salt intake.
• If you are alcohol addicted reduce its consumption.
• Quit Smoking and the use of caffeine.

You also need to check your BP on regular basis. If you can’t visit a doctor daily and don’t have enough fee to pay them, you need not to worry about it. You can buy a Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor. This gadget is very handy and use full.
You also don’t need to worry about the product price because you can buy it at a very cheap rate from any pharmacy.
you can also watch the video below on daytimes about how to get rid of high BP fast.

Weight Loss and detoxification of body with water

Sumera Saeed | category: Health and Beauty

Weight Loss and detoxification of body with water

There are many ways to lose weight but most of them are hard and make you stay hungry which can also lead to health problems. In elder obeseness can lead to depression, heart attack, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other long-lasting diseases. There are lots of factors that involve making you obese. Your environment, the food you used to eat and your genes, etc. count a lot.

Not everyone with obesity have to face the above mentioned health problem. The problems can occur and may be sever if you have a family history of one of those conditions.

Now you don’t need to worry about it, forgot about your obesity, because you no more need to do heavy exercise, quit food and use costly medicine. According to experts you can lose your weight only with the help of water in specific time. The experts said, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail, obese people can reduce their weight by drinking half liter of water before taking meal. You can lose your weight in just 12 weeks by using water. Drinking of water before meals may reduce 75 of calories from your body. The water detox diet is very simple and can clean your body more efficiently by removing harmful toxins. But you need to know is; don’t drink too much water in one sitting. Just drink one glass of water in one sitting and repeat it with at least 15 minutes of gap.

If you are addicted to soda, cold drinks and other carbonated drinks replace it with water. The too much use of carbonated drinks can increase the sugar level in the body and cause a number of diseases.

So quit this habit instantly and if you don’t like the taste of water you can use it with few drops of lemon juice.

Water plays important role to clean your body as it has the ability to remove toxins and fats.

How to make detox water?

You need to have one liter of water in the jug add 3 to 4 slices of grapefruit, cucumber and lemon in it. Let it set for two hours in the fridge. Use it on daily basis to remove toxins.

Weight Lose with water

You can also use fruits detox water. Nowadays market is full of fresh fruits like strawberries, watermelons, kiwis. You can make the detox water by adding the slices of these fruits in the water. These fruits are rich in Vitamins and minerals. Below are some easy tips and home remedies to get healthy body:

  • You can also detox your body by eating fiber rich food, like fresh fruits and vegetables. Beets, radishes, chlorella, artichokes, cabbage and broccoli are excellent detoxifying foods.
  • Use Vitamin C rich food that helps to make natural glutathione in the body that removes toxins.
  • Breathe deeply, especially in the morning.
  • Have a glass of water after wake-up in the morning.
  • Also have a glass of water before going to bed at night.
  • Avoid having stress because stress may also be the cause of obesity.


We hope you will surely have the benefits with the above mentioned tips. Stay tuned for further beneficial tips and home remedies