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Pak Suzuki To Increase Price of Vehicles From 800cc to 1000cc

Pak Suzuki To Increase Price of Vehicles From 800cc to 1000cc

admin | January 1, 2018 | category: Autos and Vehicles

Pak Suzuki To Increase Price of Vehicles From 800cc to 1000cc. Government has gifted the nation with the increase of petrol price at the occasion of New Year and now the famous auto manufacturer in Pakistan namely Pak Suzuki has increased the price of its various vehicles ranging from 800cc to 1000cc of engine capacities.

In the start of the new year, Pak-Suzuki Company has increased the prices of the cars, especially the small cars, being manufactured locally by Rs. 10,000 per car in the pretext of adjustment of new taxes and duties imposed by Federal Board of Revenue.
A spokesperson of Pak-Suzuki Company on Monday while explaining the reasons for increasing the prices said these prices have been revised upward for various vehicles specially ranging from 800cc to 1000cc engine capacities to adjust the new duties and taxes imposed by FBR on the auto mobile industry.

It may be mentioned that the range of the vehicles from 800cc to 1000cc are in more demand by the common customers as people have the buying capacity for these vehicles which use less fuel and economically better as compared to big vehicles which consumed more oil.
According to an official letter issued by Pak Suzuki to its dealers, the price of Suzuki Mehran VX will be Rs. 689,000 which was Rs. 679,000 on December 31, 2017.

Similarly the new price of Mehran VXR will be Rs. 742,000 which was Rs. 732,000 just yesterday. The price of Suzuki Mehran VXR with CNG has been increased to Rs. 802,000.
The new price of Bolan is Rs. 764,000 which was Rs. 754,000 in last year, just one day ago an the price of Bolan Cargo has been increased from Rs. 720,000 to Rs. 730,000.
The price of Suzuki Wagnor VXR has been increased to Rs. 10,74,000 from Rs. 10,54,000 and similarly the price of Suzuki Wagnor VXL has been increased to Rs. 11,14,000 from the previous year price of Rs. 10,94,000. The price of Suzuki Ravi has been increased to Rs. 706,000 from Rs. 672,000. The new price of Suzuki Ravi EURO II has also been increased to Rs. 706,000.

In this regard Pak Suzuki has issued a notification which you can see below.


The new prices of the Pak Suzuki vehicles are as follows;

Model Old Price (In Rupees) New Price (In Rupees)
Suzuki Mehran VX 6,79000 6,89000
Suzuki Mehran VXR 7,32000 7,42000
Suzuki Bolan 7,54000 7,64000
Suzuki Bolan Cargo 7,20000 7,30000
Suzuki WagonR VXR 10,54000 10,74000
Suzuki WagonR VXL 10,94000 11,14000
Suzuki Ravi 6,72000 7,06000

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