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Yayvo.com Celebrates Pakistan Day 2018 by Giving Huge Discounts on Pakistan Tech Sale

Yayvo.com Celebrates Pakistan Day 2018 by Giving Huge Discounts on Pakistan Tech Sale

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Yayvo.com Celebrates Pakistan Day 2018 by Giving Huge Discounts on Pakistan Tech Sale. We Pakistanis will celebrate our 78th Pakistan Day this year. It’s a special day for all of us as on this day Pakistan Movement was launched which led us to our free homeland, our freedom. At this joyous occasion, Yayvo.com has something special for you. We are proud to present our Pakistan Tech Sale from 23rd to 25th March 2018.  On this Pakistan Day Sale, enjoy our mega deals in various categories offered by various brands and our payment partners.

Get united by tech and become a #Tech Junoon by availing huge discounts on the following categories at Pakistan Tech Sale:

-Mobile Phones


-Mobile Gadgets

-Computing& Gaming

-Home & Kitchen Appliances

Easypaisa Mega Deals:

Here is your chance to enjoy 23 deals on 23rd of March, 2018! 23 Easypaisa Mega Deals for Easypaisa Mobile Accounts users only, will be offered on this Pakistan Tech Sale by Yayvo.com. And this is not all; you canalso get10% discounts on Easy paisa Mobile account&5% discount sthroug Easypaisa OTC payment on all products.

Avail the mega deals by Easypaisa with up to 20% OFF on Mobile Accounts! All this and more for you at Pakistan Tech Sale on Pakistan Day this year!

Meezan Bank Offers:

At our Pakistan Day Sale this year, enjoy 20% off on all Meezan Bank Debit Cards.

What are you waiting for? Pakistan Tech Sale starts at Midnight! Great ready to avail the Mega Deals and enjoy heavy discounts offered for our valuable customers.

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Pakistan’s E-Commerce Market Size Exceeded $600 Million in 2017: SBP Reprts

Pakistan’s E-Commerce Market Size Exceeded $600 Million in 2017: SBP Reports

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Pakistan’s E-Commerce Market Size Exceeded $600 Million in 2017: SBP Reports. The State Bank of Pakistan has released their official numbers showing the actual size of the e-commerce market. Before delving into its analysis, let us first take a look at the numbers in full.

Data Sources

The two primary sources of the data are:

  1. Annual Performance Review (APR) 2016 – 2017 – Payment Systems
  2. First Quarterly Report (FQR) 2017-2018, Special Section 2 – Online Payments Platform
Metric Number Date Range Report
Number of Online Transactions (Prepayment) 1.2 M FY17 APR
Value of Prepayment Transactions (Locally) Rs. 9.8 B[1] FY17 FQR
Value of Prepayment Transactions (Internationally) Rs. 20.7 B FY17 FQR
Ecommerce Merchants (Locally) 571 FY17 APR
USD : PKR 105 30/06/17 Business Recorder

Quick Analysis

Based on the report, we can deduce that, on average, every prepayment order in Pakistan had a basket size greater than Rs. 8,000 and each of the 571 merchants processed about Rs. 17M in prepayment orders on average.

Metric PKR USD
E-commerce Market Size in Pakistan (Prepayment) Rs. 9.8 B $ 93 M
Average Order Size (Prepayment) Rs. 8,167 $ 77.8
Average Revenue per Merchant (Prepayment) Rs. 17.2 M $ 163.5 K

Judging the “Cash on Delivery” Market Size

Not all e-commerce transactions are done through pre-payment. For instance, in the large marketplaces and brand stores, most of the payments are made via cash on delivery terms. To accurately gauge the e-commerce market size, we have to make an assumption on the volume of transactions processed via Cash on Delivery (COD).

Most of the other industry professionals claim that payments made through Cash on Delivery account for about 90% of all e-commerce transactions. However, that figure represents the number of transactions rather than the volume of transactions.

In my analysis, I have found that customers are more likely to pay for higher value orders via prepayment rather than COD. Yayvo, for example, had 76% of its orders below Rs. 1500 paid via COD, while 60% of its orders above Rs. 5000 were paid via prepayment.

Yayvo.com Revenue Breakdown according to Payment Method (2017)
Order Value (PKR) COD Prepayment
0-2500 75.86% 24.14%
2500-5000 57.97% 42.03%
>5000 39.99% 60.01%


I still believe that during the Fiscal Year 2017, the market was still very nascent to the idea of prepayment. I would estimate that COD was at minimum 85% of the total market for payments. This means that the e-commerce market size in Pakistan is ~Rs. 65 Billion or ~$620 Million.

Assumption of COD Market Size COD Market Size (PKR) Total Market Size (PKR) Total Market Size (USD)
95% 186.2 B 196.0 B 1.90 B
90% 88.2 B  98.0 B 933 M
85% 55.5 B 65.3 B 622 M
80% 39.2 B 49 B 467 M
70% 22.9 B 32.7 B 311 M

Other Assumptions

Not all e-commerce sites process their online payments in Pakistan. Within the fiscal year ending in 2017 (July 2016 – June 2017), large e-commerce players such as Careem, Uber, and FoodPanda processed their payments via international gateways. Their prepayment revenue is unlikely to be counted within the local e-commerce market size but is counted in the international volume of transactions instead.

I am assuming that there was no duplication of the online acquirers when the State Bank was collecting this data. For example, JazzCash and EasyPay both used the MCB e-Gateway to power their platforms during this period. I am assuming that the State Bank did not count these numbers twice when collecting the figures submitted by EasyPay/JazzCash and MCB respectively. This is especially important given that EasyPay had over 350 merchants and JazzCash over 150 merchants by June 2017, which possibly makes them the largest online acquirer’s in Pakistan.

E-commerce Merchants

According to the State Bank, there are 571 e-commerce merchants in Pakistan. Typically, the e-commerce merchants that come to mind are players such as Daraz.pk and Yayvo.com. We have to dismiss players like FoodPanda, Careem, and Uber because their payments are not processed in Pakistan.

Other large merchants include ticketing platforms such as Pakistan Railway and PIA, amongst others. Pakistan Railway, in its first two months, reported a revenue of Rs. 100M from online sales. In addition, an article in November 2017 stated that UBL had made more than Rs. 1 Billion from online sales through Pakistan railway alone.


The overall e-commerce market size is much bigger than what many industry insiders estimate. After reviewing and examining the numbers, my conclusion is that the e-commerce market size transcended $600M in the 12-months period between July 2016 and June 2017.

I believe the number will be much higher in the current financial year (June 2017 to July 2018). A case in point is Yayvo, which is on course to grow their revenue by at least 3x this year. Therefore, the overall market, even with 2x growth, would rise to approximately $1.2 Billion. This means we will be crossing the $ 1 Billion e-commerce revenue mark two years before the 2020 deadline we had set.

Source URL: http://yayvo.com/blog/pakistans-ecommerce-market-in-2017/

[1]There is a difference in the volume of transactions indicated in the two reports. I will be taking into account the numbers given in the FQR because those stated in the APR are provisional. However, the FQR does not show the number of transactions (my assumption is that they would have risen). Therefore, since the FQR does not give full information, I will use the APR numbers.

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Best Black Friday Deals 2017 in Pakistan

Best Black Friday Deals 2017 in Pakistan

Sumera Saeed | category: News

Best Black Friday Deals 2017 in Pakistan. Black Friday 2017 is just to arrive and all leading online stores in Pakistan all set to open the sale with huge discount on black Friday.

You can enjoy the Black Friday 2017 discount deals in Pakistan by doing online shopping. At the sale of Black Friday 2017 you can get up to 80% discount on items and products by doing online shopping in Pakistan.

As we see the trend of online shopping in Pakistan is increasing and a number of online retailers come forward to offer the huge Black Friday deals 2017. The online shopping gateways in Pakistan are having awesome response from the customers and just like the last year they decided to offers black Friday deals to customers with huge discount offers.

You can enjoy the black Friday 2017 deals on the online shopping websites in Pakistan including daraz.pk, homeshopping.pk, yayvo.com, telemarttelemart.pk.

Daraz will commence the black Friday deals on 20th November to 27th November with 80% discount on different products.

Yayvo Black Friday is supposed to be on 17th November and you can get discounts upto 80%. Yayvo will also celebrate ‘Digital Monday’ on 27th November.

Homeshopping is supposed to commence black Friday sale on 24th November and end on 27th November and you can get up to 70% discount of different products.

Telemart Blessed Friday sale is to start on 20th November and to end on 26th November. Here you can also get the huge discount of different items and products.

All the Black Friday Deals 2017 discount deals will available at the above mentioned online shopping websites in Pakistan.

Moreover if you are interested to buy the Amazon Black Friday Deals 2017 in Pakistan you can visit www.shoppingbag.pk

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Yayvo.com Bags Two Awards at the #PakistanDigiAwards2k17 Night

Yayvo.com Bags Two Awards at the #PakistanDigiAwards2k17 Night

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Yayvo.com Bags Two Awards at the #PakistanDigiAwards2k17 Night. Yayvo.com by TCS, Pakistan’s fastest growing eCommerce store, bagged two awards at the Pakistan DigiAwards held at PAF Museum, Karachi on the 7th of October. The winning categories were namely the Best SEO Campaign and the Best in Digital Marketing Communication. 

The campaigns were as follows:


Black Friday is now being celebrated in Pakistan since the last two years. Yayvo won the award for Best in Digital Media Communication Video for the Black Friday song sang by Ali Gul Pir. The song made waves in the industry only last year when Yayvo announced its Black Friday event a week earlier. The entire nation danced to the tunes of the song with the signature danas move.

Yayvo.com Bags Two Awards at the #PakistanDigiAwards2k17 Night


By keeping a good check on the demands, Yayvo.com successfully carried out SEO campaigns and managed to make positions in Google’s top 10 searches. The SEO strategy mainly contained women fashion brands and Yayvo.com managed to create its place on the first page of Google search for each of the top fashion brands. Some of the brand pages which ranked higher in Google’s search results were Alkaram, Sana Safinaz, J., Gul Ahmed, Image Fabrics, Pareesa and Sapphire. You can search for the brands mentioned on Google right now to see.

These awards are a great step towards encouraging professionals from digital industry of Pakistan and revealing the talent in this field.

Yayvo.com Bags Two Awards at the #PakistanDigiAwards2k17 Night

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Yayvo & MCB Come Together to Host 1010: A Unique Online Sale Event to Celebrate Freedom & Choices

Yayvo & MCB celebrating “1010 A Unique Online Sale Event to Celebrate Freedom & Choices on 10th October

Sumera Saeed | category: Business

Yayvo & MCB celebrating “1010 A Unique Online Sale Event to Celebrate Freedom & Choices on 10th October. Yayvo & MCB Come Together to Host 1010: A Unique Online Sale Event to Celebrate Freedom & Choices. The internet has opened doors for all of us, to truly explore who we want to be. It’s given us the ability to experiment, explore and access things which weren’t possible before. It’s given us the ability to truly be ourselves, with the infinite lifestyle options it brings.You can now plan your complete travel itinerary and make your reservations to countries that are miles away.

You can play virtual games with another player while sitting outside a dhaba in Gotki!

And the greatest thing is that you can now order things at your doorstep from the comfort of your home, only on Yayvo.com!

What’s better when it is coupled with even unlimited offers? Here comes the great news! Yayvo and MCB have come together to host the next grand sale event on the 10th of October. 1010 is an event that will give each individual infinite options to shop – to truly express each one’s own individuality.

Exciting Deals

What makes 1010 an exciting campaign is the fact that it will not only bring variety but also value for money with amazing discount deals. The campaign will go live at 12 am on the 10th of October. Yayvo.com will be offering upto 75% discounts across all tech categories, which includes additional discounts of flat 30%*on MCB Platinum and Gold cards, brought to you by MCB.

Yayvo & MCB Come Together to Host 1010: A Unique Online Sale Event to Celebrate Freedom & Choices

Other than that, there will be Flash Deals throughout the day that will offer top deals at the best discounts. Here’s the schedule that you should lock into your calendars right now!

  • 12 am to 2 am
  • 12 pm – 3 pm
  • 3 pm – 6 pm
  • 6 pm – 9 pm

Next Steps: Activate your Cards & Get Ready!

Are you ready for one of the biggest online shopping events in the country? Activate your MCB Cards now by calling the MCB helpline at 021-111-000-622. Furthermore, familiarize yourself with the payment process as shown below:

Yayvo & MCB Come Together to Host 1010: A Unique Online Sale Event to Celebrate Freedom & Choices

Don’t wait anymore! Subscribe at http://yayvo.com/1010-infinity to be the first one to know when your favorite deals go live!

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Yayvo.com Offering Massive Discount on LED TVs

Yayvo.com Offering Massive Discount on LED TVs

Sumera Saeed | category: News

Yayvo.com Offering Massive Discount on LED TVs.  Are you looking to upgrade your entertainment platform? Then you’re in for a treat! Yayvo.com presents this year’s biggest discounts across a plethora of LED TV sets on Mega TV Days. Starting from 26th September 2017 till the 29th some groundbreaking deals will be up for grabs!

Yayvo.com has come up with Another Exciting Campaign

Yayvo aims to offer the best for its customers, so don’t expect any less. Sales will be offered across some of the top TV brands. But that’s not all; Yayvo.com will be exclusively launching Vizio for the first time in Pakistan.

Yayvo.com Exclusively Launches Vizio LED TV in Pakistan


Vizio is a well-established American Company taking over the LED TV market by storm, giving a run for the money to numerous Chinese brands in the west. It aims to deliver top quality smart TVs at affordable prices. Here’s your chance to avail exclusive lowest prices by shopping on Mega TV Days online from Yayvo.com.

The D32LE624 Normal TV and D32ST254 Smart TV are both engineered to perfection.
Vizio LED TV is geared with:

  • 32 Inches screen
  • 2 HDMI Ports
  • Smart Energy Saving
  • Full Array Screen
  • Infinite Sound
  • 2 USB Ports

The Smart TV comes with impressive add-ons like Vizio Internet Apps, Wi-Fi Connectivity, 512 MB Ram and 4GB Flash Memory which lets you store tons of your favourite movies and dramas.

Don’t miss out on this extravagant 3 day Mega TV Days sale on Yayvo.com. To stay ahead of the game sign up for our newsletter and hit the notification bell to stay posted on the latest deals.

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Samsung QLED TV Available for Pre-Booking in Pakistan

Sumera Saeed | category: News

Following the launch of Samsung Electronics’ latest QLED TVs, emphasizing on solutions known as Q Picture, Q Smart and Q Style; these premium range of LED TV’s will be available in Pakistan on 1st July 2017. Customers can now avail the offer and pre-book their very own QLED TV at all authorized Samsung Brand shops and its online e-retail partners;






Customers can now pre-book their 65” QLED TV Q8C and avail a free Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone from 19th – 30thJune 2017. The Q8C is a curved masterpiece, having a resolution of 3840×2160. Other features include; Q Color, Q contrast, Q HDR 1500, Boundless 360degree design, One Remote Control etc.

This prestigious innovation is a result of Samsung’s adoption of a new metal Quantum Dot material, which allows Samsung QLED TV to articulate deep blacks and rich detail despite of the rooms lighting or environment.

The ‘MD Samsung Pakistan & Afghanistan – Mr. Y J KIM. said:

“The QLED TV provides true-to-life images, whereby empowering consumers to experience a new feel in televisions, bringing art and entertainment into parts of your home. The QLED TV is an exceptional innovative, which offers improved color performance, displaying DCI-P3 color space accurately, which is capable of reproducing 100% colour volume.”

The ‘Smart Hub’ interface is now extended to smartphones through Samsung’s new ‘Smart View’ app, which lets customers use their mobile device to select and start their favourite live TV programmes and video-on-demand services – on their TV

In addition to the ‘No gap wall-mount’ designed for quickly and easily affixing the TV flush against the wall, the improvements to design and usability in the QLED TV series include a single, transparent ‘Invisible Connection’ cable through which all of the peripheral devices can be gathered and connected to the TV.


Pakistan’s First Ever Online Shopping Day on 19th May,2017

Guest Post | category: News

Yayvo.com along with other e-commerce partners, have taken the initiative to celebrate Pakistan’s Own Shopping Day on 19th May, 2017. It’s going to be the first sales festive of its own kind in Pakistan, which will continue to happen every year, just before the Ramzan.

Now you can easily get rid of Eid & Ramzan Shopping hassle by doing online Shopping on this Shopping Day. Eid is an occasion of spreading joy and happiness. You buy a lot of apparels and accessories not only for yourself, but also for presenting them to your loved ones. For you guys, the e-commerce peers, are going to celebrate online Shopping Day on 19th May, 2017 where you can get all products that you wish for in super amazing discount prices!

2017 Pakistan Shopping Day

Major Banks and Telecom Companies Offering Discounts!

Have you thought of getting extra discounts on online shopping excluding the ones that e-commerce websites offer you? If you haven’t, so now is the time to experience it. Different banks and telecommunication brands are offering amazing discounts on online Shopping Day!

To develop e-commerce industry, the big brands of banking industry and telecommunication industry are taking part in the online Shopping Day. The e-commerce industry has evolved with time and initiatives like this will contribute to its success in Pakistan. This is the first time ever that different banks are participating in the Pakistan Shopping Day by offering users great discounts. Payment with MCB card-30% discount, Payment with Meezan Bank Card-20% discount, Payment with UBL card-30% discount and Payment with Silk Bank Card-20% discount. Not only this, the virtual online payment systems are also there to support the first ever e-commerce Shopping Day, offering 15% discount on Easypaisa, and 10% JazzCash discount.. The sole aim of the Online Shopping day is to provide the customers great opportunity to prepare for Ramzan and Eid, and get the necessary products in amazing discounted prices.

2017 Pakistan Shopping Day

7 things you should know about this Mega Shopping Day!

Pakistan Shopping Day comes with super exciting discount offer up to 75%. The exciting deals are totally irresistible, you simply can’t let go these outstanding discount offers. #RahaNaJae Let’s see the offerings of this Mega Shopping Day.

1. 80% OFF on Fashion Wardrobe

Eid is an occasion where everyone wants to look classy and different from others. For this look, you wish to get adorable outfit, footwear and accessories. That’s exactly what you need for Eid shopping! You will be pleased to hear that you will get incredible discount of 80% on Men’s apparel, Women’s apparel, Kids apparel, footwear and accessories. Some of the brands in this category include EdenRobe, Yellow, Xarasoft, Bata foot wear, Sana Safinaz apparels, Motifz, Lala and Regal Shoes… Amazing isn’t it??

2. Exciting Deals in Flash Deal

On 19th May, you can avail Flash deals, which will consist of different exciting deals offered in different time slots. You can buy all Ramzan products, including Iftar and Sehri items on this Shopping Day. Apart from this, you can find exciting deals on Eid products including men’s and women’s apparel, footwear, accessories and many more. Flash deal will be for limited time, so make sure you avail these outstanding deals!

3. Xiaomi Redmi 4X Launch on 19th May!

Xiaomi Redmi 4X is going to be launched on 19th May, 2017 and you guys can buy it from Yayvo.com on Shopping Day. Isn’t it exciting? Xiaomi manages to amaze people with its outstanding phones. Recently, In China on 11th November (Single’s Day), around 1 million Xiaomi Redmi 4A were sold in just 24 hours! This gives a good prediction that Xiaomi 4X is going to follow the footsteps of Xiaomi Redmi 4A.

Pakistan Shopping Day 2017

4. iPhone 7 Red, Samsung S8 and Samsung S7 Edge on our Online Shelves at Best Price!

iPhone 7 Red has recently launched in Pakistan, and on Online Shopping day, you can buy it at the best lowest price online. iPhone has always managed to make itself as the biggest smartphone brand, the customers love it whole heartedly for its user-inter face, and performance.

Pakistan Shopping Day 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 outclasses others with its high memory storage of 4GB and 12 MP camera which captures excellent shots. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with its 5.5” quad HD display and long battery life of 3600 mAh has marked itself as a powerful phone with great display. The Shopping Day gives you the chance to buy all these incredible phones at discounted prices! Believe it or not but it’s actually happening!!

5. Free Vouch365 App Registration

Vouch 365 app normally requires high cost for registration, but on this day, you can get free registration with every order placed above Rupees 1000. This is limited for only residents of Karachi and Lahore.

6. Lenovo/Motorola Smartphones in Discounted Price!

That’s not definitely the end. There is lot more to come on this super exciting shopping day. You will be able to buy Lenovo/Motorola smartphones, highly known for innovation and latest technology on this Shopping Day. There is a wide range of Lenovo/Motorola smart phones available on our online shelves. The amazing discounts offers are on these phones including Lenovo A7020 with 37% off, Lenovo A6020 with 18% off, Lenovo A6010 with 10% off, Lenovo Vibe P1 with 50% off and Lenovo Vibe S1 with 45% off.

Pakistan Shopping Day 2017

7. 60% OFF on FILLHOME Furniture and Furniture Accessories!

Do you want to decorate your home before Eid? This is the best time to get the home furniture & accessories. FILLHOME furniture including bed room sets, Furniture, children beds, living room divider, center table, dining table, iron stand, tea trolley and wooden floor, is available on online Shopping Day at 60% discount! Give the best look to your house and make it shine before Eid.

This is the best opportunity for you guys to shop unlimited on 19th May for Ramzan and Eid conveniently by sitting at your home. You just think of a product and you will have it in the best lowest prices. Without any hassle, at the comfort of your home, you can buy all Ramzan and Eid products, be it grocery, Sehri and Iftar items, men and women apparel, footwear, accessories, smartphones, furniture and many more. Just visit http://yayvo.com/shopping-day here on 19th May, and enjoy unlimited shopping with mind blowing discount offers.

Pick the items, place the order and get them reach to you shortly with Yayvo’s super fast delivery partner TCS. Get ready and grab all that you can!!!

Click Here for Original: PR Source Link

Come and Join the Celebration of Yayvo First Anniversary – Get 15 Products for 15 Rupees!

Come and Join the Celebration of Yayvo First Anniversary – Get 15 Products for 15 Rupees!

Sumera Saeed | category: News

Come and Join the Celebration of Yayvo First Anniversary – Get 15 Products for 15 Rupees!

Get 15 Products for 15 Rupees! #15For15

In one year, Yayvo has marked itself as the best online shopping portal. It was founded back in 15th April, 2016. On its successful completion, it invites you all to be a part of its grand celebration. On this joyous event, you will enjoy amazing prices of Rs 15 on different 15 products. Selfie stick with extendable audio, blender, Black Analog Curren watch, smart watch, juicer machine, bed sheet and headphones and other products at just Rs 15.

Come and Join the Celebration of Yayvo First Anniversary – Get 15 Products for 15 Rupees!

Free Vouchers& Discounts – Up to 70% OFF

Not only that, you can also avail free vouchers online worth of Rs 200 to Rs 10,000. This offer is for limited time, so make sure you avail it.

What It Did In the Past Year

Yayvo always aims to provide the customers ease in online shopping. That is why; it always comes with great discount offers on various occasions. In HBL PSL 2017, Yayvo was the first e-commerce player to join in; special discounts were offered on cricket accessories for the cricket lovers. Black Friday is one of the most famous sales around the globe. In partnership with JazzCash, Yayvo offered up to 70% off on Black Friday. It received over 60,000 orders on this day.

Lawn fever gets on peak in every summer and spring season. Yayvo brings huge online lawn collection of big fashion brands including Alkaram, Sana Safinaz, Sapphire, J. and many more.

Yayvo likes to celebrate all the significant days with its customers. That is why, on Pakistan Resolution day, it brought huge Sales discounts up to 70% on various gadgets, home appliances and kitchen appliances. The Pakistan tech sale lasted for four days.

You simply can’t miss the golden chance of availing the super exciting offers on Yayvo’s first birthday! Browse what you like, add it to cart and receive the order at your door step within in short time. For more details http://yayvo.com/birthday-bash

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Smartphone for the Smart Users! iDroid Balr X7

Smartphone for the Smart Users! iDroid Balr X7

Sumera Saeed | category: iDroid

Smartphone for the Smart Users! iDroid Balr X7

Have you ever wondered why a smartphone is called as smartphone? When technology integrated into feature phone, it turned into smartphone. Its name “Smart Phone” indicates a meaning that we never interpreted. A smartphone is equipped with latest technology; to understand it and maximize the benefits of a smartphone, one needs to be wise enough or smart. A wise person knows what features of smartphone are good enough and how can they be utilized. A person that falls into this category is a Smart User. And we have a large group of people in Pakistan who are really smart!

Smart users understand very well which phone is best for them. When such segment of people seek for smartphone, they get it that which phone is overpriced or which phone is under priced.

For all such smart users, I have very good news. After knowing about it, they are going to be so elated. The USA based company iDroid has recently launched its latest smart phone “iDroid Balr X7” in Pakistan with Yayvo.com as its official partner. iDroid aims to create amazing computing experience for the customers. It’s all efforts are directed to a goal which is, building a world where technology is easy to use for the people. iDroid believes in producing quality phones for the users in fair rates. It focuses on the comfort of people that is why its users love it so much.

Now the Pakistanis are going to enjoy the iDroid Balr X7 which is going to be a very tough competitor for the other smart phones in Pakistan. For iDroid Balr X7 I can say it’s a smart phone for the smart users!

iDroid Balr X7 Specs & Features!

Let’s look at the awesome features of iDroid Balr X7:

Quad core processor 1.3 GHz, Screen 5.5’’, Front Camera 5MP, Rear Camera 8MP, Gesture Technology, Battery 2800 mAh, Android 5.1 Lollipop, RAM 1 GB, Resolution 1280 x 720, Memory extendable up to 64 GB SD Card, Screen 5.5”, Dimensions 153.8 x 77 x 8.3mm and Weight 85 g.

It has Idro Beast Speakers and Gesture Technology. The Gesture Technology makes you able to have split screen and do multiple tasks simultaneously, swipe tabs in chrome, two finger swipes down, zoom in using one figure, Google Keyboard Gestures, and Gestures using Third Party Apps. It’s almost weightless; you can use it conveniently without feeling burden on your hand.

In short you can describe iDroid Balr X7 as the android phone which is light weight, small size, fast built in 100 times fast memory.

The best part is, it is available at a very fair price and it meets the requirements of the people. iDroid Balr X7 completely justifies the quality and price of the phone which is the main concern of the iDroid.

That’s why I say iDroid Balr X7 is the smartphone for the smart users!

If you are enough smart, then just get this astonishing phone with such amazing features from Yayvo.com

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Most Common Problems Pakistanis Likely To Face on Black Friday 2016

Most Common Problems Pakistanis Likely To Face on Black Friday 2016

Sumera Saeed | category: News

Most Common Problems Pakistanis Likely To Face on Black Friday 2016

During the last 50 years, Black Friday has emerged as one of the world’s biggest shopping event that churns out benefits for both the consumers and the retail sector.

Following the emergence of the internet, Walmart was the first store to introduce Black Friday Deals online. Since then, numerous other ecommerce stores around the globe have started following these trends.

With so much hype about it in the global communities, how could Pakistan be left behind? That’s why last year, Rocket Internet brought it to Pakistan through its platform Daraz.pk. As expected, this year, more than 20 other online shopping stores of Pakistan have jumped the bandwagon to provide Black Friday deals and discounts to all online shoppers.

At one end, it is impressive to see so many stores providing humongous discounts on Black Friday. On the other, there are a few blemishes and complexities created by it. This includes:

  1. Price Verification Problem:

Prices of products vary from store to store so it becomes harder to determine which store is offering the lowest price. A consumer is left with two options: either to spend a couple of hours searching the product on different online shopping stores or to buy it immediately at whatever price the store is charging. In the first case, time is wasted but money is saved. In the second case, time is saved but the money is wasted.

Price comparison websites ease this burden by providing a comprehensive list of prices for a product on a single page so the consumer can save both time and money.

One such website, Priceblaze.pk, offers price comparison for mobile phones from more than 10 online shopping stores. Not only this, the website also shows a comparison on deals & discounts as well as coupon codes for cashback from its partner stores. It is an eminent feature for Black Friday 2016 shopping in Pakistan, which is lacking in other shopping comparison websites.

  1. Ratings of Online Shopping Stores:

Understanding the ratings of online shopping stores is a complicated task. Let’s take the example of top stores such as Yayvo and Daraz. Daraz is said to have some of the finest products; however, there have been quite a few complaints about their delivery process. Yayvo, on the other hand, is totally the opposite of this.

To determine the ratings of online shopping stores, users need to visit their Facebook pages and read what other online shoppers are saying about them. They can also go to a comparison shopping website to find these.

  1. Reviews about the Quality of a Product:

What is the quality of the product shipped to you? Last year, post-black Friday, many users complained that the products they received were either of poor quality or had defects.

The representatives of online shopping stores continuously reassured that they delivered good quality products but the consumers thought otherwise. So it’s always better to ask other shoppers about it.

These users are available on Facebook groups, price comparison websites and even on the shopping store’s social page. Shoppers who have had bad experiences are eager to tell their stories. By checking the ratings, users know if the product will serve the purpose.

These are just some of the problems people face on Black Friday in Pakistan.

This year, Priceblaze.pk has tried to minimize the problems faced by shoppers looking for Black Friday Deals. It has introduced a Black Friday Bazaar where products are listed from all top online shopping stores, including Daraz, Yayvo, 24Hours and others. Instead of visiting each shop, users can directly visit the Black Friday 2016 Deals on this website to compare prices, read reviews and ratings and to shop from stores they feel have moderate prices. It doesn’t just save money but also saves your time!

There are multitudes of problems online shoppers face on a daily basis. Want to get your voice heard? Please comment below or send us a message on our Facebook page.