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Irrfan Khan Suffering from Cancer is Totally a Fake Rumour

Irrfan Khan Suffering from Cancer is Totally a Fake Rumour

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Irrfan Khan Suffering from Cancer is Totally a Fake Rumour. There are rumors circulating on social media that veteran Bollywood actor Irfan Khan is suffering from cancer and is the last stage. As per rumours he is at the last stage of cancer and has only one month left.

These rumors are totally false. Just last month, Irrfan Khan broke the news of his ‘rare disease,’ causing a storm on social media. He revealed that he is suffering from the neuroendocrine disease which is rare and went to the UK for further treatment.

This week, however, rumours that Irrfan is in the last stages of cancer and has one month left took over social media once again.

Irrfan’s spokesperson has respond to these fake rumours and said,

“This latest round of news being spread through social media in the last few days about Irrfan’s health is absolutely false and there’s no truth to it whatsoever.”

The representative has requested fans and the media to stay away from ‘social media status’ related to the health updates of Irrfan Khan.

Irrfan Khan has acted in more than 100 films, including highly renowned hits Haasil and Paan Singh Tomar, Hindi Medium and Piku.

His English language films include Life Of Pi, Slumdog Millionaire and The Amazing Spider-Man.

In 2013 he also won the Viewers’ Choice Award at the Cannes Film Festival for the film The Lunchbox. It was also the only Indian film to be selected for competition at the London Film Festival that year.

Presently, Irrfan’s latest venture, Blackmail, has been released and doing remarkable business at the box office.

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