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Tricks To Keep Away Lizards From Your House

Tricks To Keep Away Lizards From Your House

Sumera Saeed | April 26, 2017 | category: News

Lizards are the unwanted visitors that are competent of generating annoyance in your home. Though lizards survive on pests, mosquitoes, and spiders and keep the surroundings clean, but in spite of of this fact, their existence is disturbing. They don’t only ruin house but are also poisonous.

Today we will tell you some easy tricks to get rid of Lizards easily from your house.

  1. Keep the eggs shells in your house as Lizards don’t like egg smell.
  2. Do hang garlic and onion where lizards mostly come as they don’t like the odor of garlic.
  3. Keep your house clean from mosquitoes, spiders and flies. For this purpose you can use the good quality insect killer spray.
  4. keep the Naphthalene Balls or mouth balls in your home at a safe place away from the reach of children.
  5. Don’t hang lots of pictures on the walls as lizards like to stay there.
  6. Don’t let the windows and door open for a long
How to have Loans And Mortgages in Pakistan Via Banks

How to have Loans And Mortgages in Pakistan Via Banks

Mariam Irshad | October 11, 2016 | category: Loans And Mortgages in Pakistan

How to have Loans And Mortgages in Pakistan Via Banks

In life a number of people go through the phase when having loan becomes their most important and foremost step to get relief form financial issues. For having Loan people depend on an organization or individual who can give them required amount of money for solving their certain problems.

So if you are in a market for having loan and in search of best loan provider bank, you are at a right place.

Today you will find here how to easily get Loan from different banks existing in Pakistan. These banks are offering Student Loan, Car Loan, a mortgage, Home Loan, Business Loan or any other type of product loan with easy to pay installments.

How to have Loans And  Mortgages in Pakistan Via Banks

We hope our article have the sufficient information and well help you out to make a best decision.

Student loan scheme:

How to have Loans And  Mortgages in Pakistan Via Banks

Now student loan schemes are also offered by different banks in Pakistan in order to secure their bright future. Now don’t worry about your financial problem because Student Loan will help you to continue your studies and have bright career opportunities.

The student must take admission in Public Sector College or universities and should have age limit for graduation up to 21, for post graduation 31 and for PhD 36 years old. Student can take admission in any science or arts subject. Loan will be repaid by the student under 10-years after employment and it should be paid in installments after every six month. This Student Loan Scheme is provided by National Bank of Pakistan in the country.

Home Loan in Pakistan:

How to have Loans And  Mortgages in Pakistan Via Banks

Those who always dream of having their own house but cannot afford it and consider it impossible for them they can now have their own house. A number of banks in Pakistan are offering home loan schemes to fulfill your dream.

You can get financing to construct your home on an empty plot

  • Financing of up to 100% of the construction cost
  • Payment tenure option from 3 to 20 years.



At the time of application between 23 years to 55 years, subject to maximum age of 60 for salaried and 65 for other types of customers, at the time of maturity of finance.

Minimum take home income of Rs 50,000- per month from all sources.

You must be a permanent employee, currently employed with total employment experience of at least 2 years.

The property you want to mortgage should be located in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi or Islamabad.

Meezan Bank Easy Home – Islamic Housing Finance:


  • Minimum 25 years & maximum 65* years at financing maturity.
  • Primary (or Single) & Co-applicant allowed.
  • Co-applicant must be an immediate family member.
  • Minimum Gross Income of PKR 40,000 per month.
  • 100% Co-applicant income may be clubbed in case of spouse only.
  • Minimum Gross Income of PKR 75,000 per month.

For further details visit the official Website of Meezan Bank Here.

Muslim Commercial Bank Home Loan:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicant(s) must be Pakistani Resident Nationals
  • Salaried, Self Employed Businessmen / Professionals
  • Satisfactory verification
  • Satisfactory bureau checks
  • Satisfactory income estimation, property valuation and legal opinion

Loan Amount:

  • Home Purchase: PKR 50 Million
  • Home Construction: PKR 25 Million
  • Home Renovation: Up to PKR 15 Million
  • Plot Purchase Plus Construction: PKR 50 Million

Required Documents:

  • Application form
  • Copy of valid and original CNIC/SNIC
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Declaration of all financing facilities availed from all banks/DFIs
  • Income documents
  • Business /employment proof
  • Copy of property documents
  • Any other document required by the Bank.

Business Loan:

How to have Loans And  Mortgages in Pakistan Via Banks

Sometimes you need to start your business but have no source of income to invest.

For starting your business you can contact a bank that provides loan in easy steps for business. Banks providing loan for business are given below:

Standard Chartered Bank of Pakistan:

Standard Chartered Bank of Pakistan also provides loans to carry on their business, provides the financial help to small and medium scale enterprises.

For having Business Loan from Standard Charted Bank Click here.

National Bank of Pakistan:

National Bank of Pakistan is at the front position of international banking in Pakistan. NBP is providing various ways of financing from the small and medium loans to the large scale loans to carry on businesses at a large scale.

For having Business Loan from National Bank of Pakistan Click Here.

 Al Baraka Bank:

Al Baraka Bank being the Islamic bank grants loans to the poor farmers and many  clients so that they can start the small scale business and providing interest free loans to the clients to fulfill the short terms monetary.

For having Business Loan from Al Baraka Bank click here.

Muslim Commercial Bank:

Muslim Commercial Bank helps many of the impoverished people around the country. More than 60 years of its experience it has provided its client’s best services among all others, small business loans have helped many of the people across the countries to enhance the level of earning.

For having Business Loan from Muslim Commercial Bank click here.

Unique Baby Toys Gifts Available In Pakistan via Online Shopping

Unique Baby Toys Gifts Available In Pakistan via Online Shopping

Sumera Saeed | September 19, 2016 | category: News

Unique Baby Toys Gifts Available In Pakistan via Online Shopping

Selecting baby toys gifts is always a difficult task. For the toddlers and babies you always try to get something different and unique that the kid love. For the unique baby toys in Pakistan now the facility of baby toys online shopping in Pakistan is also available. In the online stores you can explore the different and unique toys. For the best baby toys online shopping in Pakistan you can visit the rich online store of babytoys.pk. This place has the collection of high quality toys in Pakistan that are available for the online Shopping with cash on delivery all over Pakistan. The tip is always selecting a gift for the kid that the baby can use even after months and it is in the favor of the baby. For the baby toys in Pakistan online shopping facility is unique for the parents.

Baby Hammock

Unique Baby Toys Gifts Available In Pakistan via Online Shopping

Babies find it fun sleeping in the hammock. The trendy and beautiful hammock with the strong rope is the unique baby toys gift. Exclusive baby hammock for toddlers is available for baby toys online shopping in Pakistan. You can hang the seat or hammock for the baby anywhere in your house. Hammock is designed safe for the kids.

Humphrey Elephant


Plush toys are always babies’ favorite to cuddle and sleep. The warm hugs by the stuffy toys are the best you can give to a kid. Humphrey Elephant is the high quality stuff animal toy for babies. Plush elephant toy is unique baby toy gift other than the teddy bear and dolls that are common. To buy baby toys in Pakistan and get the soft and best Humphrey elephant for the baby online in Pakistan placing your order on the website.

Wooden Dollhouse

Unique Baby Toys Gifts Available In Pakistan via Online Shopping Unique Baby Toys Gifts Available In Pakistan via Online Shopping

Wooden toys are best quality kids’ toys. To find the best wooden toys in Pakistan babytoys.pk is the right place. Wooden dollhouses are unique with the wooden and quality accessories. Little girls would love this baby toy as they can build themselves. In the online collection of baby toys in Pakistan wooden doll houses are also available.

Baby Play gym

Unique Baby Toys Gifts Available In Pakistan via Online Shopping

A unique baby toy gift is the baby play gym. You can select the one that plays music and have much fun for the baby. The exclusive baby play gym is the Fisher Price musical piano gym. You can shop this unique baby toy in Pakistan with the facility of cash on delivery. Buy the special gifts for the baby and make him surprise and fun.


Unique Baby Toys Gifts Available In Pakistan via Online Shopping

Wooden rides, mini scoters, tricycles and other rides are super fun. The activity that kids can do themselves is the most enjoyable. Rides are fun and exercise. Car rides are also nice option. Various kinds of quality and colorful rides are available for the baby toys online shopping in Pakistan to select and buy for the kids.