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Suzuki Mehran Becomes the Best Car of 2018 in Pakistan

Suzuki Mehran Becomes the Best Car of 2018 in Pakistan

Sumera Saeed | category: Autos and Vehicles

All About Suzuki Mehran in Pakistan

Suzuki Mehran Becomes the Best Car of 2018 in Pakistan. To purchase a car is somehow a tough job and people may keep in mind few thing regarding buying a new car like performance, fuel efficiency, spare parts availability, safety features, cost of ownership.

In Pakistan the Suzuki Mehran remains the most affordable car and people love to buy it due to its performance and affordability.

Suzuki Mehran arrived in the local market of Pakistan in 1989 priced at Rs. 90,000. It became among the top-selling cars in Pakistan with the introduction of second generation in 2012 with EFI engine and up till now the sedan has not got more enhanced features and technology. In 2017, Pak Suzuki had sold 42,985 units, making it the top-selling hatchback.

Suzuki Mehran Features


Suzuki Mehran looks like a box and is measured at 129.9 inches in length with a width of 55.3 inches and height of 55.5 inches.

Its front end includes a trapezium shaped headlights with a grille and several four-sided openings on one side and a closed end on the other accompanied by standard black bumpers.

On the other hand the back end features faintly angular squared shaped back light, a standard hatchback accompanied by a standard black bumper.

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The new Mehran has 4-Stroke Cycle Engine with water cool technology that offers the riders a smooth and pleasant experience with 130 km/h fastest ride as compared to its predecessors. The transition from zero to 60 km/hour just takes 13 seconds which is admirable for a small wagon with an average engine. It delivers 18 KM highway mileage and 16 KM city mileage with the 5 gears transmission, 4 for forward drive and 1 for reverse.

Pak-Suzuki has also introduced a new security system in the new models and installed the Immobilizer devices in new models as this device will prevent vehicle theft.

Variants of Mehran

Available in two models Euro II VX and VXR the Mehran will be tagged between 7 to 8 lacs in Pakistan.

Available colors of Mehran

It is available having five different colors including Red, Blue, Graphite Grey, Silver and Solid White.

Suzuki Mehran Becomes the Best Car of 2018 in Pakistan

Suzuki Mehran 2018 Price in Pakistan

  • Mehran VX Immobilizer Model Price Rs. 739,000
  • Mehran VX CNG Model Price Rs. 749,000
  • Mehran VXR Immobilizer Model Price Rs. 795,000
  • Mehran VXR CNG Model Price Rs. 802,000

Suzuki Mehran Best Car of 2018 in Pakistan

The most affordable vehicle Mehran has become the best car of 2018 in Pakistan. As per the survey conducted by PakWheels  ‘the best car in Pakistan on basis of Cost of Ownership’’ and mehran got the award of best car of 2018 in Pakistan.

Totally 19,155 individuals recorded the survey from all across the country. This survey covers the public spending habits, driving behavior, expectations and routine practices in the automobile sector in Pakistan.

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Cheetay.pk on a Trajectory of Growth and Expansion

Cheetay.pk on a Trajectory of Growth and Expansion

Sumera Saeed | category: News

Cheetay.pk on a Trajectory of Growth and Expansion. Cheetay.pk is becoming a major player in the domain of technology and e-commerce. Having secured $1.1 million in Series A-1 funding, they are now focusing on rapid expansion by spearheading into alternate business verticals. Venturing into food delivery was the first step. Their focus is to innovate and revolutionise order placement, and offer a comprehensive e-commerce experience which is tech-savvy and superior.

Cheetay.pk is an e-commerce platform that offers prompt logistics services by integrating pragmatic payment solutions to ensure that transactions and delivery is facilitated without any inconvenience.

According to Ahmed Khan, CEO of Cheetay.pk,

growth is the final frontier for any start-up. Bringing on-board new talent, grooming them and sharpening their abilities by establishing hierarchical chains and formalising departments is our current objective.  We are also constructing a state of the art office space and incorporating technology to facilitate all business operations so that we become the go to e-commerce platform people ask for”.

Having started in October 2015, Cheetay.pk has grown exponentially in the past two years. Starting with an in-house fleet of 15 riders, the number has grown to 85. The company now has a dedicated fleet of over 45 motor bikes, along with some eclectic vehicles (vintage VW, rickshaws) for marketing purposes.

Having successfully attained their prime target to penetrate the market and establish a brand name, Cheetay.pk has now shifted their focus to expanding their team with talented individuals. As their resources grow, Ahmed Khan is concentrating on creating spans of management and hierarchical chains which can manage and train employees to their maximum potential. To that end, Cheetay.pk has most recently brought on board top tier managers to facilitate one of their primary target areas of innovating technology to harness the ease of e-commerce.

Cheetay.pk has beefed up its management layer with the recruitment of Osman Chaudhry (Former Director – Goldman Sachs) as CTO, Moeez Karim (Former Business Unit Manager – Packages) as COO and Zeeshan Ali (Former Head of Marketing – PakWheels) as Head of Marketing. Subsequently, they have brought on board Category Managers, Content Writers and Marketing Executives in their repertoire of professionals from LUMS and Lahore School of Economics to bolster their expanding operations.

According to Maysun Zeb, HR Manager,

our targets are set and in order to grow and achieve the desired results, we are on track to establishing teams whereby each department can function and work in unison to achieve the set goals. Hiring the right people, who fit the organisation culture and mind-set is imperative and essential.”

To keep up with space demands for their rapidly growing team, Cheetay.pk has constructed a new start of the art office space with an open floor plan to promote a collegial atmosphere and a flat communication structure.  Their next plan of action is to venture into new business categories and domains that stretch their core business capabilities. Having launched The Cheetay Tiffin, their attention is now on exploring other potential areas of e-commerce e.g. books (following the Amazon model), and Health Care/Pharma (OTC and Supplements) all over Lahore.

Cheetay.pk are on an ambitious trajectory of expansion by taking on business verticals that have colossal potential in terms of demand and an untapped market. The scope of e-commerce in Pakistan and major metropolitan cities is immense.

As stated by COO, Moeez Karim,

our plan is to build upon the established logistics base we have meticulously worked on. Having a delivery service in place means we can collaborate, partner, expand and step into numerous fields of service which supplement our existing business model”.

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Daraz Cuts The Ribbon on 7-day Great Online Shopping Mela!

Daraz Cuts The Ribbon on 7-day Great Online Shopping Mela!

Sumera Saeed | category: News

Daraz Cuts The Ribbon on 7-day Great Online Shopping Mela! The Great Online Shopping Mela (GOSM) has unleashed its amazing line-up of discounts up to 67%, flash sales and brand vouchers upon online shoppers amongst much fanfare and festivity. The event lasts 7 Days, each day unlocking flash sales and irresistible discounts for a dedicated category. Daraz has on-boarded three bank partners for the event – (Easypay/JazzCash/Silkbank) and is also serving up bank discounts on Meezan Fridays and UBL Wednesdays. The event also features Daraz-exclusive Brand vouchers not to forget free-shipping applicable site-wide!!!

What makes GOSM stand apart from a run-of-the-mill sale event? It’s the way this mela brings together a dream team of key players in media, fashion tech and lifestyle together, under one tent. It is the way Daraz has partnered up with multiple stakeholders in the digital domain to optimize customer experience and convenience. It’s a fully integrated sales event that has synergized with numerous corporate interests to deliver shoppers a holistic, brand-integrated shopping experience.

Daraz Managing Director, Zain Suharwardy, enthused:

We’re so proud to be pitching this digital tent in partnership with some amazing brands and digital partners. It’s a pretty high-power brand wall, and we’re proud to have put it together one digital brick at a time. Here’s to scaling ever more walls and reaching greater heights in our attempt to galvanize e-commerce.

Flash Sales: Now you see ‘em, now you don’t!

GOSM features 16 Flash Sales in total, during which Daraz will unlock specific categories and hand customers the keys to amazing deals! Daraz Flash Sales provide shoppers a window of three hours within which to avail amazing discounts. Flash Sales are category-specific. The first Flash Sale on Phones & Tablets is scheduled for 9 PM on the 15th of September! Daraz fans are advised to keep their eyes and ears peeled for pre-flash sale announcements.

Mega Deals that’ll give you mela feels!

GOSM also brings its customers mind blowing mega deals on the most sought after products ranging from phones, electronics and to fitness machines and appliances. Just some of the amazing deals include the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus which is now only for Rs 11,899, the Sony Play Station 4 Slim which is for Rs 29,999, the Kenwood Glow Series Inverter Air Conditioner which has come down to just Rs 39,499 and the HP Elite Book 840 G1 which has an epic 55% discount and is now only for Rs 28,999.

Digital Partners offering Brand Vouchers: More brand for your buck!!!

GOSM shoppers can get a flat 20% discount on their favorite hotels across Pakistan the next time they make a booking on Jovago. Jovago’s offer stands against ALL their hotel listings and is valid till the 31st of September. There’s a Careem available for every occasion and destination with Careemoffering GOSM shoppers a Discount Voucher for a 100 Careem Credits! GOSM shoppers can get a Rs. 500/-Foodpanda Gift Voucher for orders from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This offer is applicable to first-time users only.Find My Doctor is Pakistan’s first online healthcare service, letting users book doctors’ appointments from the comfort of their home. GOSM shoppers can enjoy a Discount Voucher of 15% on Home Lab Tests and General Physician Consultations the next time they make a booking through Find My Doctor.Paxi empowers women by affording them unprecedented freedom of movement through their by-women, for-women taxi service – Paxi, The Pink Taxi. GOSM shoppers can avail a 10% discount vouchers off their next ride with Pink Taxi. More power to pink!Pizza Hut has legions of fans and is world-famous for its hot, piping pizzas.All Daraz fans who partake of GOSM festivities and shop online can enjoy a 20% OFF flat Discount Voucher the next time they order on https://www.pizzahut.com.pk/home/. Founded in 2003, PakWheels.com has become Pakistan’s premier Automotive Portal. Daraz GOSM shoppers can look forward to availing a 20% Discount on Featured Ad packages on PakWheels. PakWheels is also offering a 20% Discount on CarSure Used Car Inspection.

Payment Partners:

As per Daraz sale custom, The Great Online Shopping Mela (GOSM) is bringing additional discounts in partnership with easypay (up to 20% OFF), JazzCash (up to 10% OFF) and Silkbank (up to 20% OFF). Daraz continues to populate its payments ecosystem with a host of payment options for avid online shoppers.

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