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Telenor Launches “Telenor Automate” Device

Telenor Launches “Telenor Automate” Device

Sumera Saeed | November 2, 2016 | category: Autos and Vehicles

Telenor Launches “Telenor Automate” Device

Telenor Pakistan has launched the new Telenor Automate device. Telenor Automate is smart vehicle tracking and driving behavior device that makes you remain in contact with your vehicle.

Telenor Automate device is very simple to install and control. It works with vehicles, which are On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) 2.0 compliant.

Presently all cars in Pakistan are produced and imported in Pakistan are OBD 2.0 compliant with minor deviations. The OBD standards are also monitored in many high end commercial vehicles.

By using the Telenor Automate device the owners of the cars can monitor car’s location anytime; Owners can get details on how their car is driven, by themselves as well as by other drivers.

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If you want to go for Telenor Automate you can avail it at all Telenor Sales and Service Centers across the country for Rs. 7,999 with Rs. 300 monthly subscription charges.

The Automate device will also be available with free 3rd party car insurance powered by the country’s foremost branchless banking, Easypaisa.

For further information call 0345-0468-468

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