Uber and Careem are Banned in Punjab and Sindh

Uber and Careem Are Banned in Punjab and Sindh

The taxi-haling companies Uber and Careem  re now banned by the government of Punjab. The Punjab Government’s Provincial Transport Authority has declared that the taxi haling service providers including Uber, Careem and A-One taxi illegal and stated that a severe action should be taken against them.

In order to ban the taxi service providers in Punjab a notification by Punjab Transport Authority has already been sent to Lahore’s chief Traffic Officer. As per notification the car hailing companies are using the using private cars for services that is illegal and provincial government is facing huge financial damages due to these companies.

The notification further stated that the private cars are being used as a taxi shorn of the mandatory car-fitness certificate and route license.

On the other hand it is not confirmed yet the ban is limited to Lahore or other cities of Punjab are also part of this order.

After Punjab Government, the Sindh government has decided to take legal action against the services of mobile-applications of  taxi service providers Careem, Uber and A-One.

The Sindh government also has declared that  these private taxi haling companies are using the private cars as taxies without mandatory legal permits and their move is illegal. They have asked Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to block the mobile application of these taxi haling companies.

They wrote five letters to Careem management as a warning but received no reply, said Transport Secretary Taha Farooqui. The Sindh government also said that the Uber to bring its mobile application within ‘official compliance’.

The Transport Secretary also said that the cars used by the taxi hailing companies would need to be made commercial in order to be used as taxis and the owners of the cars required obtaining fitness certificates and route permits.

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Via Geo News

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