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Selfie Craze: Woman Ruins $200,000 Worth of Art For Clicking A Selfie

Sumera Saeed | July 14, 2017 | category: News

Selfie craze is increasing day by day. For taking selfies people go to an extent that they have to lose their lives. There are a number of incidents reported that revealed people lost their lives for clicking selfies.

A woman in Los Angeles, California has ruined $200,000 Worth of Art for her passion of selfie. The museum authorities have revealed that three of the sculptures are totally damaged in the incident.

Security cameras of the museum have captured the entire incident. She lost her balance while taking a selfie and cause damage to expensive sculptures.

We have posted a video for you in which you can see how a woman ruined $200,000 worth of art for clicking a selfie.

Jaguar I Pace: First Electric Car

Jaguar I Pace: First Electric Car

Mariam Irshad | November 23, 2016 | category: Autos and Vehicles

Jaguar I Pace: First Electric Car

Electric car are making their ways as according to a study in 2015 about 2.6 million battery powered vehicles run on the roads. Now jaguar I pace electric car is all set to be the best car of era.

At press event in Los Angeles jaguar has unrevealed its first electric car.  Jaguar I pace is first electric car that will cover 500km range with zero tailpipe emissions. Jaguar I pace will be launched in 2018. As jaguar is famous for being luxury vehicle brand so I pace will be a luxurious electric car. In conventional car category they proved to be the best brand car of era but now its time to wait and watch what impression I pace will have on minds of its customers.

Jaguar I pace will be the best version of electric car and will be going to market before its rival so each feature is highly competent, it will never be launched like other conventional cars.

Jaguar I Pace: First Electric Car

Jaguar I-PACE is powered by two electric motors – one attached to each axle front and back and together delivering 400 horsepower. I PACE required only two hours for charging , it covers 80% battery charging within 90 minutes .Moreover it can be easily charged at any public charging stations and if you are covering 25 to 31 miles you just need to charge jaguar I pace electric car once in a week.

Jaguar I Pace three systems : battery pack , cooling system , structure and module weighs between 550 to 600 kg. Jaugar I pace electric car is best in making it cool whatever higher current, load and performance you are giving to it as I pace batteries are best for staying cool without heat generation. Jaguar I pace replaced dashboard by 12-inch high-resolution interactive driver display. It is best in being dramatic, future-facing design with beautiful and premium details. Jaguar I pace will be a five seated car providing comfortable and opulence journey.

There is no idea when jaguar I pace will release and how much will it cost. But car lovers are waiting anxiously for I pace.

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Festival in Brooklyn

Sumera Saeed | May 6, 2016 | category: News

Festival in Brooklyn

In coming days a festival is expected to be held in Brooklyn. The effort will be done by none other than  “Grammys”. The purpose of the festival is to provide a platform to the variety of genres. The festival will start on Thursday and will last till Sunday. Both ticketed and free concerts will be held across the region. The event will be inaugurated by a ticketed concert by R&B singer Ne-Yo and Jazmine Sullivan. Closing will be held out on Sunday at Brooklyn’s Kings Theatre by R&B Toni Braxton.

Popstar Robin Thicke is also ought to perform at Kings Theatre on Saturday. Maxican singer Natalia Lafourcade is one of the major performers of the event. The event is expected to reach out a more diverse audience. A senior official at the recording company, Brandon Chapman, stated that they are excited to offer the public the opportunity to experience various music genres and share the cultural diversity of the Grammy. According to them Big Apple is the best place to do  this.

Free concerts are also included in the festival which will be held in coordination with Mayor’s office. A free concert that will be held on Saturday will include performers like multi-Grammy winnerrs Terence Blanchard and Christine McBride as well as funk heroes The Commodores with Gospel star BeBe Winans and many others.

Grammy was previously held at various locations in both Los Angeles and New York, but for than a decade it has been based permanently at Staple Center in Los Angeles.