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Petition Filled in LHC for Public Holiday On Iqbal Day

Petition Filled in LHC for Public Holiday On Iqbal Day

Sumera Saeed | November 7, 2017 | category: Holidays

Petition Filled in LHC for Public Holiday On Iqbal Day. We informed you recently that there will no public holiday on 9th November on Iqbal Day as per the notification of Interior Ministry of the government of Pakistan regarding the holidays in 2017.

Pakistanis have a great reverence for Iqbal Day as they tribute to poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal, who was born on Nov 9, 1877 in Sialkot. They want that the government should honor the day by announcing public holiday.

In this regard a petition has been filed in the LHC, nominated the federal and provincial governments as respondents on the matter of declaring Iqbal Day as a public holiday. The petitioner wants them to make sure that the status of Iqbal Day as a public holiday is settled for once and for all.

The petition sought early hearing of the matter so that this year a public holiday is confirmed on 9th November.

It is still remain to see if the LHC approved the decision in favor of petition and the federal government will declare the Public holiday on Iqbal Day.

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New Recruitment Policy: Government to Recruit 13000 Teachers

New Recruitment Policy: Government to Recruit 13,000 Teachers

Sumera Saeed | November 6, 2017 | category: Government Jobs in Pakistan

New Recruitment Policy: Government to Recruit 13000 Teachers.Government of Punjab is all set to recruit 13000 school Educators/Teachers and according to the new recruitment policy the professional degree holders are not eligible to apply.

The professional degree holders including BSc Engineering, MBBS, MBA and LLB can not apply for the Educators teaching jobs.

On the other hand the candidates who have done MA/MSc in Physics, Chemistry, Biology,   Mathematics, Computer Science, General Science, can apply for the Educators jobs.

As per the new policy the teaching jobs in Educators are employed as per the pay Scales of BPS-9, BPS-14 and BPS-16.

For further details see the advertisement below published in Daily Express on 5th November, 2017.

New Recruitment Policy: Government to Recruit 13000 Teachers

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No Public Holiday on Iqbal Day November 9

No Public Holiday on Iqbal Day November 9

Shahid | November 6, 2017 | category: Holidays

No Public Holiday on Iqbal Day November 9. There will be no public holiday on Iqbal Day, 9th November 2017 in Pakistan. The Interior Ministry of the government of Pakistan has not officially declared the public holiday on 9th November, 2017 as per the notification posted below.

It is important to mention here that the government of Sindh and KPK had officially declared the Public Holiday on Iqbal Day, 9th November,2016  in order to commemorate the Iqbal Day.

But there was no official public holiday across the country on 9th November 2016.

This year there will also no holiday on the occasion of Iqbal day 2017 as per notification below.

No Public Holiday on Iqbal Day November 9

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Imposition of Regulatory Duty on Items

Imposition of Regulatory Duty on Items

Sumera Saeed | October 17, 2017 | category: Uncategorized

Imposition of Regulatory Duty on Items. The Government of Pakistan through their Notification dated 16th October 2017 has imposed Regulatory Duty vide SRO 1035 (I)/2017 on many items.

Pakistan Electronics Manufacturer’s Association (PEMA) represents the interests and viewpoints of the “Manufacturers” of electronics and home appliances goods in Pakistan and we have a long term investments and commitment to our country. We would like to register our strong objections on both on the contents of the said SRO and also the manner in which this decision has been taken by the Government.

We have the following views;

  1. The Federal Government has taken this decision in haste, unilaterally and without consultation with any of the stake holders,especially the industry.
  2. If at all the imposition of this Regulatory Duty was inevitable, the relevant authorities should have rationalized the items to be selected, the percentage of Duty to be imposed should have been cascaded and adequate time for industries to hedge their exposures and manage their production inventories should have been given. This measure reflects the ad-hoc culture of our policy makers and denies the industries of our country to have any level of trust and confidence on the affairs of their Government.
  3. The real objectives of the Federal Government in imposition of the Regulatory Duty has been communicated to be reduction of imports and raising of additional revenues for the Government exchequer. However, the relevant authorities have failed to incorporate lessons from previous such measures. In practicality,such policies only encourage under-invoicing, smuggling and other illegal practices and the net result is actual reduction of revenue collection, a complete failure in achieving the desired objectives.
  4. Electronics and Home Appliances products such as Refrigerators, Air conditioners and Televisions are not classified as “luxury” items globally.Our products are classified as “Consumer Durables”, a necessity in context to modern lifestyle – urban or rural. This is evident from the fact that our products are sold throughout Pakistan, from up-market urban high-streetsfor the elites to the small towns & villages catering to the masses.Hence,inclusion of these products in the list of“luxury items” is incorrect and erroneous.
  5. Finally, we are the importers of parts, components and materials required by our factories to manufacture these goods in Pakistan. These factories generate huge amounts of taxes for the government and provide large scale employment to the people of our country. Imposing Regulatory Duty on components, parts and materials is in absolute negation to the industrial policy of our country, as such measures shall make local production unviable.

In light of the above, we strongly urge the Federal Government to withdraw with immediate effect the Regulatory Duty imposed on parts, components and materials of our products required by our industries.

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Government Promised to Release Pending Fertilizer Subsidy

Government Promised to Release Pending Fertilizer Subsidy

Sumera Saeed | October 4, 2017 | category: Business

Government Promised to Release Pending Fertilizer Subsidy. Finally the government has responded to the woes of the fertilizer industry on account of subsidy payments. Executive Director of Fertilizers Manufacturers of Pakistan Advisory Council (FMPAC) – Brigadier Sher Shah called on the newly appointed Federal Secretary of the Ministry of National Food Security & Research (MNFSR) – Mr. Fazal Abbas Maken and briefed him on the protracted delays in payments.

The secretary was apprised of the issues related to subsidy payments causing cash flow challenges to the industry. During the meeting , the Federal Secretary acknowledged that Government’s commitment to the industry has to be fulfilled and  assured the fertilizer industry of facilitating in future payments and also sorting out the huge pending claims at the earliest. He promised that the government will release the available funds to the tune of 9 billion Rupees, within a week, which will redress the cash flow problems faced on account of significant delays in disbursement of the subsidy.

For the remaining amounts of pending subsidy claims, the MNFSR is conducting a third-party validation , which reflects the government’s serious commitment and efforts to resolve the subsidy crisis which has been creating serious financial challenges for the fertilizer industry.

The stakeholders of the fertilizer industry are optimistic that this concrete effort by the new Federal Secretary of the MNFSR will prove to be a significant step, which will bring an end to the financial hardships faced by the fertilizer industry due to delays in the subsidy payments.

This also shows the Governments seriousness in accelerating the growth of the agricultural sector by reducing the cost of soil-nutrition. This subsidy on urea promises many economic benefits, by extending the much-needed financial support and relief for the revival of the fertilizer industry – which is the biggest revenue-contributor to the national exchequer. Earlier Secretary to Prime minister Mr Fawad Hassan Fawad had chaired a meeting on 24 July to resolve the crisis, however, the direction of PM office has yet to come to effect. While Ministry of Finance has issued the requisite notification for subsidy in 2017/18, the funds are still to be released.

Over the past couple of years, the government has granted a subsidy on fertilizers. The urea manufacturers had agreed to participate as an intermediary and facilitator for delivering this valuable incentive to the common farmer. Now, as that the fertilizer companies have sold large volumes of fertilizers at discounted prices, the government must expedite the overdue payments by simplifying the validation process of the subsidy claims.

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Famous Karachi’s Park to Get Free Wi-Fi

Sumera Saeed | July 20, 2017 | category: News

There is good news for the people of Karachi. The famous Karachi’s park is to get free Wi-Fi. Yes, the Benazir Bhutto Park in Karachi will be facilitated with the new technology.

Karachi’s Benazir Bhutto Park (the park named after the former prime minister of Pakistan, Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto) is likely get Free Wi-Fi hotspots in order to facilitate its visitors. For the project of Free Wi-Fi in Benazir Bhutto Park, the provincial government has allocated Rs50 million in its 2017-18 budget.

The Special Assistant to Chief Minister Sindh has announced the installation of Free Wi-Fi hotspots in Benazir Bhutto Park Karachi, during a meeting on Tuesday.

As a part of first phase of providing the citizen with latest technology free of cost, the Free Wi-Fi service will be available soon for the visitors of Benazir Bhutto Park. In the next phase other parts of Karachi will facilitate with the latest technology.



No Concrete Measures for Job Creation in Budget: APBF

Sumera Saeed | June 5, 2017 | category: Jobs

All Pakistan Business Forum president Ibrahim Qureshi has said that Pakistan needs 2.5 million jobs annually but the government has taken concrete measures neither in federal nor in Punjab budgets for job creations for the unemployed youth.

Commenting on the 2017-18 federal and Punjab budgets, he termed it a bubble budget, apparently feeling good but does not contain substance.

He condemned the economic manager’s calculator approach in finalizing the budget, which focused more on revenue collection and less on the fulfillment of its major objective of giving a long-term direction to the economy. This budget shows the failure of the Federal Board of Revenue as the reduction of taxpayers in active taxpayers list clearly indicates the failure of the govt, he added.

Terming the federal budget as a number game with no incentives for industry and more privileges for few sectors, he said that government is non-serious to explore new venues for revenue generation and no efforts had been taken to plug revenue leakages amounting in billions. He criticized the Federal Board of Revenue for failing in broadening of tax base. The government instead of generating revenue from direct taxes showed its intention to collect revenue through withholding tax. Moreover, the government after increasing the tax rate for non-filers had admitted its failure to implement the concept of filer and non-filer introduced in the last budget.

He also opposed the Punjab government for slapping duty on internet services. He said internet had now become a necessity for every sector of the economy, whether its agriculture, healthcare, education or SMEs. He said that small size businesses have also a monthly bill of more than Rs1,500. Making broadband expensive will have a very negative impact on the overall economy, as taxing broadband is like raising petrol prices, which affects every sector of the economy, he added. Ibrahim Qureshi said that like the previous governments, this one too has refrained from bringing big fishes into the tax net or even taking measures to prevent major tax evasions. The government attempted to squeeze the neck of old taxpayers instead of taking efforts to bring new taxpayers into tax net.

He blasted the authorities for not keeping its focus on resolving the energy crisis and allocating sufficient funds for the construction of big reservoirs including Kalabagh Dam in budget. He said that policymakers would have to address the concerns of the public since they suffer the most as a result of the power crisis. Ibrahim Qureshi questioned the claims of the government regarding reduction in unemployment, improvement in per capita income and improved energy situation.

The government is opening up the Pakistan economy to imports. While lower duty on raw materials and inputs is needed, but duty free imports of machinery will result in huge spending of scarce foreign exchange and jobs creations abroad, and no jobs for Pakistanis.

Ibrahim Qureshi regretted that no corrective action has been announced in the budget to increase direct taxation and more emphasis has been laid on indirect taxation.


Budget 2017-18 Will Be Presented On 26th May

Sumera Saeed | May 25, 2017 | category: News

The Budget 2017-18 will be presented tomorrow on 26th May in National Assembly. The Finance Minister Ishaq Dar will make budget speech and present the budget documents before the Senate on 26th May.

The government has almost finalised the draft of the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for 2017-18 and Economic Survey 2016-17.

The government is to increase the salary and pension of government employees but the increase rate in not finalized yet.

In the National Assembly and Senate sessions on 24th to 26th May respectively, the federal budget 2017-18 will be presented and meeting will be attended by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and President Mamnoon Hussain.

In the budget 2017-18 no major relief is anticipated unless the prime minister chooses to interfere. On the other hand, the prime minister will summon a special meeting on the budget after his return from Saudi Arabia.


ICAP Facilitated the Talented Students towards Bright Future

Sumera Saeed | May 24, 2017 | category: Jobs

The institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan participated in the leading Education Expo in all major cities of Pakistan. The ICAP stalls attracted thousands of visitors, including people from various walks of life particularly students and counselors. A number of parents also accompanied their children in the expo at ICAP stall at each station to explore the best available learning opportunities for them.

Chief Minister Sindh, Syed Murad Ali Shah visited the ICAP stall and applauded the contributions made by the Institute and chartered accountants to strengthen  the economic development of country and are leading the corporate sector towards success. The minster was briefed that around 25% to 30% of ICAP professionals are spread across the globe and are in high demand due to their professional competence, integrity and drive for professional excellence. He urged the Institute being leading accountancy body of Pakistan help Government of Sindh in attaining the glory of the province within shortest possible time.

It is worth mentioning here that besides giving updated information about the CA stream, fee structure, exemptions and scholarship opportunities etc. a number of students have informed about unique characteristics of CA Pakistan such as global mobility, leadership roles etc. that’s helps in removing uncertainties and doubts and helps the students in decision making.

Executive Director ICAP, Mr. Razi Khan stated while addressing to the media on the ICAP stall that the understanding of strengths and weaknesses of an individual can be of tremendous value for their life and making career choices. The awareness for students is invaluable because it will help them to focus on the important things in an optimal way for the successful life. He also informed the students about the career prospects of the Chartered Accountancy profession, its numerous benefits and scholarship scheme as it is one of the most sought-after professional qualifications of the world for talented youth having interest in accountancy, finance and business.

He further stated that credibility of ICAP and its members have been a hallmark worldwide due to high professionalism and quality of work. The profession of Chartered Accountancy is open for all who have the courage to take on challenges, aim to seek in depth knowledge and have a desire for achieving excellence. The education expo provided an excellent platform to students for sharing knowledge and, learning from the experiences of the faculty member of different universities. 


10th TeleCON 2017 forum chaired by the Minister of Telecom

Sumera Saeed | May 18, 2017 | category: Mobile Phones

Global Telecom & IT giants are undertaking major ventures in Pakistan – Anusha Rahman

The Minister of State for Information Technology & Telecommunications – Honorable Ms. Anusha Rahman Khan inaugurated the 10th Pakistan Telecommunication and ICT Conference (TeleCON 2017) as the Chief Guest. This annual forum was held by SHAMROCK Conferences International (www.shamrockconferences.net) at the Ramada Hotel in Islamabad, with the theme: “Pakistan in the wake of Revolutionary Technologies and Solutions”. The Keynote address was delivered by the Chairman of Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) – Syed Ismail Shah.

Addressing the large number of enthusiastic delegates at the forum, the Minister of IT and Telecom stated that:

“It is delightful to see that global Telecom & IT giants are undertaking major ventures in Pakistan, while our country’s start-up enterprises are winning great accolades at global technology forums, with the support of incubators and incentives from the government”.

She further stated that:

“The Next-generation 3G and 4G telecom technologies are already empowering all consumer segments and industries, as we benefit from revolutionary concepts like; ‘Mobile” commerce, E-Governance, Smart-Cities, Mobile-banking, Cloud-Computing, ‘Smart’ Healthcare & Education and much more. The government is now seeking the earliest possible deployment of 5G technology in Pakistan. With the successful orchestration of this 10th annual TeleCON Forum, SHAMROCK has made great contributions in the advancement of this important industry in Pakistan.”

Syed Ismail Shah, Chairman of PTA said:

“A social and industrial revolution has taken place in our country with the deployment of fascinating new technologies. It is now the primary responsibility of the regulators and experts of telecom and IT industries, to focus on the future, enabling swift and secured consumption of massive volumes of data, whereby we can greatly enhance national productivity to accelerate progress and economic prosperity”.

Other distinguished Chairpersons and speakers included; The Chief Executive Officer of PTCL – Daniel Ritz, CEO of ICT R&D Fund – Mr. Yusuf Hussain, the CEO of IBM Cloud – Nadeem A. Malik, the CEO of Bluetech Consulting – Kashif Jadoon, Mr. Pervez Iftikhar, Ex CEO USF, the Head of Conferences at SHAMROCK – Mr. Usman Janjua and others. These learned speakers discussed critical topics like; Expansion of outreach, Fibre-Optics, rural-area connectivity, broadband, wireless-access, connectivity and Cyber-security.

An insightful panel discussion on ‘Revolutionary Technologies’ included experts like: the Chief Commercial Officer of PTCL – Adnan Shahid, the CEO of COMSATS – Jamshed Masood and Mr. Naveed Khalid Butt, Chief Corporate & Regulatory Affairs Ufone. Numerous other experts professionals and stakeholders attended this forum, sponsored by Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd. (PTCL) and Wateen Telecom, while being supported by PTA, relevant ministries and the leading enterprises of this robust industry.

TeleCON is a prestigious assembly of the; industry specialists, regulators, technologists, speakers, visionaries, experts, academia, emerging media and investors from national and global enterprises and institutions. The key topics of discussion included: challenges & opportunities, fresh ideas for enhancing Foreign-Direct Investments, regulations to control cybercrime, Data Security & safer exchange of information.


APBF protest against return of massive power outages

Sumera Saeed | May 9, 2017 | category: News

(APBF May 09th, 2017) – LAHORE – All Pakistan Business Forum President Ibrahim Qureshi has strongly protested against the return of massive power outages, which was crippling business activities across the country.

After rise in temperature the demand and supply gap has touched almost 6,500MW mainly due to the closure of old power plants at Guddu. In the same way, some units of Hubco and Nandipur were also closed, while power plants at the newly-inducted Bhikki and Haveli Bahadur Shah are still out of the system despite commitments of the government.

He called upon the government to resolve the matter, as the SMEs, which are not connected to industrial feeders, were presently facing up to 8-hour loadshedding while industrial feeders were also facing tripping issues in power supply. Like several other commitments, the government has failed to meet its promise of mitigating load shedding in commercial hubs and zero-loadshedding on industrial feeders, he added.

He stated that there was a huge gap between demand and supply of power. The ongoing power projects in the country would take some time for their commercial operation. Therefore, there was a dire need to take emergency steps in this regard, he suggested.

APBF president proposed that all available options should be utilized, such as restoring idle power projects and encouraging the industrial sector to operationalise their available captive power capacity to mitigate power shortages in the country.

Ibrahim Qureshi suggested that generating power through solar system should also be examined as such projects can be made operational in few months.

Ibrahim Qureshi said that the electricity load shedding has once again kicked up gear, reaching to around 8 to 10 hours in the provincial capital, as total power generation has declined mainly due to mismanagement of the government.

He said billions of rupees have been spent on Nandipur power plant just to accelerate the work on this project but unfortunately it didn’t happen mainly due to of lack of monitoring and inefficiency of the government. The APBF president said that WAPDA has an army of workforce but when it comes to the implementation of important projects, its efficiency is zero, as it failed to play the role of a good monitor.

He urged the government to evolve a new strategy to exploit hydel resources in shortest possible time. “The government claimed to end power outages for industrial sector but constant increase in energy demand continues to hit the businesses. Pakistan is one of those countries where water scarcity is intensifying with every passing day,” he added.

The APBF president lamented that annually, 35 million-acre feet water was being wasted in the sea despite the fact that this water could be used for irrigation and generation of cheap hydel power. Keeping in view the ongoing scenario, he said large dams were necessary, not only for storage of surface water, which is major component for agriculture, but also for generation of hydroelectricity, which is the cheapest and cleanest form of energy.

Government to announce Hajj Policy 2017 Tomorrow

Government to announce Hajj Policy 2017 Tomorrow

Sumera Saeed | April 11, 2017 | category: News

Government to announce Hajj Policy 2017 Tomorrow

Government is all set to approve the Hajj policy 2017 tomorrow in the meeting of federal cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

The amendment in the employment policy will be made in order to ensure merit-based fresh recruitment and lifting of ban on gas connections, said sources. Its been reported that no quota has been fixed for Prime Minister and parliament members in the Hajj Policy 2017.

After the approval of Hajj Policy 2017 by the cabinet division the process of countrywide Hajj application submission will begin from 17th or 18th April and will continue till 28th April.

Total 1,072,00 pilgrims will perform Hajj for the first time under government scheme whereas 71000 under private scheme.

You can Download the Government Hajj Scheme 2017 Application Form by clicking here. The Fee for the Government Hajj scheme 2017 for Punjab, KPK and Azad Jammu Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan is Rs. 270,941 while for Sindh  and Baluchistan the Hajj 2017 fee is Rs.261,941.

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Pak-India Indus Water Treaty Talks APBF asks govt to oppose Indian dams in held Kashmir

Pak-India Indus Water Treaty Talks APBF asks govt to oppose Indian dams in held Kashmir

Sumera Saeed | March 18, 2017 | category: News

Pak-India Indus Water Treaty Talks APBF asks govt to oppose Indian dams in held Kashmir

The As the India has accepted Pakistan invitation to attend Indus Water Treaty dispute talks in Lahore, the All Pakistan Business Forum has asked the government to warn the Indian Commissioner of its fast-tracked hydropower projects worth $15 billion in Occupied Kashmir, disrupting water supplies to Pakistan.

It is good that the Indian Commissioner of the Permanent Indus Commission has accepted his Pakistani counterpart’s invitation for talks on the Indus Waters Treaty scheduled to be held in Pakistan. And it is the time for Pakistan to raise the issue of dams’ construction by the Indian government, depriving Pakistan of its due share of water, observed APBF Presidnet Ibrahim Qureshi.

It seems that finally India has realized the importance of this mechanism under the Indus Waters Treaty for resolving water disputes related to the Indus water and its tributaries.

He said that six hydro projects in held Kashmir either cleared viability tests or the more advanced environment and forest expert approvals in the last few months. Together these projects on the Chenab River, would triple hydropower generation in Occupied Kashmir from the current level of 3,000 MW.

The Permanent Indus Commission is a bipartisan body entrusted with everyday implementation of the World Bank-brokered Indus Waters Treaty that was signed in 1960.

The Commission, which is mandated to meet at least once every year, alternately in India and Pakistan, comprises Indus Commissioners from both sides and discusses technical matters related to the implementation of the Treaty. It has met 112 times since 1960.

Ibrahim Qureshi said that the upcoming meeting on the treaty should raise concern over the Kishenganga of 330 MW and Ratle of 850 MW hydroelectric power plants, being built by India on the Kishenganga and Chenab rivers, respectively.

Ibrahim Qureshi said that this is an opportunity for the two countries to begin to resolve the issue in an amicable manner and in line with the spirit of the Treaty rather than pursuing concurrent processes that could make the treaty unworkable.

He said that India has fast-tracked hydropower projects of around $15 billion in Occupied Kashmir, ignoring warnings from Islamabad that power stations on rivers, flowing into Pakistan, will disrupt water supply.

Ibrahim Qureshi urged Pakistan to oppose these projects, as they violate the World Bank treaty on the sharing of the Indus River and its tributaries upon which 80 percent of Pakistan irrigated agriculture depends.

Ibrahim Qureshi said that Pakistan’s water supply is also dwindling because of climate change, outdated farming techniques and an exploding population. He said New Delhi could use these projects as a way to control Pakistan’s supplies from the Indus, seen as its jugular vein.

The cumulative effect of these projects could give India the ability to store enough water to limit the supply to Pakistan at crucial moments in the growing season, he said.

APBF president said that environmental groups have also questioned whether the Indian government has followed proper procedures in fast-tracking projects located in a highly seismic area.

The projects that have won technical approvals in recently are Sawalkote, Kwar, Pakal Dul, Bursar and Kirthai I and II.

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Government Has Launched Rs. 40,000 Bonds with the Prize Money of Rs. 80 Million

Government Has Launched Rs. 40,000 Bonds with the Prize Money of Rs. 80 Million

Sumera Saeed | March 11, 2017 | category: News

Government Has Launched Rs. 40,000 Bonds with the Prize Money of Rs. 80 Million

The Government of Pakistan has introduced the Premium Prize Bond of Rs 40,000 with the Prize Money of Rs. 80 Million. It is the Pakistan’s first ever registered Premium Prize Bond introduced by the Finance Minister Ishaq Dar in ceremony in Islamabad.

Previously there were unregistered bonds of Rs25,000 and Rs40,000 were obtainable in the market.

Finance Minister said that going on the way of progress speedily and this is the first ever register premium bond of Rs.40,000 with the prize money of  Rs.80 million . The profit on the bond will be delivered to the bond holders after the six months.

He added that everyone including public and private companies can purchase the bond except banks and the buyers will receive printed receipt. Moreover there was no limit and period of the investment.

The prize bond money will automatically be transferred to the winners’ account and his/her name will not be published in the newspaper.

The one hundred thousand rupees bond will also be introduced soon.

Government Has Launched Rs. 40,000 Bonds with the Prize Money of Rs. 80 Million

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APBF for reducing tax ratio to keep fuel prices stable

APBF for reducing tax ratio to keep fuel prices stable

Sumera Saeed | March 3, 2017 | category: News

APBF for reducing tax ratio to keep fuel prices stable

The All Pakistan Business Forum (APBF) has criticized the government for increasing fuel prices and termed it bad news for the country’s economy, as two weeks after the rate hike, the government on March 1 increased fuel prices once again. Hence, this is fourth consecutive hike in petroleum prices leading to increasing cost of production ultimately.APBF President Ibrahim Qureshi said though the prices of oil in global market is going up yet the authorities can keep the rates stable by reducing tax ratio which is highest in the region.

In the past, the government did not pass on the full benefit of declining oil prices to the public by imposing heavy taxes. It is the time to relax the duties and absorb the burden of soaring petroleum prices in international market by keeping the prices stable. In the past government used to cut POL rates after a period of one month when prices were declining in global market but at the time of rising oil prices government is quickly responding and shifting the burden of oil price increase within 15 days.

The price of petrol was increased from Rs71.29 to Rs73, whereas high speed diesel is now costing Rs82 after an increase of Rs1.52 per litre.

Ibrahim Qureshi, terming it a bad news for the country’s economy which was already facing a number of challenges, said that the increase would put extra burden on the consumers. He said the rates for kerosene oil and light diesel oil were also increased from Rs43.25 to Rs44, and light diesel oil from Rs43.34 to Rs44 respectively.

He said that APBF had always been calling on the concerned government circles to take measures for the promotion of alternate fuels as trade deficit was fast widening due to heavy imports under the head of petroleum products. He said that rise in PoL prices is bound to give a further blow to the industry.

However, the APBF president appreciated Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for announcing Rs180 billion package for the revival of export-oriented industries, which should be implemented without any further delay along with stability in fuel prices as well as all energy inputs.

The APBF is seriously concerned about the decline in exports and an increase in the trade deficit mainly due to increasing cost of doing business which has impacted export sector viability.

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All Pakistan Business Forum' condemns conspiracies against CPEC

All Pakistan Business Forum’ condemns conspiracies against CPEC

Sumera Saeed | March 1, 2017 | category: Business

All Pakistan Business Forum’ condemns conspiracies against CPEC

The All Pakistan Business Forum (APBF) has expressed its concerns regarding the conspiracies being observed against the ‘China-Pakistan Economic Corridor’ (CPEC) – a transnational project, promising an investment of over $50 billion. The recent rise in terror-attacks in Pakistan, may threaten the timely completion of the revolutionary CPEC project, or sabotage infrastructural development and faster economic progress in Pakistan.

The All Pakistan Business Forum’ (APBF) is a vibrant association business-leaders and entrepreneurs that promotes and protects the interests of the business community and industries in Pakistan. Hence, the Forum has condemned these conspiracies – apparently brewed by countries like India that have economic and political rivalries against Pakistan. These traditional rivals could even be promoting extremism, violence and cross-border terrorism in Pakistan.

The President of APBF – Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi stated that;

“The government authorities and ‘Law-Enforcement Agencies’ of Pakistan must remain vigilant for protection against the threats that may sabotage the CPEC. This way, maximum advantage of the CPEC can be taken, to revolutionize the trading, transportation and industrial infrastructure. APBF is committed to extend all available resources and capabilities, to engage prolific organizations and entrepreneurs in the region, for creating robust links, new opportunities and mutual benefits for Pakistan and China.”

With such huge foreign investment coming into Pakistan country, it is essential to beef-up security for enabling robust growth in trade and commerce. The CPEC will also create fresh opportunities to build new industrial sites in deprived and remote areas, connected to this vast network of roads and railways. It also includes energy-projects worth over 34 billion Dollars, to add abundant power-supply to the national grid and resolve the energy-crisis in Pakistan.

Over the years, the APBF has also been advising the government on; policy formulation, regulatory realignments, economic reforms and implementation.

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APBF calls for promoting FDI

APBF calls for promoting FDI

Sumera Saeed | February 1, 2017 | category: Business

APBF calls for promoting FDI

The All Pakistan Business Forum has urged the government to promote foreign direct investment (FDI) which has been maintaining a steady decline from a $5.2 billion peak in 2007-08 despite the government spending on overseas trade offices have been increased to Rs1.7 billion in 2016-17.

APBF president Ibrahim Qureshi said that only political will and drastic steps can revive the economy, which should be grown significantly and constantly for visible impact. He advocated the need for raising the country’s tax base so that tax-to-GDP ratio improves from current 9%.

Foreign direct investment fell by 45 percent to $460 million in the first five months of the current fiscal year, giving a disappointing picture of the economy.

However, it is good that the investment has shown a sign of improvement during first six months (Jul-Dec) after a long time as inflows improved 10 percent to cross the $1 billion mark. During the period, overall investment increased by 50 percent to $1.8 billion but this increase was achieved by involving the money borrowed through the Eurobond.

Quoting the State Bank of Pakistan data, he said that FDI has been declining for the last three years despite regular investments from China.

He said that the primary function of trade offices is to promote exports that have persistently been falling for a long time. Country’s exports during 2015-16 dropped by 12 percent to $20.8 billion despite the fact that government expenses to run foreign trade offices have jumped by over 30 percent.

Besides governance challenges, adverse security perception and political instability the foreign trade offices role is also vital to promote exports and attract FDI, he pointed out.

Ibrahim Qureshi urged the trade officers to explore opportunities to diversify exports of goods and services in their respective areas.

He appreciated the commerce ministry’s resolve to meet the challenges faced by Pakistan in European markets vigorously, suggesting it to devise strategies to promote Pakistani products. He called upon trade officers to take advantage of opportunities offered by China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and growth in Pakistan’s national economy made possible by strengthening of democratic institutions and improvement of security situation in Pakistan.

FDI improvement in Dec 2016 reflects the improvement in security situation, implying that investors had started coming back to Pakistan. Moreover, country’s liberal policies of investment offered one of the most attractive investment regimes in the region.

APBF president said that Pakistan’s trade with European Union has increased substantively after the grant of GSP+ status to Pakistan.

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Whatsapp Messages are Not Secure

Whatsapp Messages are Not Secure

Sumera Saeed | January 15, 2017 | category: Mobile Phones

Whatsapp Messages are Not Secure

The company has claimed that they are offering end-to-end encryption services to their clients and not even their staff can interrupt into the customers’ messages but in fact there is a loophole. The messages on Whatsapp are not at all secure.

WhatsApp is an extremely popular mobile messaging service with over 1 billion daily users, has a loophole and could permit Facebook and others to interrupt and read your messages.

The flaw was found by a researcher Tobias Boelter, cryptography and security, at the University of California, Berkeley, the company claimed that not even staff members could read the customers’ Whatsapp messages but due to the implementation of its end-to-end encryption Facebook or others could read your messages.

They named it as a “huge threat to freedom of speech” and there is liability that government agencies as a backdoor to keep an eye on users who believe their Whatsapp messages to be secure.

Whatsapp has always claimed that it’s the best and top secured messaging and was used by majority of activists, diplomats as it is most secure platform.

But WhatsApp has the knack to power the new encryption keys to be made for offline users. It can also force the sender to re-encrypt messages with new keys and send them again for any messages that have not been manifest as delivered, without the sender being aware.

This re-encryption and rebroadcasting efficiently permits WhatsApp to interrupt and read users’ messages.

On the other hand in response to the reports WhatsApp said that it does not give governments a ‘backdoor’ into its systems and would contest any government demand to make a backdoor.

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Government vs. Private Online Job Portals in Pakistan

Government vs. Private Online Job Portals in Pakistan

Guest Post | January 12, 2017 | category: Jobs

Government vs. Private Online Job Portals in Pakistan

Who can deny the importance of money as one of the basic necessity of life??? People work day and night to earn in order to fulfil their needs. The advent of civilization has broadened the horizons for people to work in different fields. Both public and private sector contribute to job market everywhere. Yet, the jobs only cannot provide all the population with work opportunities.

The unemployment rate in Pakistan is 5.8% according to a latest report issued by World Bank. This statistics is the number of workers from the total eligible, economically active population. This percentage indicates that around 5.3 million people are unemployed and looking for work in different fields. Around 17.8 % of the total population has access to internet services. Although that doesn’t constitute the majority of the population, yet the people making use of this facility is not nominal either.

Government Job Portals

Almost all the government organizations in Pakistan have a separate portal to announce the available vacancies in their respective organization. A few years ago, they used to post their jobs only in newspapers; but now they are making use of digital technology as well. Government departments of Pakistan that post their jobs through online portals include the central and provincial ministries, national civil services, armed forces, national industries and so on.

Pakistan.gov.pk is the largest online portal that holds information about almost all the government departments, ministries and institutions.

Private Job Portals

Private sector has witnessed boom in the recent years and so has the job market in private region. The virtual world of internet has specifically enabled skilled and knowledgeable youth of Pakistan to set up their own enterprises, hence multiplying jobs for those who have related skill and craftsmanship.

The biggest and most widely used job search engines in Pakistan are from the private sector. These online portals have satiated the need of users looking for information on available vacancies online. There are plenty of online private job portals but the prominent ones include websites like http://rightjobs.pk, rightjobs.pk, rozee.pk, mustakbil.com, roziroti.pk, byrozgar.com and many more. These websites occupy the major market share of job applicants looking for job in Pakistan.

Most of these websites rely on the vacancies published by both public and private sector in the leading newspapers as well as the official websites. The private companies and firms looking for suitable and competent candidates also use these platforms directly.

Comparison of Public and Private Sector Online Job Portals

Design and layout

Both government and private sector have the same audience to cater, yet there is an apparent difference when it comes to the web layout of the two. The government bodies’ websites usually seem monotonous and drab. This owes to the strict content and absence of all sorts of ads and such spam content.

On the contrary, the private online job search engines are usually loaded with all sorts of ads and click baits that tend to add colour to the overall layout. Because of the intense competition, private job portals keep improving the design and layout of their websites to make it look more appealing.

Navigation and Search Tools

The government sector websites are managed and run by IT departments of the respective organization. The portals are strictly used for informative purposes with no suggestions or regular updates. On the other hand, private websites are aware of the fact that if they do not upgrade and improve continuously they will fall behind in competition.

Types of Jobs

The government portals in Pakistan only display jobs available in their institutions, whereas the private online job portals flaunt almost all sorts of jobs available from all walks of life. They include vacancies in government organizations, private firms, and personal entrepreneurs. Thus catering to a far larger number of users and serving both ends successfully. Even people looking for personal assistants and aides also advertise on private portals.

Success Rate

The government sector has its own shortcomings when it comes to management and administration. The candidates applying for vacancies in government organizations usually have to wait for a long time or resort to personal contacts. Most people complain about never succeeding at securing a job when applying through government portals.

The private online job portals in Pakistan usually interact directly with many employers and the number of applicants succeeding in getting jobs through these is far higher than government portals. This also owes to the higher number of jobs and variety available on private online job portals. No wonder these websites witness such massive audiences and subscribers. People tend to take word of mouth of a successful candidate, as it is generally a norm in society. This fact also contributes to substantial increase in traffic on online job portals in private sector.

User Friendly

Most of the government websites of Pakistan have rigid design whereas private websites are usually flexible. They are user friendly as their aim is to attract as many users as possible. The websites have extensive search tools that serve the users to look for precise job in a few simple steps. The government websites usually lack information on how to and manifest the purpose of the employer only.

Applicant Database

All job portals, whether private or government, build up a database where all the information of applicants is stored. While there has been no complaint of unauthorized use of this database information by the government departments, some people have filed complaints of private job portals selling their data to advertiser.

CV Builder

An inspiring CV that holds appropriate information about the candidate is the first impression on the employer and paves way for further scrutiny and short listing. Almost all the private online job search websites come with their own tools for the applicants to generate their CV right there on the domain. However, no such facility is available on the government counterpart; most government job portals of Pakistan rely on manual input on the data by the applicant.


The government sector jobs often advertised, cater the educated class only. The menial jobs are usually not advertised on the official government websites. This restricts the number of applicants and the type of people referring to these website in search of work.

The diversity of vacancies displayed on private online job portals is immense. Jobs ranging from the highest order like CEOs and general managers to the labourers can be found on all these links easily. Even many companies and organizations use these portals to sort out from a varied range of applicants. Most of these websites are referred by the successful applicants to friends and acquaintances.

Internet has opened new doors of opportunities for everyone everywhere. Online search engines have tremendous impact on the job market and promoted healthy competition. Both, private and government, job websites of Pakistan are working hand in hand to help overcome the menace of unemployment in our country.

Guest Post by Qurat-ul-Ain

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Alas! Ainak Wala Jinn’s Bil Batori starts Begging in streets of Lahore

Alas! Ainak Wala Jinn’s Bil Batori starts Begging in streets of Lahore

Sumera Saeed | January 6, 2017 | category: News

Alas! Ainak Wala Jinn’s Bil Batori starts Begging in streets of Lahore

The 90s favorite TV show of children Ainak Wala Jin’s star cast Bil Batori starts begging in the streets of Lahore. Bil Batori, aka Nusrat Ara, who is in deteriorating health condition, has not to live upon and decide to beg in the streets of Lahore.

Bil Batori, recently suffering from paralysis attack that affected her left leg, was rushed to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Lahore. But doctors do not pay special attention towards her illness and after just a prescription discharged her.

Bil Batori was looking for medical aid on the steps of the hospital but no one cared to help.

Bil Batori, Nusrat Ara,played a tremendous role in the cult TV show Ainak Wala Jinn but after the end of the show she left unemployed. She hoped to get further acting chance but failed and had no other way but poverty.

Now Nusrat  Ara is still struggling and got a number of illness. Our government has failed to take care of such honorable stars of the country, who are now forced to live miserable life.

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