World Memon Organization

DUBAI: “Caring For Mankind” – With this as its inherent theme since it was founded by the late Haji Abdul Razzak Yaqoob 17 years ago, the World Memon Organisation is forging ahead with renewed faith and positivity.

President Suliman Noor Mahomed, says that for all its founding members and trustees, this has not only been an incredible journey with humble beginnings but it has laid foundations on how to care for those who need it most.

Perhaps the organisation’s greatest strength lies in its humility. The president feels “We have changed many lives, we will change more, we are passionate and we have a long way to go.”

It has been well noted that WMO has worked in education, healthcare and rehabilitation amongst other community issues. Now it will be forging ahead with its well-planned Legacy projects. It will expand on its building of hospitals and retirement villages for widows, as well as aiding its youth wing in getting jobs.


President Suliman Noor Mahomed says that as the organisation is easily accessible from its website (, both those wanting to provide help as well as those requiring aid, can contact them.

He further explains that due to sound earlier investments, WMO’s costs are borne from the profits of those ventures.

“The world is in a difficult space economically but in this line of work, I am positive we can achieve more. Many people give us donations because we have a strong constitution and they believe in our work.”

WMO truly believes that empowering the Memon community is the way forward.

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