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This Huawei Charge Tech Charges Battery from Zero to 48% in Just 5 Minutes

This Huawei Charge Tech Charges Battery from Zero to 48% in Just 5 Minutes

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This Huawei Charge Tech Charges Battery from Zero to 48% in Just 5 Minutes. Huawei has demoed a new fast-charging technology that has the ability to charge the smartphone’s battery from 0-48% in a just 5 minutes.

The company has tested the new technology at the Huawei Watt Lab – is claimed to charge smartphone batteries 10 times faster than conventional batteries. Huawei’s official YouTube channel has recently posted a video which displayed the company’s ‘next-generation fast charge’ technology.

The battery itself is of 3,000 mAh capacity, which is about usual for most smartphones nowadays. Huawei also had another battery to demonstrate which charged up to 68% in two minutes.

Huawei also claims that this amount of charge will be enough for a 10-hour talktime.

But you don’t charge the battery inside the phone – means you need to put battery out of your phone charged in an external device.

However the removable batteries are not in fashion now a days but may make comeback, which almost looks impossible due to the increase demand of unibody design and premium materials.

On the other hand the video does not disclose any information regarding the market arrival of Huawei’s fast charging technology. But some of the reports suggest that the Chinese smartphone maker might showcase the fastest charging technology at the MWC 2018 next month.

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Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones in 2018

Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones in 2018

Sumera Saeed | category: Mobile Phones

Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones in 2018. New Year is celebrated across the world and with the arrival of New Year the tech giants are preparing to launch new smartphones with advance features and technology to beat each other.

The renowned tech giants including Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Sony, HTC and others are preparing to launch smartphones with advance technology.

Here is the top 5 upcoming smartphones in 2018 by the renowned tech giants.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

It is said that Samsung is to launch its trend-setting Galaxy smartphones S9 and S9+ early in the year 2018. The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ will come having the infinity display and also 4GB of RAM.

Apple iPhone 9

This year Apple will most probably launch the iPhone 9 or iPhone X2 because the iPhone 8 and iPhone XI are already in the market and getting tremendous response from the customer.  It is expected that Apple will launch the new iPhone 2018 later this year.

Nokia 9

The company has launched the Nokia 8 in August 2017 and it is expected that the upcoming Nokia 9 will be the advanced version of Nokia 8 with a larger 5.7in 18:9 display and an extra 2GB of RAM.

Sony Xperia XZ2

It is expected that the Sony Xperia XZ2 will be the successor of the Xperia XZ1. The rumors have reveald that the Sony Xperia XZ2 will be a big treat for the Sony lovers in 2018. The company will officially introduce the Sony Xperia XZ2 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

HTC U11+

HTC will most probably will launch the upgrade version of U11 smartphone namely U11+ in January 2018. There are also reports that HTC will launch limited number of smartphones in 2018.

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NDC Organizes “Bank of the Future Forum” in Karachi

NDC Organizes “Bank of the Future Forum” in Karachi

Sumera Saeed | category: Banking

NDC Organizes “Bank of the Future Forum” in Karachi. A select group of Global Financial Services Technology (FinTech) companies presented and demonstrated their products and services to dozens of top banking and technology executives today at NDC Temenos annual “Bank of the Future” 2017 Forum in Karachi; Pakistan.
Launched by NDC and Temenos seven years ago, the Bank of the Future Forum has continued to add value for the leading financial institutions of Pakistan in all banking segments. This year 150+ senior banking delegates representing 21 banks attended the forum.

Ammara Masood CEO and President of NDC welcomed its delegates  talking about the joint successes of Temenos and NDC in the Pakistan market  and showing the healthy market position in 2017 and the readiness of the Temenos banks with latest releases to embrace open banking and choose where they want to compete in the value chain. She went on to add, “a bank still has the role of a trusted partner for consumers and can embrace that role in introducing new technology. Temenos and NDC have helped banks achieve this goal in a short time.”

Mr. Behram Ahmed; Chairman NDC thanked all the guests stating;

“This annual forum has always been a showcase for innovation. This event, with our Business Partner Temenos and 4 of the top global fintechs, is another example of encouraging innovation and connecting people from around the world to exchange ideas and contribute to the future of banking in Pakistan.”

Experts spoke about the key themes for Digital innovation including Core renovation; rise of new business models stemming from Open Banking; Artificial Intelligence applications like Chatbots and robo-advisors and Digital Engagement driving interactions to grow loyalty. Speakers and Panelists also spoke on the regulators role to encourage banks to harness new business models and technologies with fintechs.  Atif Bajwa who served as the CEO for last 20 years at various Pakistani and International Banks gave the keynote.

Represented in this forum were fintechs such as Software Group;  Netguardians and HID Global. Jean-Paul Mergeai, Managing Director, Temenos Middle East & Africa declared:

“The success of our 8th annual event is  a testimony of the value that Temenos and NDC have delivered to Pakistani banks and financial institutions through the years.  The annual forum is a unique opportunity to engage with the growing number of our Pakistani banks who entrust us with their digital transformation strategy!  Thirteen Temenos experts from all around the globe flew to Karachi to present our latest products and innovations to more than 150 banking professionals.  We look forward to expanding our market share and delivering more value through our solutions to the Pakistani banking market alongside our trusted business partners NDC”.

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Cheetay.pk on a Trajectory of Growth and Expansion

Cheetay.pk on a Trajectory of Growth and Expansion

Sumera Saeed | category: News

Cheetay.pk on a Trajectory of Growth and Expansion. Cheetay.pk is becoming a major player in the domain of technology and e-commerce. Having secured $1.1 million in Series A-1 funding, they are now focusing on rapid expansion by spearheading into alternate business verticals. Venturing into food delivery was the first step. Their focus is to innovate and revolutionise order placement, and offer a comprehensive e-commerce experience which is tech-savvy and superior.

Cheetay.pk is an e-commerce platform that offers prompt logistics services by integrating pragmatic payment solutions to ensure that transactions and delivery is facilitated without any inconvenience.

According to Ahmed Khan, CEO of Cheetay.pk,

growth is the final frontier for any start-up. Bringing on-board new talent, grooming them and sharpening their abilities by establishing hierarchical chains and formalising departments is our current objective.  We are also constructing a state of the art office space and incorporating technology to facilitate all business operations so that we become the go to e-commerce platform people ask for”.

Having started in October 2015, Cheetay.pk has grown exponentially in the past two years. Starting with an in-house fleet of 15 riders, the number has grown to 85. The company now has a dedicated fleet of over 45 motor bikes, along with some eclectic vehicles (vintage VW, rickshaws) for marketing purposes.

Having successfully attained their prime target to penetrate the market and establish a brand name, Cheetay.pk has now shifted their focus to expanding their team with talented individuals. As their resources grow, Ahmed Khan is concentrating on creating spans of management and hierarchical chains which can manage and train employees to their maximum potential. To that end, Cheetay.pk has most recently brought on board top tier managers to facilitate one of their primary target areas of innovating technology to harness the ease of e-commerce.

Cheetay.pk has beefed up its management layer with the recruitment of Osman Chaudhry (Former Director – Goldman Sachs) as CTO, Moeez Karim (Former Business Unit Manager – Packages) as COO and Zeeshan Ali (Former Head of Marketing – PakWheels) as Head of Marketing. Subsequently, they have brought on board Category Managers, Content Writers and Marketing Executives in their repertoire of professionals from LUMS and Lahore School of Economics to bolster their expanding operations.

According to Maysun Zeb, HR Manager,

our targets are set and in order to grow and achieve the desired results, we are on track to establishing teams whereby each department can function and work in unison to achieve the set goals. Hiring the right people, who fit the organisation culture and mind-set is imperative and essential.”

To keep up with space demands for their rapidly growing team, Cheetay.pk has constructed a new start of the art office space with an open floor plan to promote a collegial atmosphere and a flat communication structure.  Their next plan of action is to venture into new business categories and domains that stretch their core business capabilities. Having launched The Cheetay Tiffin, their attention is now on exploring other potential areas of e-commerce e.g. books (following the Amazon model), and Health Care/Pharma (OTC and Supplements) all over Lahore.

Cheetay.pk are on an ambitious trajectory of expansion by taking on business verticals that have colossal potential in terms of demand and an untapped market. The scope of e-commerce in Pakistan and major metropolitan cities is immense.

As stated by COO, Moeez Karim,

our plan is to build upon the established logistics base we have meticulously worked on. Having a delivery service in place means we can collaborate, partner, expand and step into numerous fields of service which supplement our existing business model”.

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Samsung Creates Another Smart-School at SOS village Lahore

Samsung Creates Another Smart-School at SOS village Lahore

Sumera Saeed | category: News

Samsung Creates Another Smart-School at SOS village Lahore.  Samsung Electronics, the global technology leader has collaborated with SOS Childrens’ Villages, for the construction of Smart-classes in 9 major cities, to uplift the standard of education in under privilege communities. The Samsung Smart class at SOS Hermann Gmeiner School has been established in the SOS Village at Ferozepur road, Lahore.

SOS Childrens’ Villages have been selected to manage these smart-classes at strategic locations, due to their high credibility and performance in providing superior quality education, accommodation and a healthy environment to nurture the inherent talents among the deprived segments, especially the orphans.

Samsung has so far developed smart classes at; SOS villages of G.T. road Rawalpindi, Sector H-11 Islamabad, Malir Halt Karachi, GattWala Faisalabad, Industrial Estate Multan, Khambaranwala Sialkot, Faisalabad road Sargodha, Dhodial Mansehra and Ferozepur road Lahore.

Samsung Pakistan has invested millions of Rupees for establishment of smart classes and upgrading of these school premises. The upgraded institutions are then operated by the SOS Village with qualified teachers, in accordance with high academic standards, to achieve the defined objectives, while ensuring complete transparency. Hence, free education is being provided to thousands of deserving and under privilege students.

The Managing Director of Samsung Pakistan, Mr. Y.J. Kim stated that;

“Being a socially-responsible enterprise – Samsung pursues a generous human-development programe. This smart-class initiative is designed to foster modern education in under-developed regions, by supporting the endeavors of prolific organizations like the SOS Villages. Samsung is making this vital social effort to accelerate social, educational and economic progress in the country”.

SOS Children’s Village is a global organization that focuses on family-based, long-term care of the less fortunate children, to give them a chance for a better tomorrow, so they can contribute towards nation-building. This way, Samsung is sharing its success with the communities.

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Microsoft Pakistan Launches ‘Technology for Good’ Initiative

Microsoft Pakistan Launches ‘Technology for Good’ Initiative

Sumera Saeed | category: Mobile Phones

Microsoft Pakistan launches ‘Technology for Good’ initiative. This philanthropic program will provide support to non-profit organizations.
In the spirit of its mission to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more, Microsoft has launched its globally-established “Technology for Good” program in Pakistan. This initiative is aimed at addressing the technology obstacles organizations from the social sector face trying to accomplish their cause.

Non-profit organizations around the world have limited resources. Hence, it is a tough choice for them to decide whether to invest in IT infrastructure or to allocate maximum funds for community support and social-development.

The ‘Technology for Good’ program will empower non-profits to achieve more as Microsoft will donate software & ‘Cloud’ services to help these organizations accomplish their missions. It promises to simplify the IT challenges for non-profits, with reliable solution. Together, Microsoft and nonprofits can engage communities around the world and help them bring positive social change, through a variety of mobile-first and cloud-first platforms, to create services that enhance productivity. This will enable social-sector organizations to focus more on doing more good, in the communities that they serve.

The Country Manager of Microsoft Pakistan– Abid Zaidi stated that:

“Philanthropy is a vital part of Microsoft’s vision. We believe in sharing our success with the communities, wherever we operate. As a technology-enabler, we create robust platforms that promise revolutionary enrichments in the society. With our focus on the youth, we provide powerful solutions for various national challenges. We are thus inspiring many dynamic partnerships among NGO’s, Academia and donors. These technology-driven alliances are nurturing fresh efforts for nation-building.”

Cloud computing technology has now become a vital element, having a tremendous impact on NGO’s. By adopting cloud technology, NGOs can not only cut their operational costs and streamline the flow of communications, but simultaneously modernize accounting systems, and facilitate resource management. The technology donated by Microsoft will bring a paradigm shift in how the information is managed.Social media, websites, webinars, emails, and e-commerce — all the rudiments of cloud computing, are now revolutionizing the operations of NGOs working in various sectors.

Mr. Aziz Memon – the President of All Pakistan Memon Federation (APMF) addressed the event and stated:

“We are really excited to be a part of this pioneering initiative by Microsoft. We want to thank Microsoft for donating the latest software technologies to the development organizations with a social spirit. The software technologies are already helping a large number of communities, to achieve faster economic growth. Many high-potential Startups are also making tremendous progress due to these powerful technologies.”

Mr. Rizwan Ahmed – Senior Manager, Career Services & Special Projects at Aman Foundation said:

“This is a noble venture by Microsoft, which is fully cohesive with Aman Foundation’s mission to empower communities, by providing modern tools and resources for rapid progress. Microsoft’s ‘Technology for Good’ programme, promises the much-needed software-support for; Social Mobilization, Education & Literacy, Primary HealthCare, Economic Development and Sustainable Environment.”

This initiative will synchronize the development efforts of more than 80 participants representing 40+ organizations. Microsoft’s solution partners will also extend their support to the NGOs/INGOs, Academia and donors.

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Systems Limited Hosts a Roundtable Conference on Datacenter Optimization with Microsoft

Systems Limited Hosts a Roundtable Conference on Datacenter Optimization with Microsoft

Sumera Saeed | category: Mobile Phones

Systems Limited Hosts a Roundtable Conference on Datacenter Optimization with Microsoft. Systems Limited, a premier technology company, hosted an exclusive roundtable  conference with Microsoft today. Titled “Datacenter Optimization”, the event was attended by several prominent CIOs and CTOs in the Governor Room at Marriott Hotel in Karachi.

The roundtable discussions focused on best practices for datacenter optimization through disaster recovery, data protection, and hybrid cloud storage on Microsoft Azure. Participants explored ways to improve agility and enhance IT infrastructure. Key findings on effective data center modernization will be published in a comprehensive whitepaper for tier-one media circulation in collaboration with Microsoft.

“We are extremely delighted to work with Microsoft on this knowledge-sharing initiative,” said Asif Peer, CEO, Systems Limited. “With the participation of so many technology experts from industry-leading enterprises, I anticipate that a wealth of ideas and opinions will be exchanged. Most of all, by collaborating on ways to improve all aspects of datacenter operations and infrastructure, I hope that this event contributes to sustained technological progress across the nation.”

About Systems Limited

Headquartered in Pakistan, Systems Limited is a full-service technology solutions company providing strategic business value to organizations across multiple sectors. Our team of devoted professionals is hyper-focused on yielding meaningful results for our clients through high impact, high-value solutions.  We help customers leverage advanced strategies, techniques, and technologies to compete, win, and sustain growth in a competitive, disruptive market. Our decades-long track record of successful projects in retail, banking, insurance, distribution and manufacturing, make us the premier choice for organizations seeking success, agility, and value.

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Decisive Moment for Pakistan’s Businesses to Adopt Big Data and Internet of Things

Decisive Moment for Pakistan’s Businesses to Adopt Big Data and Internet of Things

Sumera Saeed | category: Business

Decisive Moment for Pakistan’s Businesses to Adopt Big Data and Internet of Things. Digital Transformation is Leading Topic for Pakistan Leaders at GITEX This is the decisive moment for Pakistan’s organizations to adopt Big Data and Internet of Things solutions to drive business and economic competitiveness, one of the world’s leading digital transformation enablers, SAP, announced today at GITEX Technology Week in Dubai.

GITEX is one of the world’s largest technology events, with over 100,000 visitors and 4,000 exhibitors – including Pakistan’s leading business executives, technology futurists, and startup entrepreneurs.

The biggest topic of discussion here is the urgency facing global organizations in embracing digital transformation. Every industry vertical is looking to embrace emerging technological innovations such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, and the Internet of Things.

Digital leaders expect 23 percent more growth by 2019, and already have 85 percent of market share and 80 percent of profitability versus competitors. However, while 84 percent of organizations say that digital transformation is critical, only 3 percent have completed digital transformation, according to the new SAP and Oxford Economics Digital Transformation Executive Study.

“Pakistan’s digital leaders already have a head start in the constantly-evolving Digital Economy. This is the decisive moment for all of Pakistan’s organizations to undergo digital transformation, and harness the power of Big Data and analytics, Internet of Things, and digital skills. Pakistan’s CIOs need to treat digital transformation as an all-encompassing and knowledge-sharing business imperative to disrupt the competitive landscape, said Gergi Abboud, Managing Director, Gulf, North Africa, Pakistan, and Levant at the digital transformation enabler SAP.

Across the wider Middle East and North Africa, more than three-quarters of digital-leading organizations will invest in Big Data and Internet of Things in 2018. The Internet of Things has the highest current investment, at 76 percent, though it will be supplanted by Big Data and analytics in 2018, with 82 percent, according to the survey. The majority (58 percent) of digital leaders add that digital skills investment is the most important profit growth driver in 2018.

Internet of Things and Smart Cities Transform Daily Lives

Pakistan’s digital-leading organizations have gotten off to a head start by investing in innovative products and services – especially the “Big 3” of Big Data and analytics, cloud, and Internet of Things.

“At GITEX, SAP is enabling Pakistan’s organizations to adopt emerging Internet of Things innovations to transform daily lives and key sectors such as mega-events, aviation, real estate, and hospitality. Collaboration between the public and private sector will exchange best practices and enable Pakistan’s to embrace innovations to drive business competitiveness and support economic growth,” said Saquib Ahmad, Country Manager, SAP Pakistan.

Visitors from Pakistan are experiencing the future of Internet of Things technology:

In mega-events, the SAP “Smart Hajj” concept can significantly enhance the journey experience for millions of pilgrims. Organizers can use real-time analytics based on monitoring bracelets, bus GPS locations, and video and environmental data to ensure pilgrims have a seamless end-to-end experience, from the airport to the Holy Sites. The technology can enable organizers to optimize transport, immigration and digital payment processes, while simultaneously promoting crowd safety.

In Smart Cities, governments can harness the power of spatial innovations — satellites in the sky and sensors on the ground — to better manage urban life. Industry experts agree that “running live” is vital.

Live Airport” solutions can help plan trips, enhance security, personalize shopping. “Live Real Estate”, powered by blockchain, can enhance the tenancy process from the building survey, through contract leasing and building management. “Live Hospitality” solutions can deliver a seamless end-to-end visitor experience, including targeted marketing, virtual tours, and business dashboards.

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Famous Karachi’s Park to Get Free Wi-Fi

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There is good news for the people of Karachi. The famous Karachi’s park is to get free Wi-Fi. Yes, the Benazir Bhutto Park in Karachi will be facilitated with the new technology.

Karachi’s Benazir Bhutto Park (the park named after the former prime minister of Pakistan, Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto) is likely get Free Wi-Fi hotspots in order to facilitate its visitors. For the project of Free Wi-Fi in Benazir Bhutto Park, the provincial government has allocated Rs50 million in its 2017-18 budget.

The Special Assistant to Chief Minister Sindh has announced the installation of Free Wi-Fi hotspots in Benazir Bhutto Park Karachi, during a meeting on Tuesday.

As a part of first phase of providing the citizen with latest technology free of cost, the Free Wi-Fi service will be available soon for the visitors of Benazir Bhutto Park. In the next phase other parts of Karachi will facilitate with the latest technology.


BMW Launches 2018 X3 Compact SUV

Sumera Saeed | category: Autos and Vehicles

BMW has introduced the all new sportier 2018 X3 Compact SUV in this week at its plant in Spartanburg, SC. The 2018 BMW X3 includes new engines, new features and technology with more ducts and vents for aerodynamics.

The two models for the U.S. market will be the X3 xDrive30i and the X3 M40i, BMW’s first M variant for the X3 lineup. Also, for the first time, BMW offers an optional trailer hitch.

According to BMW the X3, now in its third generation, launched in 2003, the new X3 boasts updated design language, new powerful drive systems, and luxury facilities.

Currently BMW launched the three variants including:

  • BMW X3 xDrive20d
  • BMW X3 xDrive30d
  • BMW X3 M40i

The new X3 SUV is compact and sportier with two fuel-efficient engines. In the 2018 BMW X3 includes a turbocharged, 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine which creates 248 horsepower (an increase of 8 hp) and 258 lb.-ft. of torque.  The turbocharged engine in the X3 xDrive30i makes the SUV to run from 0-60 mph in 6 seconds with a top speed of 130 mph.

On the other hand the X3 M40i is powered by the twin-turbo 6-cylinder engine, which produces 355 horsepower and thrusts 369 lb.-ft. of peak torque. The new model got at least 23% improvement as compared to its predecessor.

The new 2018 BMW X3 inside contained the large and comfortable cabin and seats are standard with 3-zone climate control, and the rear seats recline and release remotely.

The safety feature of 2018 BMW X3 includes a pre-crash accident-detection system.The dash of 2018 BMW X3 makes way for a color head-up display that is 75% larger and a 10.25-in. touch screen with BMW gesture-control technology.  A panorama moonroof is 9.8 ins. longer.

The all new 2018 BMW X3 compact and sportier SUV will be available in November 2017.


Samsung shares Ramadan Blessings & Joys of Eid with People of Pakistan

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Samsung Electronics continues with its tradition of enriching the society. The global technology leader has announced its latest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign – Let’s Celebrate Eid like Eid, with a philanthropic spirit and to wish everyone a blessed, holy month of Ramadan. Focused on sharing the joys of Eid, the campaign inspires celebration of Ramadan with the orphans and senior citizens, living in orphanages or Old-Homes.

Samsung will extend valuable care and support to make these underprivileged segments feel that they are an integral part of the society. The duration of this generous initiative is 8 days. Starting from north of Pakistan it will cover all major cities and conclude in Karachi. The management and employees of Samsung Electronics, along with their families, will visit different orphanages and shelter-homes throughout Pakistan and will also arrange food for Iftaar meals and dinners, along with Eid-gifts for the orphans.

During Ramadan, it will also bring multiple offers for the consumers. Right after the first week of Ramadan, every buyer of Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphone will be able to get a free 5,100 mAh battery back. A free Gear-VR will also be given with every purchase of a Note-5 and S7-Edge device.

The ‘Head of Marketing Communications’ at Samsung Pakistan & Afghanistan – M. Saad ul Hassan stated:

“Samsung is not just a big name in the technology world, it is a socially-embedded organization that wants to elevate the standard-of-living in every society. In this Holy month of Ramadan, we aim to share our blessings with these deprived people of Pakistan. The campaign ‘Let’s Celebrate Eid like Eid’ will focus on spending quality-time with the orphans and the homeless old people to bring smiles on their faces.”

Samsung will be distributing; Toys, Eid Clothes, shoes, Bangles and apply Mehndi (Henna) to make the colorful celebrations more enjoyable. The primary objective behind this wonderful initiative is to make the orphans and the elderly feel that they are a vital part of the society and their contributions to the community are greatly appreciated. The community must give them the confidence that they are not alone.

Samsung Electronics has always been at the forefront of social-development, some of its notable initiatives include; Donation of 2 hi-tech Echocardiography units and one Ultrasound Color Doppler machine to Jinnah Hospital Karachi. It also donated well-equipped mobile-health units to the Punjab and KPK governments, for providing Free-of-Cost healthcare and treatment to thousands of poor patients. As a result, the company has received numerous prestigious awards in the categories of; ‘Public-Health & Safety’, ‘Community Development & Services’, ‘Technology’ and ‘Innovation’.


Enviro products

Enviro Appliances launches its new range of Water Dispensers

Sumera Saeed | category: News

Enviro Appliance – a leading manufacturer of a diverse range of home appliances recently launched its latest range of Water Dispensers, with the tagline ‘Drink Smart, Live Smart’. These water dispensers have elegant cambered glass designs and are available in 3 different colours; Red, Black and Silver.

Using the latest technology incorporated in Enviro products, the water chhave a high quality Stainless Steel water tank, a compressor made up of 100% copper and 4 copper coils which provides efficient cooling. The dispensers are also equipped with the single tap technology, beating the conventional dispensers which had to be pressed throughout.

With extremely spacious built-in refrigerator in the water dispensers, the evaporation sheet provides revolutionary cooling regardless of the voltage fluctuation. These revolutionary water dispensers are also equipped with a disposable cup holder, making it hassle free to manage the cups.

Mr. Tauseef Zafar, Product Manager for Enviro Kitchen and Small Domestic Appliances (SDA) said

“We at Enviro believe in providing our customers with the top-of-the-line technology, at an affordable price to make the lives of our customers better and stress-free. The water dispensers are the perfect choice for summers. ”

Enviro is a progressive global enterprise, with a vision to be acknowledged globally as a trustworthy market-leader with a status for excellence in performance. The ergonomically designed, easy-to-use products are tailor-made to meet the needs of the Pakistani households and suit the environment. For more information kindly visit their website: http://www.enviro.com.pk/about.php

Enviro Water Dispensers 1 Enviro Water Dispensers 2 Enviro Water Dispensers


10th Annual TeleCON 2017 to be held on 18th May 2017

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Continuing the legacy for the 10th year now, the Pakistan Telecommunication and ICT Conference (TeleCON 2017) (www.shamrockconferences.net) is going to be held on 18th May, 2017, at the Ramada Hotel in Islamabad, in which Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) and Wateen Telecom Limited have pledged to be the main sponsors. The theme for this insightful conference is “Pakistan in the wake of Revolutionary Technologies and Solutions”.

Attending the TeleCON 2017 as Chief Guest, is the Honorable Ms. Anusha Rahman Khan – Minister of State for Information Technology & Telecommunications, whereas the Keynote address will be delivered by the Honorable Mr. Syed Ismail Shah – Chairman of Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA). Honorable Ms. Jehan Ara – President of Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA) and Honorable Mr. Yusuf Hussain – Chief Executive of ICT R&D Fund are amongst the distinguished speakers at the forum.

Mr. Menin Rodrigues – President and CEO of SHAMROCK Communications Pvt. Ltd., stated:

“The TeleCON has evolved over the years as one of the most influential platforms for the discussion of prolific ideas, while staying up-to-date with the ever-changing trends in this sector to boost economic performance. The TeleCON is orchestrated every year with the objective of discussing the key challenges and opportunities in order to expand outreach, broadband and wireless connectivity, all while ensuring mobility, safety and security.”

Organized by SHAMROCK Conferences International, in cooperation with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and the relevant ministries, this insightful forum is truly a prestigious assemblage of industry specialists, experts, regulators, technologists, professionals, visionaries, experts, academia, emerging media and investors from national and global enterprises and institutions.

Innovative ideas for enhancing Foreign-Direct Investments (FDI) will also be discussed and evaluated at the TeleCON 2017 along with discerning discussions on much-needed regulations in regards of cyber-crime, data security, safer exchange of information and other industry related challenges.

Now Driving License Will be Delivered At Home

Now Driving License Will be Delivered At Home

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Now the people of Karachi and Hyderabad is to get the Driving License easily as the Driving License Department to start home delivery service.

The Driving License Department has completed the process and thereby after completing the printing the driving licenses will be delivered to people in Karachi and Hyderabad at their addresses.

When the applicant will submit documents for driving license he/she will have to provide current address and mobile number for home delivery, said DIG Driving License Mazhar Nawaz Shaikh. The new service will make it and convenient for people and they do not have to visit the branches for getting driving licenses.

In this regard a contract has been signed with a private courier service and the rates have been decided. The rates for driving license home delivery in Karachi will be of Rs. 38 whereas for Hyderabad the charges will be Rs. 55.

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QMobile Launches Energy X2 Smarphone With Powerful Battery

QMobile Launches Energy X2 Smarphone With Powerful Battery

Sumera Saeed | category: Mobile Phones

Qmobile has officially introduced a new Energy X2 and smartphone with the heart throbbing brand ambassador Fawad Khan. The Qmobile Energy X2 includes a huge but powerful battery which clogged at 5000 mAh.

The Qmobile Energy X2 is the best choice for the smartphone addicted people and they can get in just Rs.11,999.

The Qmobile Energy X2 has 5 inches HD display with 1280 x 720 pixels of resolution. It is powered by the 1.3GHz Quad-Core processor and runs on Android  6.0 Marshmallow operating system.

QMobile Launches Energy X2 Smarphone With Powerful Battery

The Qmobile Energy X2 includes 2GB RAM and 6GB or internal storage which is expandable up to 64GB via microSD card.

Energy X2 includes an 8MP rare facing camera with LED flash and a 5MP front facing camera for selfie lovers with screen flash.

In terms of connectivity the Energy X2 includes Dula SIM slot, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS and USB OTG.

You can watch the unboxing Video of Qmobile Energy X2 below:

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Jazz to Offer Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus with Data Bundle

Jazz to Offer Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus with Data Bundle

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Jazz to Offer Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus with Data Bundle

The cellular operator Jazz has made a partnership with Samsung to offer Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus smartphones with data bundle.

Jazz is offering free internet data bundle for 30 days to the customers of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Interested Customers can get the new Samsung S8 and S8 Plus smartphones from Jazz retail outlets for PKR 87,000/- and PKR 97,000/- respectively.

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Suzuki Cultus 2017 Will Soon Available for Purchase

Suzuki Cultus 2017 Will Soon Available for Purchase

Sumera Saeed | category: Autos and Vehicles

Earlier Pak Suzuki has introduced the all new Cultus 2017 in teaser video and is all set to launch it on 22nd April in Pakistan in a grand event in Lahore.

It was considered earlier that the company will introduce the car in April and it will officially available for purchase later in this year. But now it seems that the Suzuki Cultus will soon be made available after its official launch as the new leaked photos has confirmed Cultus 2017 entry in Pakistan and some of the units have already hit the roads.

Suzuki Cultus 2017 Will Soon Available for Purchase The reports said that the initial units for the new Suzuki Cultus will not be assembled in Pakistan. Pak-Suzuki plans to invest $460 million on a new assembly plant. The new plant will not only assemble the new Cultus but also the Ciaz.

Suzuki Cultus 2017 Will Soon Available for Purchase

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American President Donald Trump signs Executive Order To Restraint Foreign Work Visas

American President Donald Trump signs Executive Order To Restraint Foreign Work Visas

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American President Donald Trump signs Executive Order To Restraint Foreign Work Visas

The American President Donald Trump has signed an executive order on Tuesday in order to retrain the H-1B visas for foreign Workers.

The executive order has been signed with the title “Buy American, Hire American”. In a trip to Kenosha, Wisconsin, Donald Trump has called on federal agencies to fix the H-1B visa program for foreign workers.

In this regard the initial action has taken as part of his promised revamp of a work-visa program profoundly used by Silicon Valley for appointing the highly professional workers.

He said that he will change how the visas, which permit foreigners to work in the U.S. for up to six years, are owed. But the order itself was slight on details, ordering a federal review of the program “as soon as practicable.”

The order informed the authorized departments to “take prompt action to crack down on fraud and abuse” within the U.S. immigration system for protecting workers.

Trump said,

“With this action, we’re sending a powerful signal to the world and we’re going to protect our jobs and finally put America first”.

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Gree starts Summer Campaign with Brand Ambassador Waseem Akram

Gree starts Summer Campaign with Brand Ambassador Waseem Akram

Sumera Saeed | category: News

Gree starts Summer Campaign with Brand Ambassador Waseem Akram

GREE – the global number 1 leading enterprise of air-conditioners has launched its new ‘Summer 2017’ Campaign, with Waseem Akram as its brand ambassador. Gree goes out-of-the-way to meet the expectations of its customers, whilst delivering excellence.

The renowned celebrity and Pakistan’s favorite cricket star – Waseem Akram is emphasizing on Gree’s outstanding position in the market, while appreciating its overall performance in the long run.

All of Gree’s products are pioneered with the most innovative and advanced technology. GREE is a global brand of electronics that reflects technological excellence.

Gree is currently rated as the no. 1 global air-conditioning enterprise; with 9 production bases, presence in 195 countries, and serving 300 million satisfied customers worldwide. Gree has employed more than 8,000 PhDs & engineers, operates 7 technological institutions, 52 research testing centers and 630 special purpose labs.

In Pakistan, DWP Group is the official distributor of GREE that ensures nationwide availability of its products, along with prompt after-sales support, through an extensive network of outlets. For further information kindly call on (042) 111-111-397

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Few Symptoms To Diagnose Cancer at Early Stage

Few Symptoms To Diagnose Cancer at Early Stage

Sumera Saeed | category: Health and Beauty

Few Symptoms To Diagnose Cancer at Early Stage

Early cancer diagnose makes it easy to treat it better and also increase the chance of survival. The early diagnose of cancer is very much essential said doctors and World Health Organization (WHO) because the earlier stage of diagnose makes the treatment more effective.

Below are few symptoms of Cancer:

Sudden weight loss:

You start losing weight suddenly without any specific reason. If not cancer the instant weight reduction can trigger to other health problems.

Bowel changes:

An occasional bowl change is normal but if you notice regular changes in bowl it may trigger to colon cancer. A change in the caliber or size of your bowel movement may also be a symptom of cancer.

Abdominal Pain, Diarrhea and Constipation:

Regular diarrhea and constipation may be symptoms of cancer, particularly if these bowel changes come on suddenly. These problems also may occur with frequent gas and abdominal pain.

Urinary Changes:

Urinary changes may develop as you age but some symptoms may indicate prostate cancer, which is common in men.  If you are having abdominal pain, or pain in the kidney or intestines or blood in urine then it can also be because of cancer.

Some other symptoms of cancer include:

  • Constant fever and cold
  • Fatigue
  • Persistent back pain
  • Unusual coughing
  • Testicular lumps
  • Lumps in breast

If you suffer any of the above mentioned symptoms don’t ignore and must consult with the experienced physician to diagnose your health problem.

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