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PFA Conducts Crackdown Against Sub-standard Milk Products

PFA Conducts Crackdown Against Sub-standard Milk Products

admin | January 15, 2018 | category: Health and Beauty

PFA conducts crackdown against sub-standard milk products . The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) on Monday conducted its crackdown against adulterated and sub-standard milk products across the province.

During the raids authority has vested 40000 liter milks and also sealed several milks shops in various areas of the provinces. Crackdown has been conducted in 36 districts and 144 Tehsils of the province while conducting special cheacking.

7000 liter milk was wasted in Faisalabad and Sahiwal, 1700 liter in Multan, 380 liter in Khanewal, 560 liter in Bahwalnagar, 1388 liter in Dara Ghazi Khan and other cities. Director General Food Authority Noor ul Ameen Mangal has stated that owners of milks shop have allegedly mixed chemical, polluted water, Formalin in the Milk.

He said that authority has established milk safety teams for formally checking the milk quality. These teams were regularly checking the shops and imposing fine on violators.

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Ban On Carbonated Drinks

PFA Wants Ban On Carbonated Drinks in School Canteens

Sumera Saeed | May 3, 2017 | category: Health and Beauty

The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) wants a complete ban on carbonated drinks in school canteens across the province.

By keeping in mind the increasing health problems due to intake of high level sugar oriented drinks PFA decided to pass a proposal on the ban of carbonated drinks in the school canteens.

To ensure the safety and health of children the food authority wants to completely ban the carbonated drinks in primary and secondary schools. Furthermore children will not be provided with junk foods in schools. The food regulators want to replace the unhealthy foods with healthy meals to safeguard the health of new generation.

Energy Drinks Are More Dangerous Than Soda

The proposal of the ban on carbonated drinks and junk foods is not yet been approved but the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) will present it to high official for the final approval at the upcoming board meeting.