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Jobs in Higher Education, Archives and Library Department

Jobs in Higher Education, Archives and Library Department

Sumera Saeed | November 3, 2017 | category: Government Jobs in Pakistan

Jobs in Higher Education, Archives and Library Department

Job Titles:

  • Vice Chancellors

Location: Peshawar, Pakistan

Industry: Higher Education

Positions: 03

Apply Before: 25th November, 2017

Age Limit: N/A

Minimum Qualification and Experience: mentioned on the advertisement

How to Apply?

You can apply for the job of Vice Chancellors in Higher Education, Archives and Library Department by submitting your CV and academic credentials by the due date.

Phone: 091-9210337

For additional details see the advertisement below:

Jobs in Higher Education, Archives and Library Department

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Job in Karachi

Accounts Assistant Job in Karachi

Sumera Saeed | September 26, 2017 | category: Government Jobs in Pakistan

Accounts Assistant Job in Karachi

Job Titles:

  • Accounts Assistant

Location: Karachi, Pakistan

Industry: Accounting

Positions: 01

Apply Before: within 7 days

Age Limit: 20 to 25 years

Minimum Qualification and Experience: Mentioned on the Advertisement

How to Apply?

You can apply by submitting your job applications by the due date. For complete information about Accounts Assistant Job in Karachi see the advertisement below:

Job in Karachi

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No Concrete Measures for Job Creation in Budget: APBF

Sumera Saeed | June 5, 2017 | category: Jobs

All Pakistan Business Forum president Ibrahim Qureshi has said that Pakistan needs 2.5 million jobs annually but the government has taken concrete measures neither in federal nor in Punjab budgets for job creations for the unemployed youth.

Commenting on the 2017-18 federal and Punjab budgets, he termed it a bubble budget, apparently feeling good but does not contain substance.

He condemned the economic manager’s calculator approach in finalizing the budget, which focused more on revenue collection and less on the fulfillment of its major objective of giving a long-term direction to the economy. This budget shows the failure of the Federal Board of Revenue as the reduction of taxpayers in active taxpayers list clearly indicates the failure of the govt, he added.

Terming the federal budget as a number game with no incentives for industry and more privileges for few sectors, he said that government is non-serious to explore new venues for revenue generation and no efforts had been taken to plug revenue leakages amounting in billions. He criticized the Federal Board of Revenue for failing in broadening of tax base. The government instead of generating revenue from direct taxes showed its intention to collect revenue through withholding tax. Moreover, the government after increasing the tax rate for non-filers had admitted its failure to implement the concept of filer and non-filer introduced in the last budget.

He also opposed the Punjab government for slapping duty on internet services. He said internet had now become a necessity for every sector of the economy, whether its agriculture, healthcare, education or SMEs. He said that small size businesses have also a monthly bill of more than Rs1,500. Making broadband expensive will have a very negative impact on the overall economy, as taxing broadband is like raising petrol prices, which affects every sector of the economy, he added. Ibrahim Qureshi said that like the previous governments, this one too has refrained from bringing big fishes into the tax net or even taking measures to prevent major tax evasions. The government attempted to squeeze the neck of old taxpayers instead of taking efforts to bring new taxpayers into tax net.

He blasted the authorities for not keeping its focus on resolving the energy crisis and allocating sufficient funds for the construction of big reservoirs including Kalabagh Dam in budget. He said that policymakers would have to address the concerns of the public since they suffer the most as a result of the power crisis. Ibrahim Qureshi questioned the claims of the government regarding reduction in unemployment, improvement in per capita income and improved energy situation.

The government is opening up the Pakistan economy to imports. While lower duty on raw materials and inputs is needed, but duty free imports of machinery will result in huge spending of scarce foreign exchange and jobs creations abroad, and no jobs for Pakistanis.

Ibrahim Qureshi regretted that no corrective action has been announced in the budget to increase direct taxation and more emphasis has been laid on indirect taxation.

The best answer to “what is your greatest strength?” during an interview

The best answer to “what is your greatest strength?” during an interview

Guest Post | January 13, 2017 | category: Jobs

The best answer to “what is your greatest strength?” during an interview

I admit, it’s the most annoying moment when your interviewer asks you the most difficult question, “What is your greatest strength?” or “what do you think you can do best?”  There is another question that is asked during the interview that is about your weakness and what you lack as a person or what you would like to work on the most? But then again, it’s easier to present yourself as a modest and grounded person, but the difficult moment comes when you have to boost off about your strengths or what you are really good at.

Find the middle ground

If you look at it a little closer, there are two extremes that you can hit and that is the only chance for you to leave an impression on the people sitting on the other side of the table. You cannot jump into it at the moment, so, take some time and do your homework. What is it that would not sound boastful and at the same time, you have to come up with something that does not make you look as humble as to give an impression that you don’t believe in yourself. That is something you really need to work on. Nobody is going to let you handle their data or a whole wing in an office or a department if you don’t believe in yourself. So, decide what your middle ground is.

Importance of THE question

Do you really want to hit a home run at your interview? Well, there is your moment. If you understand what the answer to this question is, you can really make a difference in your interview. When you apply for any job, follow the following steps:

  1. Do a detailed research about the job and your possible employer.
  2. Understand the qualifications that are required for the job.
  3. Identify the skill you need the most to get the job done once you clear the interview.
  4. Stick to your skills and have faith in yourself and your abilities.
  5. Prepare the right way to express yourself while you clear the point in front of the interview panel.

Reviewing the jobs you apply for

When you are applying for different jobs that might fall under your qualifications, it’s not always necessary that you are going to have all the tools that are required to get the job done. By this, it is not meant that you don’t have the academic qualifications; it rather means that you might or might not have all the personality traits that are needed to tackle different tasks of that particular job.

Creating a story around your strength

You are only going to be able to convince your employer about your strength if you believe in it yourself. Therefore, it is important to create a story plot around your strength in case the interviewer asks you about your strength and how you have applied it in your life before.

Some of the strengths that you could keep in mind right from this day

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and they know about these factors the best and no one else can justify or deny it for them. Given below is a list of some strengths that you need to find in yourself and these can become a great factor to lean on during your interview

  1. Whether you a good leader and can handle situations under pressure.
  2. How good a manager are you?
  3. Whether you like to take an initiative and take up new tasks.
  4. Are you good at meeting a deadline?
  5. How determined are you?
  6. Do you like to take the task right till the end and come up with quick and steady solutions while you are at it?
  7. Are you a quick learner?
  8. How flexible are you?
  9. While tackling the little details, do you see the big picture and the end result of the whole situation?
  10. Do you know all the software required to do the job at the tip of your fingers?
  11. How good are your people skills?
  12. How good can you work in a team?
  13. Can you influence people in doing better work and bringing a change for the better?
  14. How creative are you?
  15. Are you good at coming up with new and improved strategies to take the business forward?
  16. Can you work out a conflict between the people of your team?

These points can help you figure out what you are good at and what are the skills that you can improve by working on them. If you can build a story about how you used one of these skills in getting your job done in your previous job, it will help you a lot.

What if you have no pat job experience?

It is rather easy to figure this process out if you have previously done a job at a place and have applied some of these skills in getting the work done. However, it could be possible that you are fresh graduate and haven’t had the chance to really test yourself. In this case, there is nothing to be worried about, you can start today by recalling any past experiences of a project that you did in your school or college. You could also think about all the internships or volunteer work that you have had the chance to do. If you have any of these in your plate you are good to go. All the experiences of your life tell you a little about the kind of a person you are.


So, from all the points mentioned above, it is very clear that you have a good chance of getting the job of your dreams if you work on yourself a little bit and that is also a skill in itself; how much are you willing to grow and improve. With all these points in your head you can go and nail any interview. So, keep yourself updated and go through the sites that can help you achieve your goals. Some of the websites functioning in Pakistan are http://rightjobs.pk/, rozee.pk, berozgar.com and mustakbil.com

Guest Post by Mahnoor Haroon Niazi

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Tips to Save Battery Life For Playing Long Session of Super Mario Run

Tips to Save Battery Life For Playing Long Session of Super Mario Run

Sumera Saeed | December 17, 2016 | category: Games

Tips to Save Battery Life For Playing Long Session of Super Mario Run

If you are a fan of Super Mario Run and wants to play a longer session of the game, you can find here some tips and tricks to save phone’s battery life during playing game.

The below mentioned tips for saving battery life while playing Super Mario Run are for the users of iPhone, iPode and iPad.

The Super Mario Run is available for download for the iPhones across the world and the game is at the top of Apple’s chart, this means people are great lovers of the game and want to play the long session without losing battery life.

Now a day the iPhones are losing their battery life instantly, here are some tips that allow you to play a longer session of Super Mario Run.

The tips are as follow:

You need to open the Settings app, tap Battery and then click on Low Power Mode. Background refreshing and push notifications will be inhibited, but your battery will cheers for it.

Swipe up to disclose Control Center and decrease the screen’s vividness as much as you can. Off ramping auto-brightness can frequently aid here too – iOS doesn’t always do the best job of responsible how bright the screen needs to be on its own.

Inside Super Mario Run, tap the Menu icon, then Settings and lastly, Options. Change the Rendering Setting by tapping the High button so that it modifies to the battery-tastic option of Low.

Change the Graphics Setting, again by tapping the High button so it changes to Low.

Tips to Save Battery Life For Playing Long Session of Super Mario Run

By practicing on the above mentioned tips the users of iPhone, iPode, iPad can make the battery life long lasting and enjoy the Super Mario Run.

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Driver and Electrician Jobs in King Edward Medical College Lahore

Driver and Electrician Jobs in King Edward Medical College Lahore

Sumera Saeed | October 29, 2016 | category: Jobs

Driver and Electrician Jobs in King Edward Medical College Lahore

If you are an electrician and driver and are in search of Job you can apply for the job in King Edward Medical collage Lahore by 13th November 2016.

Complete details are available at the advertisement below:

Driver and Electrician Jobs in King Edward Medical College Lahore

Pizza Hut Offering Job With Sports

Pizza Hut Offering Job With Sports

Sumera Saeed | October 25, 2016 | category: Jobs

Pizza Hut Offering Job With Sports

Pizza Hut is offering the amazing job to the people who love sports.

Pizza Hut All-American is inviting applications from the interested candidates in order to send one college sports fan to dozens of NCAA championship games across the U.S. during the 2016-2017 seasons.

The employee at Pizza Hut will get the $50,000 after the selection for the post.  The Pizza Hut will select the perfect candidate will be passionate about NCAA sports and eager to share their journey on social media.

If you are interest to do job With Pizza Hut you can apply online by clicking on the below mentioned address


Pizza Hut will accepts the applications form candidates through 11:59 p.m. on 6th November, 2016.

For further details click here.

Taxi Drivers Jobs in Qatar

Taxi Drivers Jobs in Qatar

Sumera Saeed | October 17, 2016 | category: Foregin Jobs

Taxi Drivers Jobs in Qatar

New Gulf Recruiting Agency is looking for the Taxi Drivers Jobs in Qatar. If you are looking for a foreign job and interested to go to Qatar for Taxi Driver Job you are at a right Place.  There are a number of Jobs in Qatar for Taxi Drivers. For having Jobs in Qatar see the advertisement below:

Taxi Drivers Jobs in Qatar

Bahria university Karachi announces vacancy For Matric Pass Candidates

Bahria university Karachi announces vacancy For Matric Pass Candidates

Mariam Irshad | October 14, 2016 | category: Jobs

Bahria university Karachi announces vacancy Matric Pass Candidates:  Hurry Up, Don’t miss the chance

If you are matric passed and in urgent need of job, lost hope of having it, don’t feel sad there are a lot of job Opportunity for matric passed persons. Given below are announced Job:

Bahria university Karachi announce vacancy for

  • Security Guard
  • Plumber / Wireman

For security Guard Job, both Male and Female can apply; they must have 1 year experience as security guard with good physical appearance and Matric or intermediate education qualification.

For Plumber / Wireman, must have 2 years experience as Plumber or Wireman in any organization and must have Matric qualification.

A good opportunity for those who have done Matric And in need of job.

Bahria university Karachi announces vacancy For Matric Pass Candidates

Jobs in MCB Bank

Jobs in MCB Bank

Sumera Saeed | September 7, 2016 | category: Government Jobs in Pakistan

Jobs in MCB Bank

Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) is looking for the Service Quality Analyst. The MCB bank is offering 4 post for the Service Quality Analyst for their branches in Karachi, Lahore, Bahawalpur, Sialkot. The bank jobs is full time and permanent.


MCB Bank requires male members for the job with minimum qualification of Bachelors. Preference will be given to Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree & Computer Proficiency.


1 Year – 2 Years (1 to 2 years of relevant experience)

Last Day for submitting application:

The last date of submitting application for the post of Service Quality Analyst in MCB Bank is 5th October, 2016.


Only the male with the maxim age 24 – 32 Years can apply for the Service Quality Analyst post in MCB Bank.

Service Quality Analyst in MCB Bank Job Description:

To observer and report on the key service indicators & highlight areas of development in Branches.

Help line manager in organizing learning needs of the staff assigned in branches / offices on service excellence and take ingenuity to shelter their skill gap in management with learning & development

How to Apply:

Interest Candidates can apply for the Service Quality Analyst job in MCB Bank by clicking the following link.

Click here