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Now Track Your Vehicle With Pakistan’s 1st most viable Vehicle Tracking solution TECTRAC

Now Track Your Vehicle With Pakistan’s 1st most viable Vehicle Tracking solution TECTRAC

Sumera Saeed | November 15, 2017 | category: Autos and Vehicles

Now Track Your Vehicle With Pakistan’s 1st most viable Vehicle Tracking solution TECTRAC. Tech Services Pvt. Ltd. has recently collaborated with the telecom leader – Jazz, to launch TECTRAC – the most advanced tracking product which covers all kinds of Vehicles. First of its kind, this revolutionary service is launched with a monthly package for the first time making it most viable for customers. Customers can simply call at 5378 or visit www.techservices.com.pk to get TECTRAC easily installed for just PKR 999/- per month. Payment mode for the service is jazz cash, through any jazz franchise, jazz cash point or by jazz wallet online.

Mr. Ather Nadeem Rao – Director of Tech Services Pvt. Ltd. stated:

“Ensuring the vehicles safety and security is a critical need. Therefore, a reliable vehicle-tracking solution has become the need of almost everyone these days. TECTRAC is Pakistan’s first tracking product which offers the most amazing features in an economical price. Equipped with the latest technology and expertise of Jazz, TECTRAC ensures complete safety of one’s valuable vehicles throughout Pakistan.”

Founded in 2004, this group has 12 years of vehicle tracking & asset monitoring experience. TECTRAC is aimed at offering safety solutions to individual car owners and diverse industries including multinationals and small big enterprises. TECTRAC has a nationwide coverage with offices in 5 major cities and along with a big corporate profile. It ensures inexpensive, yet completely reliable and fluent communications for efficient vehicle tracking.

How You Can Use your Smartphone as your Car Key?

The all-new TECTRAC service offers a wide range of unmatched features which include: Real-time Nationwide Tracking, Customized Geographical Fencing, 24/7 Call-Center Support, Location on Call, Jammer Detector and Vehicle Recovery Assistance.

Other than the conventional services, through Android & iOS Applications, it is extremely easy to monitor your vehicle at all times. Adding to the list of abundant services, customers will also get Smart SMS Alerts which pings itself to notify the vehicle owner about: Ignition-On, Vehicle whereabouts, Battery Tampering etc. One can feel safe while their family or loved ones are using the vehicles by themselves.

For the first time, people who have limited budget can take benefit from this monthly package. Since TECTRAC constantly tracks and immobilizes a car 24/7, people don’t need to worry about their vehicle being misused anymore. Moreover, vendors of Careem, Uber and Rent-A-Car companies can take the full advantage of this revolutionary tracking solution. Furthermore, the transportation & distribution companies can also use this resourceful solution for the vigilance of their Fleet-Management.

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Now Travel To Dubai In Just 6K With Uber

Sumera Saeed | July 17, 2017 | category: Autos and Vehicles

Forget about airplane and now travel to Dubai with Uber as low as in 6K. Uber Pakistan is now offering its clients to visit Dubai. Now Uber Pakistan is come up with a country to county travelling options and offering very reason able prices for travelling.

Now you can travel from Karachi to Dubai with Uber. According to Uber’s price estimates, you can go from Karachi to Dubai in about Rs. 23,000 using Uber Go and Rs. 12,600 or Rs. 29,100 using Uber Auto and Uber X.

The price for four people per car is very reasonable Rs. 6k per head.

For complete details click here.


Uber Arrives in Gujranwala, Offering 5 Free Rides

Sumera Saeed | May 12, 2017 | category: Autos and Vehicles

The taxi hailing service provider Uber is now officially available in Gujranwala. Uber has made the official announcement to arrive in Gujranwala today following the application proving widely famous in Pakistan and worldwide.

In the province of Punjab, Gujranwala is the third city to have the Uber car riding service after Lahore and the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

At present, Uber is celebrating the launch in Gujranwala by offering free rides to all residents, which they can enjoy by downloading the app from uber.com/app, entering the promo code UBERLOVESGUJPK  and enjoying 5 free rides up to Rs. 350 each.

Free Uber rides can be obtained on the Uber app between 12 noon 11th May 2017 until midnight 14th May 2017.

Uber and Careem are Banned in Punjab and Sindh

Uber and Careem are Banned in Punjab and Sindh

Sumera Saeed | January 31, 2017 | category: Autos and Vehicles

Uber and Careem Are Banned in Punjab and Sindh

The taxi-haling companies Uber and Careem  re now banned by the government of Punjab. The Punjab Government’s Provincial Transport Authority has declared that the taxi haling service providers including Uber, Careem and A-One taxi illegal and stated that a severe action should be taken against them.

In order to ban the taxi service providers in Punjab a notification by Punjab Transport Authority has already been sent to Lahore’s chief Traffic Officer. As per notification the car hailing companies are using the using private cars for services that is illegal and provincial government is facing huge financial damages due to these companies.

The notification further stated that the private cars are being used as a taxi shorn of the mandatory car-fitness certificate and route license.

On the other hand it is not confirmed yet the ban is limited to Lahore or other cities of Punjab are also part of this order.

After Punjab Government, the Sindh government has decided to take legal action against the services of mobile-applications of  taxi service providers Careem, Uber and A-One.

The Sindh government also has declared that  these private taxi haling companies are using the private cars as taxies without mandatory legal permits and their move is illegal. They have asked Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to block the mobile application of these taxi haling companies.

They wrote five letters to Careem management as a warning but received no reply, said Transport Secretary Taha Farooqui. The Sindh government also said that the Uber to bring its mobile application within ‘official compliance’.

The Transport Secretary also said that the cars used by the taxi hailing companies would need to be made commercial in order to be used as taxis and the owners of the cars required obtaining fitness certificates and route permits.

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Limofied – Australian Rideshare and Car-Booking app Launched in Faisalabad

Limofied – Australian Rideshare and Car-Booking app Launched in Faisalabad

Sumera Saeed | December 24, 2016 | category: Autos and Vehicles

Limofied™ – an Australian-owned, rapidly growing ride-share, car-hire and car-booking app, has been launched in Pakistan. After a magnificent launch in Lahore recently, this team of ‘transport-management specialists’ has now launched their innovative services in Faisalabad too.

It allows passengers using smartphones to submit a trip-request, which is then transmitted to the closest Limofied™ drivers, who use their legally registered vehicles to provide timely, comfortable, courteous and most economical transportation services, to diverse segments of consumers.

A grand ceremony was held at a local hotel, to launch the services of Limofied™ in Faisalabad and some surrounding rural areas too. So the people of Faisalabad can now conveniently book a car for point-to-point travel, airport transfers, weddings or special events for corporate clients and leisure travels. Soon, these services will also be expanded to Karachi and all other important cities of Pakistan. Limofied will bring a whole new standard of high quality, professional car-travel services, which Uber and Careem have failed to deliver.

The wide range of Limofied features, includes ‘Le Femme’ an exclusive program for nurturing female drivers (Captains), to empower and facilitate women. It promises the ultimate security and peace-of-mind for the female passengers, who prefer to be driven around by a well-trained lady-driver. The customers can access reliable 24/7 facilities, through a world-class App, website and service center – seamlessly connected to its vast network of professional and licensed drivers. It is the ideal choice for discerning clients, who value their time & safety, while appreciating quality delivered by the industry’s best drivers, reaching them on-time, every time.   Limofied – Australian Rideshare and Car-Booking app Launched in Faisalabad
The CEO of Limofied Technologies Ltd. – Syed Muhammad Kashif Iqbal stated that: “Being a Pakistani living abroad, it was my desire to make innovative contributions to empower the deprived segments in our motherland, through technological solutions, that create sustainable employment opportunities. Limofied is the first platform that is introducing ‘Motorcycle Taxi’ in Faisalabad, allowing the bike-owners to earn a respectable income.

Limofied has added two more services in its App at Faisalabad Launch. A service called MOTOTaxi, (Motorcycle Taxi) and the Rickshaw. The App will now allow the students of the university and college to travel on less using its MOTOTaxi service, a motorcycle taxi service which will cost less then the conventional travel. It will create ease of travel for students and will also create jobs. Faisalabad has a massive population of the Rickshaws and at present the community is looking for the solution where they can call the Rickshaw with ease rather then running after them on the roads. Limofied App will cater for the both new MTOTAXI and RICKSHAW services along with the Limofied Business Class and Premium Economy.

MOTO Taxi Fares are as follows:

Base Fare: 50

Per Km: 5

Per Min: 1

Minimum Fare: 70


Rickshaw Fares are as follows:

Base Fare: 50

Per Km: 15

Per Min: 1

Minimum: 70

After Lahore, Limofied is proud to expand to Faisalabad – which is the birth-place of its Chief Technology Officer & Co Founder – Mr Zahid Khan. The vast business-community in the industrial hub – Faisalabad is very happy to see that Limofied has a firm belief in the great potential of this business hub of Punjab. Kashif expressed his commitment and love for the people of Faisalabad.

With the CPEC – Gwadar project being built throughout Pakistan, our business community needs world-class services. Limofied will make sure that various consumer-segments get their desired quality of services – Business-class facilities for the business travelers and premium economy services for the economy travelers. With Limofied; everyone will be a winner.

The Chief Technical Officer of Limofied – Muhammad Zahid Khan stated that: We have created the most innovative transport-management application, customized to Pakistan’s needs. We have a vision to empower the local businesses by providing them the most versatile platform, to deliver a wide range of world-class services, with unmatched convenience. Limofied has successfully optimized the advantages of today’s revolutionary telecom technologies and mobile networks.

Limofied™ is already available in most major cities of Australia and many European cities too. Its network is growing rapidly due to its cost-effective pricing, transparency and simplified app design. After Pakistan, this service will soon be launched in many other regions including: USA, UK, Canada, Middle East and Asia.
‘Always On Time’ is the key promise of Limofied, as it delivers an unparalleled degree of reliability along with Multiple Options for Booking your rides in advance, via our website, phone or mobile app. At the end of the ride, the passengers get an auto-generated e-receipt for the exact amount you have paid. Using proprietary technology, every car in the Limofied fleet is tracked. The passengers can also track their ride through our mobile app. In-app text messages, along with email updates, are sent to the customer, when the car is on its way and when it has arrived at a pick up location. For more details please visit: https://www.limofied.com/


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Uber VIP Now in Pakistan, Offers Discounts on Restaurants, Shopping Outlets and Cinemas

Uber VIP Now in Pakistan, Offers Discounts on Restaurants, Shopping Outlets and Cinemas

Sumera Saeed | December 2, 2016 | category: News

Uber VIP Now in Pakistan, Offers Discounts on Restaurants, Shopping Outlets and Cinemas

Uber Pakistan, the taxi-hailing provider in the country, has finally launched the VIP service for the customers.

The Uber VIP program offers the subscribers to avail huge discounts on a selected restaurants, cinemas and shopping outlets.

This VIP service by Uber will offer different kind of perks to its regular customers.

The regular users of Uber will get the following benefits from the Uber VIP service;

Discounts at Cinemas:

  • Free medium drink and Popcorn at Imperial Cinema
  • Free small drink at Universal Cinema Emporium Mall
  • 20% discount at Cinepax on purchase of 2 tickets

Other Discount Offers:

  • 15% discount at Leisure Club and BiG
  • Early access to new features
  • Availability of highest rated drivers
  • 20% discount at X2
  • Allocation of newer cars

How To Avail?

The Uber customers can avail the VIP services included in the Uber application beside the uberGo and uberAuto option.

The customers can get the VIP services by Uber after availing at least 10 rides in the month of November and December.

After completing the ride the customers will be able to avail discounts.

The price of the VIP service is similar to that of uberGO.

Uber Launches UberAuto Service in Karachi with One Week Free Rides

Uber Launches UberAuto Service in Karachi with One Week Free Rides

Sumera Saeed | November 25, 2016 | category: Autos and Vehicles

Uber Launches UberAuto Service in Karachi with One Week Free Rides

After the successful launch of UberAuto service in Lahore, Uber Pakistan is all set to introduce its services in Karachi. As per launch Uber is offering the free ride of UberAuto for one week in the city.

Now the people in Karachi can enjoy the free rides of UberAuto for the 7days in the city.

Uber, a Us-based Onliune Transportation Company in Pakistan, has started offering its taxi and auto hailing services in Lahore earlier this year and now further expanding its service in the other cities of the country.  Customers can avail the Uber taxi hailing services by submitting their visit request at the Uber App.

The UberAuto service is very much affordable for the every class of society and the Uber is offering just Rs.1/min and rs.3/km charges. By launching its services across the country Uber is throwing competition to its existing rival including A-taxi, Careem and Travly.  Uber is offering reliable and cost effective taxi hailing services across the country.

How to hire Uber services:

  • Download the Uber app from the Google Play store
  • Enter code ‘FREEAUTO’
  • Slide the icon to ‘uberAUTO’
  • Confirm your pickup location and request a ride
  • Enjoy 5 free uberAUTO rides up to Rs 75 for whole week






Uber To Launch Rickshwas Service in Pakistan

Uber To Launch Rickshwas Service in Pakistan

Sumera Saeed | October 14, 2016 | category: News

Uber To Launch Rickshwas Service in Pakistan

A taxi hailing giant UberGo is launching the Rickshaws service in Pakistan.

To hire taxi and cars becomes bit expensive and not everyone can afford them, this is a convenient and affordable idea by Uber Pakistan to launch the Rickshaw service in the country to facilitate the middle and lower classes of society.

You know that Rickshaws are the only convenient and affordable form of transport and the initiative of  Uber will definitely increase its reach to the general public.

The UberAuto service will firstly be launched in Lahore and then in the other cities of Pakistan within few months.

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Uber starts operating in Lahore and Karachi: Complete Guide on How to use Uber App

Sumera Saeed | August 18, 2016 | category: News

Uber starts operating in Lahore and Karachi: Complete Guide on How to use Uber App

Uber has recently officially started its operation in Lahore and is all set to launch its services in Karachi. Uber is in fact a taxi hailing application. The largest taxi dispatch company Uber Pakistan has recently started its services in Lahore and is all set to expand it soon in other parts of the country. Currently Uber is operating in sixty countries in the world.  Uber Pakistan has a tough competition as its competitors Careem and A-Taxi have already been working since long.

In order to serve customers Uber has launched the smartphone app for getting easy access the pickup and drop service alike to taxi services.

Most of the people in Pakistan do not know how to use Uber smartphone app for hiring taxi. We have made it easy for the people on how to use uber app.

You can watch the video on how to use Uber App below: the video contains complete app guide which make it easy for use to hire Uber taxi service.