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Now Online Shopping in Pakistan is Extremely Easy With Shoppingate.pk

Sumera Saeed | category: News

Shoppingate.pk is the best leading online shopping portal in Pakistan that gives you best quality products at cheap prices. Our main focus is to provide you best experience of online shopping in Pakistan & the best customer service to our customers. It’s time to enjoy the actual meaning of online shopping in Pakistan with Shoppingate.pk. We take you beyond the understanding the fun of Pakistan online shopping. There are numerous products listed on our online shopping website under different categories from local as well as top brands in Pakistan. So if you are tired from work and don’t want to go out for shopping then Shoppingate.pk is the excellent place for you to shop online in Pakistan. We make sure our Pakistan customers who love to buy online in Pakistan are treated with delivering the best at reasonable prices. Original products, cheap rates & return policies make Shoppingate.pk a real heaven for shopping online in Pakistan. We introduce the real concept of online shopping in Pakistan as we deliver you from electronics to the apparel at your door step.

At our online shopping store in Pakistan, you’ll find Home & Kitchen appliances, electronics, car & mobile accessories, health & beauty products and much more that can be used in your daily life. For original online shopping brands in Pakistan Shoppingate.pk has a wide collection of cosmetics & makeup tools that enhance your beauty very much. You can buy the latest mobile phone from our online shopping store in Pakistan. We deliver you the best quality products at your doorstep that you can buy through online shopping in Pakistan.

Shoppingate.pk is a traditional online shopping store in Pakistan that guarantees to give you original products at cheap rates. Normally online shopping in Pakistan makes you pay more as compared to the online retail stores of Pakistan. If you are looking for original, reliable, branded, & affordable price all of this you can get through online shopping in Pakistan with Shoppingate.pk. We not only sell the products but also we want to introduce the real meaning of online shopping in Pakistan with cash on delivery.

Unlimited Products Online

We have a wide range of products in numerous categories that you can buy through online shopping in Pakistan.

Apparel & Accessories: We provide you wide collection of women’s wear and men’s wear so that you can feel happy in your life.

Health & Beauty: We have various health and beauty products, exercise machines, health devices at affordable prices.

Cosmetics Products: We have a huge collection of cosmetics from top cosmetics brands in Pakistan. So you can do online cosmetics shopping in Pakistan with free home delivery.

Home & Kitchen: We provide you original kitchen tools, best quality household items, and high-quality bath accessories from our online shopping site in Pakistan.

Electronics: We deliver original electronics appliances & gadgets in all over the Pakistan at affordable prices.

Car & Mobile Accessories: We provide you the huge collection of unique mobile & car accessories that make your life easy and attractive.

Makeup Tools: We offer you wide collection of latest and unique makeup tools that enhance your beauty.

Mobiles: Get latest mobile phones in Pakistan from our online shopping site. We offer you online mobile shopping in Pakistan with cash on delivery service.

Vitamins & Supplements: Get original Vitamins & Supplements that make you smart, fit, strong and healthy. Choose one of the best health products according to your requirement.

Quality Products

We assure you that you’ll get the original product for which you paid for. We deliver your product without any delivery charges at your destination. We promise to change the concept of online shopping in Pakistan with free home delivery service has happened with our delivery system.

Free Home Delivery

Shoppingate.pk is not limited in few cities we deliver all across the Pakistan with free home delivery. So it’s no matter where you live you’ll get your product at your doorstep. You can buy local as well as luxury items through online shopping in Pakistan with free home delivery & cash on delivery service. Shoppingate.pk allows you to do online shopping in Karachi, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Quetta, Sialkot, Multan, Okara, Bahawalnagar, and Sargodha, Pakistan.

Customer Service

We believe in maintaining long term customer relationship so we trained our staff to love our customers and make a user-friendly environment. Call us at 0346-7776552 anytime you want our staff will available for your assistance. You can also contact us at our email address sales@shoppingate.pk for any kind of order queries, feedbacks, suggestions, and complaints.

Junaid Jamshed Summer Gala

Junaid Jamshed Brings Summer Gala Offering Up To 50% Discount on Clothing, Makeup and Accessories

Sumera Saeed | category: Fashion

Junaid Jamshed Brings Summer Gala Offering Up To 50% Discount on Clothing, Makeup and Accessories

Junaid Jamshed is come up with a grand sale for its lovers and offering up to 50% discount on clothing, makeup, fragrances, men’s wear and kids wear.

You can get the huge discount on Junaid Jamshed Lawn Collection, Kurties, Men’s Shalwar Kameez, Kids’ wear, Makeup and much more. Junaid Jamshed Summer Gala sale starts from 27th April and will remain till 7th May 2017.

So what are you waiting for hurry up and grab the discount by clicking here.

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Experiencing True Online Shopping in Pakistan

Experiencing True Online Shopping in Pakistan

Guest Post | category: News

A decade ago, online shopping in Pakistan was almost non-existent. It was something only found on international shopping platforms. The growth in the e-commerce industry has changed shopping trends in Pakistan. As people’s interest grew towards online shopping, new stores kept popping up. Where there was little or no sign of online stores in Pakistan offering only limited number of products and delivery was only available in major parts of the country, the current scenario is completely opposite.

The Face of Online Shopping in Pakistan

Easy shopping opened doors to various markets. E-commerce presented an opportunity to these markets and a chance for many entrepreneurs to set up virtual stores. After a few online stores surfaced, the business of e-commerce became more of a trend. Everything from Dell laptops to Samsung mobile phones, clothes, delivery services to online food service, everything is now available online. The local online stores are now maturing into go-to places for people to get what they want in just a few clicks. Gone are the days when going to an actual mall or store seemed like a tedious task. Now one can shop at the comfort of one’s home with just a few clicks.

Online Shopping in Pakistan with Payment on Delivery as Option

Online stores where people often perform online shopping in Pakistan are now mature enough to offer sales and amazing discounts that are hard to miss. It’s almost impossible to disagree that online sales are way better than the ones we find on conventional retail stores and malls. As more online stores are opening, the competition is getting intense. Everyone is striving to offer the best deal to the customers.

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As exciting as these sales are, the wait for the delivery to reach your doorstep and that feeling of anticipation is even better. All the products are economically priced that you can’t help but end up buying the products. These discounts and deals are beneficial for everyone who seek to buy stuff from mobiles, laptops, clothes, makeup, electronics, home appliances and much more.

Online Stores – The Best Place to Buy Mobile Phones

Since, there is a lot of competition now the e-commerce market has become very interesting. Mobile phone prices in Pakistan varies from one online store to another. Looking and comparing specs and features was one thing that we all used to do. Now, we don’t just buy a cell phone without comparing the price from a number of stores. Once, you are satisfied with the features, specs and price, that’s when you check out. Add in a discount deal and you get the best package which is impossible to get on an actual store. So, the perks of online shopping are endless.

Online Shopping in Pakistan with Cash on Delivery

It’s true you can’t bargain on a price of mobile phone while purchasing it online, but other benefits of online shopping like convenience, time saving and above all the sales and discounts cancel out the fact that you can’t bargain on mobile prices or let alone any other product.

Laptop Deals Online

After mobile phones, the next big thing that can be listed in the best sellers on an online store are laptops. From Dell to hp laptops, all kinds of old and new models are sold. You can always find something that suits your budget and fulfill your brand preference as well. Compare laptop prices in Pakistan, find best colors, specs, and features, it’s all about convenience and getting the best deal on laptops.

Check: Rava.pk – Entertainment Guaranteed for Pakistanis!

Online Mobile - Laptop Shopping in Pakistan with Cash On Delivery

If you are looking for the best laptop which can perform all your tasks, check out Dell laptops on sale to avail the best package. You can use them for a long time without worrying about their quality. One of the best things about Dell laptops is that it’s perfect for every age. From a student to a businessmen, they are designed to fulfill the needs of everyone. The diverse specifications offered by Dell make it a machine made for all and demanded by all.

Another great option to consider is HP laptops for best hardware components available in an extensive range. Its stunning graphics, good processor and a decent amount of storage are some of its highlighted features. If you are looking for a combination of elegance and performance, then you don’t have to look further than HP laptops.

Stay informed about all the best deals for mobile phones, laptops, and other electronics, apparel, and stuff you like to buy online at the best prices. Online shopping is indeed a great experience for everyone.

Sajal Ali Photoshoot For Nadia Hussain Beauty salon

Sajal Ali Photoshoot For Nadia Hussain Beauty salon

Sumera Saeed | category: Celebrity

Sajal Ali Photoshoot For Nadia Hussain Beauty salon

Beautiful and gorgeous actress Sajal Ali has did a latest bridal photoshoot for the style icon Nadia Hussain beauty salon and clinic. Sajal Ali is a Pakistani actress famous for playing a variety of roles in a range of drama serials—from contemporary social to romantic dramas.

Sajal Ali makeup by Nadia Hussain Beauty Salon and Clinic

Wardrobe by Wardha Saleem

Jewellery by Nadia Chhotani

You can watch the stunning Sajal Ali bridal photoshoot below:

Sajal Ali Photoshoot For Nadia Hussain Beauty salon  Sajal Ali Photoshoot For Nadia Hussain Beauty salon  Sajal Ali Photoshoot For Nadia Hussain Beauty salon  Sajal Ali Photoshoot For Nadia Hussain Beauty salon  Sajal Ali Photoshoot For Nadia Hussain Beauty salon  Sajal Ali Photoshoot For Nadia Hussain Beauty salon  Sajal Ali Photoshoot For Nadia Hussain Beauty salon  Sajal Ali Photoshoot For Nadia Hussain Beauty salon  Sajal Ali Photoshoot For Nadia Hussain Beauty salon  Sajal Ali Photoshoot For Nadia Hussain Beauty salon  Sajal Ali PhotoshoSajal Ali Photoshoot For Nadia Hussain Beauty salon  ot For Nadia Hussain Beauty salon

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Makeup Mistakes Spoil Your Personality

Makeup Mistakes Spoil Your Personality

Mariam Irshad | category: beauty products

Makeup Mistakes Spoil Your Personality

Makeup… This term is so closed to a women and nothing can ever replace it, whatever the circumstances transpire. Every female desire to collect a lot of makeup products and then used it as a weapon to look stunning. For this buying of makeup stuff is first and foremost item in shopping. Buying favorite lipstick and eye shade color give emotional relaxation to females.

While doing make up there are some mistakes which we do and this obliterate whole look and make you uglier. Yeah those products which we used for looking gorgeous sometimes there erroneous use reflect the darkest side. So while doing makeup tries to ponder about these given points:

Foundation shade:

Makeup Mistakes Spoil Your Personality

Always buy that foundation shade which do match with your skin tone and gives you magnificent glow, be judgmental during foundation selection and have best brand foundation for your skin. According to Ellis Faas (makeup artist): “Just choose two shades that come closest to your skin tone, apply each of them to your jaw line go outside to natural light and look in a mirror.” Use your own decision to see which one looks most natural. Select the natural one for your skin tone. A perfect base will give perfect makeup. Try to switch your foundation with reference to season, don’t use same foundation in whole year as in summer & winter skin mode vary a lot.

Sun block use is must:

Makeup Mistakes Spoil Your Personality

Using sun screen is a must thing, it gives you protection from sun rays and climate conditions and your makeup will stay longer. So use 25 SPF or higher than it.

Face powder:

Makeup Mistakes Spoil Your Personality

Don’t apply too much face powder for looking fair as it will appear your face as heavy & cakey and Apply powder only where needed.

Eyebrow shade:Makeup Mistakes Spoil Your Personality


Some females wants to give a darker shade to their eye brows so they apply black pencil & black shade there is heavy amount, this kind of act makes you look ruthless so make them look natural and shape them lightly with light brown pencil and brow powder.

Blush on color:

Makeup Mistakes Spoil Your Personality

Blush on color should be light to carry as applying a lot of dark blush on color will spoil your look. Do smile and apply it with cheeks line in center from upper to lower side.  Putting blush on a lower part of your cheek can drag your face down and look overdone. Don’t make yourself joker, stay classy and give natural impression to your makeup.

Mascara is must:

Makeup Mistakes Spoil Your Personality

Applying mascara add spark to your eyes so don’t apply mascara after curling your eye lashes. Apply mascara in shape of your lashes; try to give it upward movement, use water proof mascara.


Makeup Mistakes Spoil Your Personality

Lipstick is most favorite item for every female apply lipstick with lipstick brush will give natural look. If you have thin lips and want to make shape, do apply foundation on your lips then with help of brush make boundary just above your lip line and do fill it with lipstick. Don’t apply dark lip liner, have your lip liner match with your lipstick shade. If you are applying red lipstick, use light eye shade and blush on.


Makeup Mistakes Spoil Your Personality

Apply white shade before applying require color after this use black shade in the end for giving edge to your shade. Using dark colors combination will give rough appear so do have combination of dark color with light one.

Concealer use:

Makeup Mistakes Spoil Your Personality

Concealer works wonders on dark circles, after applying concealer, try setting your concealer with a very light coat of lucent powder

X-Ray of a girl’s bag

X-Ray of a girl’s bag

Sumera Saeed | category: Fashion

X-Ray of a girl’s bag

Do you want to know what is there in the bag of a modern girl? A girl’s bag is her partner that she cannot leave. Whenever leaving home a girl must have a hand bag full of accessories. The packed purse has all the stuff she will need in the day. It is not about just the makeup, mascara, lipstick, pancake and all but there is something that makes a girl’s bags a perfect bag pack. It also various due to individual needs but still the most of the accessories are common. So the purse becomes the tool kit to face any situation that comes the way. Make sure to have these things in your bag before you go out.

Tissue Paper

Tissue paper can clean the mess up. You can use it for facial cleaning, hand drying or cleaning, for runny nose, and for several other purposes. A small pack of tissue paper or napkins must be there in the purse. Kleenex everyday facial tissue is nice choice.

Safety Pins

Safety pin is the wise chose to have in your purse. You can use it in case any button pop or the lock of the necklace break down you can use the safety pin. It can also help in case you get any problem with your sandals and you cannot find cobbler. Safety pins are life saver.


Natural color or your regular use lipstick must be in your purse. Lip balm or gloss or lipstick makes you look fresh and touch up will not make you dull as the day ends.

Extra pair of earring stopper

In case you lose any stopper or earring back you should have an extra pair to not lose your earring.


You do not have to go to wash room every time to see how you are looking. You can look your face in your portable little mirror in your purse to ensure nothing has happened to your face.


For cuts and scrapes you must have a first aid bandage with you. May be you need them for your heels when you wear new shoes or when you broke your nail accidentally. You can also help others.

Mint gum

For refreshing smell and for the bad breath always keep mint gum in your purse.


While waiting for the lunch you may feel some carving. A healthy snack in your purse is good to have. Sometimes you need them for no reason and after having snacks you feel energized.

Stain remover or bloating paper

A stain of coffee or tea or oil looks really bad and leaves bad impression. If you accidentally drop something on your dress you can utilize the stain remover or bloating paper. You can also help your friend or colleague who will be thankful to your for this. You can have tide to go instant stain remover for this purpose; available through shoppingbag.pk.

Hand sanitizer

Public toilets soaps and hand wash are not healthy to use. You may have your own hand sanitizer with some moisturizer and vitamin E that will keep your skin fresh and you hand won’t get dry.

Lotion, moisturizer or sunscreen

Lotion, sunscreen or moisturizer is the additional thing that you can carry in your purse for skin protection. You can have a small bottle for travelling or regular use in your purse.


Every girl knows what makeup accessories she will need. You may like to wear mascara or eye liner or kajal all the time that you will need to have in your purse. The basic makeup products should be with you.

Pain killer pills

Never get tired due to headache. Always take pain killer pills in your bag. May be someone ask you for one.



Homemade Liner with Turmeric

Homemade Liner with Turmeric

Mariam Irshad | category: beauty products

Homemade Liner with Turmeric

Turmeric? Whenever this word clicked in mind we referenced it as obligatory item of kitchen but no stop considering it as cooking stuff think beyond limitations.

Turmeric is supremacy of beauty both are interrelated with each other. Turmeric gives glow, shine & freshen up your look within second.

When it’s about makeup , liner is first choice to enhance the look but usually girls with sensitive skin can’t use liner due to skin issues. Turmeric liner is hoard to use and gives your eyes a new taste of glow. It keeps your eyes healthy with no side effect.

So here it is :


  • Turmeric 3 tablespoon
  • Coconut oil 1 tablespoon
  • Butter (for thickness)


Burn turmeric as much as it become black like charcoal then put in coconut oil after this lastly add butter to make it thick. Save it in airtight liner container and use it with brush.

Red Lipstick Makes You Attractive and Confident

Mariam Irshad | category: Beauty Tips

Every female desires to look elegant and classy in a way that she became the center of attraction. For this reason makeup is a must needed thing. When we talk about makeup, mind clicked on the word “lipstick” ?

I do not know why , but I somehow feel prettier with red lipstick. Perhaps this is a kind of vulnerability Christina Aguilera.

Red lipstick is that color which add glow in your face and it is also considered as symbol of power & passion. When you are feeling low or not in mood just apply red lipstick and you will feel confident and pleased in a second. Red lipstick gives you strong masculine energy. Red narrate our emotions of happiness, falling in love , passion,  danger & jealousy.

Red Lipstick Makes You Attractive and Confident3

When you are going to attend party just have red lipstick on your face and you will feel change in yourself by looking prominent and catchy. In working place red lipstick mark your impression as self-assured, those women who wear dark eye and lip makeup were viewed as more proficient than the ones who were bald-faced. Moreover scientists found that the eye movements of 50 men spent 2.2 seconds on lipstick-free mouths, 6.7 seconds on pink lips, and 7.3 seconds looking at red lips.

Red lipstick makes you younger and hides your actual age as it gives you bold look and enhances your facial appearance so it’s a tool to look younger in older age. It suits on every skin tone. You just need a red lipstick and your whole makeover is done so having red lipstick in your handbag is always blessing. Want to take stunning selfies just have red lipstick on your lips , you will have dazzling pictures. Those who wear less have low confidence level as compared to those who love to wear red lipstick.

Lip liner accompanying red lipstick gives your lip refined look as it locks the lipstick on your lips, so always have it in same color. If Red lipstick is carried on solid black outfit it looks great and don’t you even dare to wear pink with it any accessory of pink color will play role of evil in your appealing face so be careful.

A married woman needs to wear red lipstick more as it makes you attention seeker and bold in style. Smallest cosmetic product to conquer the heart of your husband.

As If You want a man to notice you , just wear red lipstick. Monica Bellucci

Here are some adore & popular  shades of  red lipstick :

  • Ruby Woo by Mac
  • Red Lipstick Makes You Attractive and Confident
  • Gabrielle from the chanel
  • Red Lipstick Makes You Attractive and Confident
  • Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red
  • Red Lipstick Makes You Attractive and Confident
  • Tom Ford Lip Color in Cherry Lush
  • Red Lipstick Makes You Attractive and Confident
  • Rimmel Kate Lipstick in #1
  • Red Lipstick Makes You Attractive and Confident
  • Nars Semi Matte Lipstick
  • Red Lipstick Makes You Attractive and Confident