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OGRA Proposes to Increase Petrol Prices by Up To Rs.10

OGRA Proposes to Increase Petrol Prices by Up To Rs.10

Sumera Saeed | December 27, 2017 | category: News

OGRA Proposes to Increase Petrol Prices by Up To Rs.10. We reported you earlier that the government has a plan to increase the petrol prices in the country with the beginning of the year 2018. And now the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has proposed to increase the petroleum products prices by Rs. 10 from January 2018.

The media reports revealed that the petrol price in Pakistan may increase by up to Rs.5.20 per liter in January 2018. The Pakistani rupee has brought down against the US dollar. The price of petrol sees surge in the international market as crude oil has seen $2 price hike per barrel internationally in the month of December.

The new Petrol Prices and other petroleum products will come into effect starting from 1st January 2018, if the federal government approved the OGRA suggestion.

Here is how much increase will be in petroleum products

  • 5.20 per liter in petrol prices
  • 6.00 per liter in light diesel oil (LDO)
  • 4.50 per liter in high-speed diesel (HSD) prices
  • 10.00 per liter in kerosene oil prices

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