Zong Increases Tariff For Mobile Broadband Packages

Zong Increases Tariff For Mobile Broadband Packages

Zong, the China Mobile Pakistan, has decided to increase the tariff for mobile broadband packages. There are a number of reports that suggested about the low quality of the network now days.

Zong in an advertisement has declared the decision of the increased prices for at least four data plans had been increased at the rate of 1 paisa per MB. The revised tariff for dongles or MiFis by Zong is as follow:


Packages Old Prices New Prices
50GB PKR 2,000 PKR 2,500
100GB PKR 3,800 PKR 4,000
150GB PKR 5,000 PKR 8,000
200GB PKR 6,000 PKR 10,000

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