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Mausummery offers you to Win Free Outfit

Mausummery offers you to Win Free Outfit

Sumera Saeed | category: Fashion

Mausummery offers you to Win Free Outfit

Mausummery the renowned clothing brand in Pakistan is offering a chance to its customers to win a Free outfit.

All you have to do is visit: http://www.mausummery.com

And find the collection & product name write your answer in a comment on Facebook here.

You have to name the below mentioned product at their official Facebook page.

Mausummery offers you to Win Free Outfit

Winner will get a Free Mausummery Outfit.

Most Common Problems Pakistanis Likely To Face on Black Friday 2016

Most Common Problems Pakistanis Likely To Face on Black Friday 2016

Sumera Saeed | category: News

Most Common Problems Pakistanis Likely To Face on Black Friday 2016

During the last 50 years, Black Friday has emerged as one of the world’s biggest shopping event that churns out benefits for both the consumers and the retail sector.

Following the emergence of the internet, Walmart was the first store to introduce Black Friday Deals online. Since then, numerous other ecommerce stores around the globe have started following these trends.

With so much hype about it in the global communities, how could Pakistan be left behind? That’s why last year, Rocket Internet brought it to Pakistan through its platform Daraz.pk. As expected, this year, more than 20 other online shopping stores of Pakistan have jumped the bandwagon to provide Black Friday deals and discounts to all online shoppers.

At one end, it is impressive to see so many stores providing humongous discounts on Black Friday. On the other, there are a few blemishes and complexities created by it. This includes:

  1. Price Verification Problem:

Prices of products vary from store to store so it becomes harder to determine which store is offering the lowest price. A consumer is left with two options: either to spend a couple of hours searching the product on different online shopping stores or to buy it immediately at whatever price the store is charging. In the first case, time is wasted but money is saved. In the second case, time is saved but the money is wasted.

Price comparison websites ease this burden by providing a comprehensive list of prices for a product on a single page so the consumer can save both time and money.

One such website, Priceblaze.pk, offers price comparison for mobile phones from more than 10 online shopping stores. Not only this, the website also shows a comparison on deals & discounts as well as coupon codes for cashback from its partner stores. It is an eminent feature for Black Friday 2016 shopping in Pakistan, which is lacking in other shopping comparison websites.

  1. Ratings of Online Shopping Stores:

Understanding the ratings of online shopping stores is a complicated task. Let’s take the example of top stores such as Yayvo and Daraz. Daraz is said to have some of the finest products; however, there have been quite a few complaints about their delivery process. Yayvo, on the other hand, is totally the opposite of this.

To determine the ratings of online shopping stores, users need to visit their Facebook pages and read what other online shoppers are saying about them. They can also go to a comparison shopping website to find these.

  1. Reviews about the Quality of a Product:

What is the quality of the product shipped to you? Last year, post-black Friday, many users complained that the products they received were either of poor quality or had defects.

The representatives of online shopping stores continuously reassured that they delivered good quality products but the consumers thought otherwise. So it’s always better to ask other shoppers about it.

These users are available on Facebook groups, price comparison websites and even on the shopping store’s social page. Shoppers who have had bad experiences are eager to tell their stories. By checking the ratings, users know if the product will serve the purpose.

These are just some of the problems people face on Black Friday in Pakistan.

This year, Priceblaze.pk has tried to minimize the problems faced by shoppers looking for Black Friday Deals. It has introduced a Black Friday Bazaar where products are listed from all top online shopping stores, including Daraz, Yayvo, 24Hours and others. Instead of visiting each shop, users can directly visit the Black Friday 2016 Deals on this website to compare prices, read reviews and ratings and to shop from stores they feel have moderate prices. It doesn’t just save money but also saves your time!

There are multitudes of problems online shoppers face on a daily basis. Want to get your voice heard? Please comment below or send us a message on our Facebook page.

Red Lipstick Makes You Attractive and Confident

Mariam Irshad | category: Beauty Tips

Every female desires to look elegant and classy in a way that she became the center of attraction. For this reason makeup is a must needed thing. When we talk about makeup, mind clicked on the word “lipstick” ?

I do not know why , but I somehow feel prettier with red lipstick. Perhaps this is a kind of vulnerability Christina Aguilera.

Red lipstick is that color which add glow in your face and it is also considered as symbol of power & passion. When you are feeling low or not in mood just apply red lipstick and you will feel confident and pleased in a second. Red lipstick gives you strong masculine energy. Red narrate our emotions of happiness, falling in love , passion,  danger & jealousy.

Red Lipstick Makes You Attractive and Confident3

When you are going to attend party just have red lipstick on your face and you will feel change in yourself by looking prominent and catchy. In working place red lipstick mark your impression as self-assured, those women who wear dark eye and lip makeup were viewed as more proficient than the ones who were bald-faced. Moreover scientists found that the eye movements of 50 men spent 2.2 seconds on lipstick-free mouths, 6.7 seconds on pink lips, and 7.3 seconds looking at red lips.

Red lipstick makes you younger and hides your actual age as it gives you bold look and enhances your facial appearance so it’s a tool to look younger in older age. It suits on every skin tone. You just need a red lipstick and your whole makeover is done so having red lipstick in your handbag is always blessing. Want to take stunning selfies just have red lipstick on your lips , you will have dazzling pictures. Those who wear less have low confidence level as compared to those who love to wear red lipstick.

Lip liner accompanying red lipstick gives your lip refined look as it locks the lipstick on your lips, so always have it in same color. If Red lipstick is carried on solid black outfit it looks great and don’t you even dare to wear pink with it any accessory of pink color will play role of evil in your appealing face so be careful.

A married woman needs to wear red lipstick more as it makes you attention seeker and bold in style. Smallest cosmetic product to conquer the heart of your husband.

As If You want a man to notice you , just wear red lipstick. Monica Bellucci

Here are some adore & popular  shades of  red lipstick :

  • Ruby Woo by Mac
  • Red Lipstick Makes You Attractive and Confident
  • Gabrielle from the chanel
  • Red Lipstick Makes You Attractive and Confident
  • Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red
  • Red Lipstick Makes You Attractive and Confident
  • Tom Ford Lip Color in Cherry Lush
  • Red Lipstick Makes You Attractive and Confident
  • Rimmel Kate Lipstick in #1
  • Red Lipstick Makes You Attractive and Confident
  • Nars Semi Matte Lipstick
  • Red Lipstick Makes You Attractive and Confident