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New Islamabad Airport to be Inaugurated on 20th April: Here's How it Looks?

New Islamabad Airport to be Inaugurated on 20th April: Here’s How it Looks?

Sumera Saeed | April 4, 2018 | category: News

New Islamabad Airport to be Inaugurated on 20th April: Here’s How it Looks? The new Islamabad Airport is now all set to be inaugurated on 20th April, 2018, after many delays. As per the information revealed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) the new Islamabad Airport to be inaugurated on 20th April.

The new Islamabad Airport project was earlier to complete last year; however, due to irregularities and delays the project completed this year and caused million of rupee wasted.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has directed the concerned authorities to shift all the activities and other works from Benazir airport to new airport before 20th April, 2018 and the airport will be ready to start operations soon after the inauguration.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahid Khaqan Abbasi will personally inaugurate the airport.

The New Islamabad Airport is constructed with the modern facilities and outlook. The new mosque at the Islamabad Airport for the airport visitors built by keeping in mind the modern architectural approach in fusion with cultural outlook. The structure of the mosque is too much different from the mosques already present in the capital city.

The mosque has ready to open doors for the airport visitors after the inauguration of the.

Currently, Pakistan International Airline flies to around 110 destinations every single day. It has just 36 aircraft but the authorities are planning to expand it to 44 carriers in the next three years.

Apart from PIA beginning its new operation, the Government of Gilgit Baltistan has also invited private airlines to start their flights operation in this region to promote tourism.

Here have a look at the mosque built at the Islamabad Airport.  

Islamabad-Airport-Mosque-Daytimes-2 Islamabad-Airport-Mosque-Daytimes-1 Islamabad-Airport-Mosque-Daytimes

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Bomb Blast During Eid Prayers in Shikarpur Pakistan

Bomb Blast During Eid Prayers in Shikarpur Pakistan

Sumera Saeed | September 13, 2016 | category: News

Bomb Blast During Eid Prayers in Shikarpur Pakistan

Suicide bombers Tried to create blood shed in Shikarpur

Shikarpur: A tragic incident happened in Shikarpur Pakistan, where a suicide bomber explodes him during Eid prayer. In the suicide blast approximately 10 people got injuries including two policemen.

The suicide bomb blast befell during Eid prayers in Shikarpur’s Khanpur tehsil on Tuesday.

According to Police sources four suicide bombers  intruded Khanpur during Eid prayers and one of the bomber blew himself up during Eid Prayers event, which resulting injuring 10 people. The other suicide bombers fled from the situation and tried to enter in the Imambargah (mosque affiliated with Shia Muslims), but were stopped by police at the entrance on account of appearing suspicious. Bomb Blast During Eid Prayers in Shikarpur Pakistan

One of the attackers tried to escape; one was gunned down by a police man, whereas the other was arrested.

The injured were rushed to the hospitals in Shikarpur for treatment. For more information regarding Shikarpur bomb blast stay in touch with Daytimes.pk.