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Latest Mehndi Designs For Eid 2018: Hands and Feet

Latest Mehndi Designs For Eid 2018: Hands and Feet

Sumera Saeed | category: Fashion

Latest Mehndi Designs For Eid 2018: Hands and Feet. Not only women but kids are also crazy about to applu mehndi on Eid. No doubt Eid is a very special festival for the Muslims; they celebrate it with a great zeal and enthusiasm. Eid-ul-Fitr 2018 is all set to be celebrated in next week in Pakistan and other countries across the world on the first of Shawwal after the completion of Ramadan.

Girls took best dresses, jewelry, bangles, sandals and without mehndi their Eid is totally incomplete.  On Chand Raat the females wake up all night and visit the markets for applying the latest mehndi designs to their hands. Not only females but kids and young girls also very enthusiastic related to mehndi and without mehndi their Eid is totally incomplete.

Mostly girls visit markets to apply mehndi which is too expensive now days. So girls don’t worry now you can find about the latest ideas about mehndi designs for Eid-u;-Fitr 2018 here at daytimes.pk. Here we have selected a large variety of latest mehndi designs for Eid-ul-Fitr 2018. So if you have a craze to apply mehndi and think your Eid is totally incomplete without it. As the girls are conscious about the latest fashion trends regarding clothing, jewllery, and shoes in the same way they also look for the latest mehndi designs for Eid.

The latest mehndi designs for hands and feet are very much popular now a days. The below posted latest mehndi designs are for the girls of all ages whether the like simple or fully covered hands with mehndi. These latest mehndi designs comprise full hands, tikkkes, fingers and on arms designs so you can choose according to your choice.

Have a look at the Latest Mehndi Designs For Eid 2018: Hands and Feet below:

Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-1 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-3 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-4 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-5 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-7 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-8 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-10  Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-14 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-15 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-16Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-9 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-20 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-21 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-22 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-25 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-26 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-27 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-28 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-29 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-30 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-31 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-32 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-24

Tikkes Designs:

Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-6 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-2 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-33

Feet Designs:

Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-17 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-18 Latest-Mehndi-Designs-For-Eid-2018-Daytimes-19


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Homemade Hand and Foot whitening Lotion For Winter

Homemade Hand and Foot whitening Lotion For Winter

Sumera Saeed | category: Beauty Tips

Homemade Hand and Foot whitening Lotion For Winter

In winter our skin become dry and lackluster and it needs special care, for having soft and supple skin we keep practicing lots of tips and tricks but not every tip works as we desire. There are a number of beauty products available in the market that offer desired results but are bit expensive, not everyone can afford them to have white skin complexion.

We use a number of beauty products to make our face whiten and glowing but forget to take care of our hands and feet. There are lots of hand and foot whitening creams in the market some of them too expensive do offer results but some of them do not offer desire result as the companies show in their TVC.

Therefore it is best to make homemade hand and foot whitening lotion, which is not only cost effective but also offer remarkable results. The long terms use of homemade hand and foot whitening lotion will definitely everlasting results. The best thing about homemade whitening lotion is that it’s chemical free and most of the ingredients are available in your own kitchen.

So for them who really want to take care of their hands and feet and desire to whiten them by using homemade product, you are at a right place. Here you will find out about the complete method of homemade hand and foot whitening lotion.

Ingredients for homemade hand and foot whitening lotion:

  • Liquid Paraffin half cup
  • Almond oil 4 tablespoon
  • Olive Oil 4 tablespoon
  • Jasmine Oil 4 tablespoon
  • Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (derived From Vitamin C) 10% 5ml
  • Glycolic  Acid 5 % 5ml


Mix all the above mentioned ingredients well by beating with the help of spoon or beater. When you see the creamy texture stop beating and store the lotion in the Jar. Apply daily at night because when we go to sleep our skin undergoes the recovery process. While sleeping blood circulation increases and hormones released, if we apply the cream and lotion at night they absorb properly in the skin and works better in getting whiten skin. The above mentioned homemade hand and foot whitening lotion is suitable for both men and women.

For further home remedies, tips and tricks stay tuned with daytimes.pk