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WhatsApp Bug Lets You to Delete Messages Even After 7 Minutes

WhatsApp Bug Lets You to Delete Messages Even After 7 Minutes

Ram zi | category: Mobile Phones

WhatsApp Bug Lets You to Delete Messages Even After 7 Minutes. WhatsApp recently launched the new WhatsApp total recall features which permits you to delete messages you sent wrongly. But there is another feature that lets you to delete messages “WhatsApp Bug”.

The WhatsApp Bug lets you delete the sent message even after 7 minutes. The company revealed that the facility to delete messages for everyone would only be accessible for 7 minutes after a message had been sent.

To be precise, the option ‘Delete Message for Everyone’ would vanish after 7 minutes. The check exists to stop misuse of the feature.

The WhatsApp Bug is available on the current version of the application and the users can open the delete window before 7 minutes after sending the message and keep the window open.

Users can delete the message they have sent by tapping on the ‘Delete for Everyone’ button, after the 7 minutes have passed.

However, it can be anticipated that WhatsApp will deal and fix this bug in their next update which might be rolling out in a few days.


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Tips for having Sound Sleep at Night

Tips for having Sound Sleep at Night

Sumera Saeed | category: Health and Beauty

Tips for having Sound Sleep at Night

If you are struggling to have a good sleep then you need to take following steps because a good sleep gives you a fresh and active mind and mental health is necessary for good body health.

Disregard late supper, never take your dinner too late or the time just before your sleep. Else you hazard your shape as well as the nature of rest. The fact is that your stomach can’t rest in the event that it needs to process. You ought to have your last supper no less than two hours before rest.

Surrender espresso and cigarettes, nicotine makes your mind active. Cigarette and some espresso before sleep time raises circulatory strain and makes the heart beat all the more thickly. Like this it is exceptionally hard to rest soundly.

Restrain the measure of liquid admission. A hour prior to rest, attempt to drink less, that you don’t over-burden your kidneys and don’t get up during the evening.

Kill throughout the night and blazing gadgets. Indeed, even low light, blazing at the side of the room can turn into a reason for sleep deprivation.

Ventilate your room. Before going to bed, open the window for around 15 minutes. In the event that conceivable, abandon it ventilating a smidgen over night.

Change to open to attire. Ensure you wear something that would not confine your developments and that is made of normal materials.

Go to rest, when you start to feel tired. There is no compelling reason to postponement, you can simply read a book or watch a move the following day. On the off chance that you listen to your body and not overlook its needs, you will be astonished how lovely rest is sitting tight for you!


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