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WhatsApp May Launch iPad App

WhatsApp May Launch iPad App

Shahid | category: Mobile Phones

WhatsApp May Launch iPad App. WhastsApp is to launch a new app for iPad users. The Facebook-owned instant-messaging giant WhatsApp may be working to launch a new app for limited users by targeting only those having an iPad device.

The WhatsApp messaging application is accessible on a number of platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry, but the iPad or iPod users were unable to install it, because it’s a telephony app.

But It’s really great news for iPad users as references of WhatsApp for iPad are speckled on the latest version of WhatsApp Desktop, which is presently in beta for Windows 10 users.

According to a tweet from popular WhatsApp change tracking website WABetaInfo, “WhatsApp for iPad app” will be launched for iPad users. The iPad users may receive notifications regarding the WhatsApp app as if they’re using an iPhone.

But there is nothing confirmed about when the company will launch the standalone Whatsapp App for iPad users.

Recently WhatsApp has rolled out some advance features for its users like ‘Delete for Everyone’ that permits its over one billion users to withdraw their messages in case they sent those to a wrong person or group.

WhatsApp Bug Lets You to Delete Messages Even After 7 Minutes

The company has also revealed that they will soon introduce the group call feature in the latest update.

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Tips to Save Battery Life For Playing Long Session of Super Mario Run

Tips to Save Battery Life For Playing Long Session of Super Mario Run

Sumera Saeed | category: Games

Tips to Save Battery Life For Playing Long Session of Super Mario Run

If you are a fan of Super Mario Run and wants to play a longer session of the game, you can find here some tips and tricks to save phone’s battery life during playing game.

The below mentioned tips for saving battery life while playing Super Mario Run are for the users of iPhone, iPode and iPad.

The Super Mario Run is available for download for the iPhones across the world and the game is at the top of Apple’s chart, this means people are great lovers of the game and want to play the long session without losing battery life.

Now a day the iPhones are losing their battery life instantly, here are some tips that allow you to play a longer session of Super Mario Run.

The tips are as follow:

You need to open the Settings app, tap Battery and then click on Low Power Mode. Background refreshing and push notifications will be inhibited, but your battery will cheers for it.

Swipe up to disclose Control Center and decrease the screen’s vividness as much as you can. Off ramping auto-brightness can frequently aid here too – iOS doesn’t always do the best job of responsible how bright the screen needs to be on its own.

Inside Super Mario Run, tap the Menu icon, then Settings and lastly, Options. Change the Rendering Setting by tapping the High button so that it modifies to the battery-tastic option of Low.

Change the Graphics Setting, again by tapping the High button so it changes to Low.

Tips to Save Battery Life For Playing Long Session of Super Mario Run

By practicing on the above mentioned tips the users of iPhone, iPode, iPad can make the battery life long lasting and enjoy the Super Mario Run.

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