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Use 8 Mbps PTCL Connection and Get Free 6 Months Netflix Subscription

Use 8 Mbps PTCL Connection and Get Free 6 Months Netflix Subscription

Sumera Saeed | category: Mobile Phones

Use 8 Mbps PTCL Connection and Get Free 6 Months Netflix Subscription. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), the largest internet service provider in the country, is come up with exciting offer for its customers.

PTCL has collaborated with the Netflix, the world’s largest online streaming service, in order to offer its service free of cost top its customers in the country. As per PTCL you can get free 6 month subscription of Netflix if you use the 8 Mbps connection of PTCL.

The PTCL and Netflix service is available for the 8 Mbps or more connections only.

Netflix has officially launched its service in Pakistan few years ago and is offering a huge streaming of local and international movies, Dramas, TV shows and much more.

Now PTCL has joined hands with Netflix to offer the online streaming service to cover a lot of ground in the country which it has previously been unable to do so.

After the subscription of Netflix, you can enjoy on-demand entertainment on your Smart TVs , smartphones, PCs, laptops, tablets and other devices.

PTCL is already collaborated with iFlix, another streaming service that was launched in Pakistan instantly after Netflix arrival in the country. PTCL is offering the free one year of iFlix service to customers on the use of 4mbps.

For further information about Netflix visit the official PTCL website.

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VEON Black Friday Reveals First Round Of Amazing Deals; The Best is Yet To Come!

VEON Black Friday Reveals First Round Of Amazing Deals; The Best is Yet To Come!

Sumera Saeed | category: News

VEON Black Friday Reveals First Round Of Amazing Deals; The Best is Yet To Come! The Pakistani e-commerce leader’s flagship sale has launched with discounts up to 86% – more deals from new categories to get unlocked everyday until November 24. Enter a sale that begins where others end. At discounts up to 86%. Starts at the top of the week- runs through the weekend with new categories unlocking daily. It is the one and only annual Black Friday sale. First 2 day reports from sources close to Daraz suggest that this Black Friday sale is well on its way to being 3 times larger than last year’s recording breaking event.

To get things started, Daraz unlocked Grocer’s Shop; Health & Beauty; Baby, Kids & Toys; and Books & Stationery on Nov 20th. Nov 21st, saw the Fashion categories unlock. And today, deals from Home & Appliances; Sports & Travel; Computing & Gaming and Automobiles went live. Nov 23rd will see deals from the hottest categories – Phones & Tablets, TVs and Audio – are going to be unlocked.

Up until November 24 the sale will keep getting bigger and better with mega deals from new categories being unveiled daily. The 23rd onwards, ALL categories will go live with some big reveals and special offers on Nov 24th.

Top Deals Unlocked Today (Nov 22)

Chief Marketing Officer, Hamaad Ravda, comments:

“On popular demand – we have changed things up this year. In a first for Black Friday,  the sale has been extended into a week-long affair seeing select categories unlock each day of the event. In true Black Friday tradition, our aim is to raise the bar and then deliver it: to infinity and beyond.”

Additionally, customers can expect a huge surprise reveal on Friday. With mega deals, brand vouchers and bank partners to boot, customers are enjoying the best Daraz has to offer from the comfort of their homes. The sale went live with a bang and yet again the traffic numbers took Daraz by surprise.

Special Offers from VEON, the Daraz QR Code and Digital Partners 

Black Friday this year is super exciting with special offers on the VEON app, as well as QR Code discount, that shoppers may scan in order to redeem an exclusive Rs. 500 discount on the Daraz app. The code has been sighted on fliers and billboards nationwide, generating palpable excitement three weeks ahead of the sale.

Additionally, with every Daraz order, customers can enjoy a free Careem ride as well as a 20% discount coupon from Pizza Hut. Iflix is offering a free subscription with every order. Cinepax brings a 10% discount on Black Friday shoppers’ next ticket purchase. Talk about fringe benefits! Scan the below to get Rs 500 discount.

VEON Crazy Deals: Exclusive discounts on VEON everyday

If customers want to experience what it means to #BeTrulyFree, they are advised to check out the CRAZY DEALS calendar below and avail handsome price reductions.

Additional discounts from Payment Partners

Safe and secure payments are a Daraz signature. As is customary for Pakistan’s No.1 online marketplace, the Black Friday payment partner roster is populated by many of the country’s preeminent banking stalwarts- household names in and of themselves- offering additional discounts on already heavily discounted deals.

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Stay tuned, everything in Phone and Tablets, TVs and Audio  up next! Download the Daraz app to make the most of this Black Friday.

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