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Necessary Precautions and Foods to Combat Air Pollution

Necessary Precautions and Foods to Combat Air Pollution

Sumera Saeed | category: Health and Beauty

Necessary Precautions and Foods to Combat Air Pollution. The pollution in air reached dangerous level and creating hazardous health issues. The atmosphere in Lahore and adjoining cities is polluted with the smog blanket and the smog is to stay for more days in the city, said Pakistan Meteorologist Department. The polluted air in Lahore is causing eye burning, heavy breathing and respiratory problems.

We would tell you some foods that are helpful in combating the air pollution. These foods contain the natural antioxidant and nutrients that can stimulate your body to deal with this present air pollution.

You need to take fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. The use of vitamin C is very much essential in this current atmosphere condition because it contains antioxidants that helps to remove toxins. The regular use of Vitamin C oriented foods is necessary for maintain the lungs function. The body also needs Vitamin E,  the Fat soluble vitamin. The use of Vitamin E rich foods helps to repair the damage human body tissues.

Vitamin C Rich Fruit and Vegetables:

Necessary Precautions and Foods to Combat Air Pollution

Oranges, Lemon, citrus fruit, guava, banana, grapes, berries, coriander leaves, parsley, cabbage and turnip.

Vitamin E Rich Foods:

Fish, Olive Oil, Sunflower oil, Canola Oil, Almonds and Nuts are the rich source of Vitamin E.

You need also to eat leafy green vegetables including the cabbage, parsley, coriander leaves, fenugreek, Onion, peas Lettuce, spinach and carrots to have Beta Carotene that converted into Vitamin A.  The use of Vitamin A is very essential for the body. It is an antioxidant that fights toxins.

Herbal Tea:

Necessary Precautions and Foods to Combat Air Pollution

Furthermore, if you feel throat irritation and flue due to pollution Ginger, black pepper, basil leaves (tulsi), nutmeg, mint tea for relaxation.

Necessary Precautions:

For avoiding the dense polluted air you need to take some precautionary measures, minimize going out for long and if possible wear masks to protect yourself and your children.

Use glasses when going out and wash eyes frequently to avoid burning.

The government does its bit to improve the air quality and calls for emergency closing down of schools, public places so people could come in contact of this danger as less as possible.

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An Egg A Day Keeps Your Health Problems Away

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An Egg A Day Keeps Your Health Problems Away

The use of egg on daily basis is very good for your health. But unfortunately, it is considered that if you eat egg daily it will increase your cholesterol level which leads to heart diseases. Today you will find that the use of eggs is very much essential for ours body health and there is no study which proved that the consumption of egg on daily basis leads to heart disease.

On the other hand a number of studies have found that if a person does not eat egg in his/her daily diet he/she more apt to be the pray of diabetes and heart disease.

Eggs are the rich source of Protein and Choline. It contains Vitamin A, B, E, and D, iodine, phosphorus and antioxidants.

The essentials nutrition found in eggs are very much helpful for getting rid of health problems. Use of egg on daily basis helps to get rid of heart problem and offers essential growth and development of body. It protects our bones and teeth and also offers shelter form certain cancers. Its antioxidants and Vitamin A protects our eyes. So there is no need to stay away from eggs. If you want to keep yourself healthy and active must consume at least one egg in your breakfast daily.


Water Melon Health Benefits: Eat healthy, Eat Good

Sumera Saeed | category: Health and Beauty

Water Melon Health Benefits: Eat healthy, Eat Good

Summers has come and so has come the fruits of summer. Nutritionists advise people to make the seasonal fruits the part of their daily diet. Amongst all the summer fruits, the most famously used fruit is the watermelon. Like other fruits it is also very beneficial and provides with all the necessary and required nutrients such as vitamin A, B6 and C, antioxidants and amino acids, mild potassium and in addition to all that it is surprisingly fat-free and serves 40 calories per cup.

Watermelon can surely be counted as one of the blessings to the man which serves him beneficially from head to toe. Some of the benefits of watermelon are mentioned as follow.


For the people who suffer from dehydration, watermelon is surely a remedy for their problem. As it is about 92% water. Just a cup of it every day will help them recover from dehydration very fast.


Watermelon helps improving the digestive system. All the people who feel it difficult to have their meals digested are advised to intake watermelon in sufficient amount regularly.

Skin Care and Hair:

Watermelon is highly enriched with vitamin A which plays a major role in maintaining a healthy skin, teeth, skeletal and soft tissues. It is also good for getting healthy hair.

Bones and joints:

Watermelon is also enriched with potassium which is an essential element to retain the calcium in the body, which in sufficient amount makes the bones and joints stronger.

Healthy Heart:

Watermelon contains an element termed as Lycopene, which is very beneficial for cardiac muscle and tissues. Intake of large amount of water helps in the improvement of flow of blood in the body which ultimately helps in the improvement in the working of heart and muscle related to it.

Muscular pains:

People who suffer from fatigued muscle or tired body all the time can be benefited by this natural remedy in no time. After a heavy physical work or even after a workout, just enough amount of watermelon can energize the body and all the tissues and muscles are refreshed in such a way that the people who add this fruit to their daily routine would even forget they ever had any muscular pain or fatigued body.

Eat Just Enough

There is a famous saying that excess of anything is bad, so same is true for such beneficiary natural product as watermelon. According to a study by American Cancer Society, excessive intake of watermelon (which can be measure as anything more than 30 mg of Lycopene) on daily basis by any one might result in various consequences such as nausea, diarrhea, indigestion and bloating.