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Shocking! British Woman Marries a Dog

Shocking! British Woman Marries a Dog

Sumera Saeed | October 12, 2017 | category: News

Shocking! British Woman Marries a Dog. Can you believe it? But it’s actually happened in Yorkshire where a 43 year old British woman married her dog when she did not find her Mr. Perfect. According to reports Wilhelmina Morgan Callaghan has tied-the-knot to an Irish charmer called Henry.

Henry, just so happens to be an eight-year-old Yorkshire terrier.

Henry and Ms Callaghan

She calls him her king and also credits him with helping her get through a rocky patch in her life. She adopted Henry from a friend who had a litter in 2008. After reading about people who had married their pets online, she decided to take the plunge with Henry – and they will celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary this year on 20th November. Henry and Ms Callaghan, became dog and wife, via a website, with her friend Rebecca Carter, acting as a witness.

Shocking! British Woman Marries a Dog

Though they were given a certificate, as it is not lawful to tie the knot with your pet, their union is a spiritual one, although she takes it completely seriously.

She says that Henry is ‘wonderful’ and he loves hugs and watching television.

Shocking! British Woman Marries a Dog

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EcoStar’s awareness campaign on deceptive LED-TV screen-sizes

EcoStar’s awareness campaign on deceptive LED-TV screen-sizes

Sumera Saeed | December 21, 2016 | category: News

EcoStar is the leading innovator in LED Televisions and smart TV technologies. This nationwide brand has now launched an awareness campaign to inform the consumers about the deceptive TV screen-sizes being sold in the Pakistan’s electronics market. It cautions the customers to be cautious about the malpractices that are commonly observed by the buyers of LED TVs. Many under capacity LEDs’ are being sold in market with a fake claim of complete size.

Being a responsible brand that believes in transparency – EcoStar has prepared and issued a meaningful advertisement messages, advising the buyers to actually measure and confirm the LED screen before purchasing any Television, because many of the LED TVs, do not measure up to the claimed screen-sizes. For example; some TVs claiming to be 40 inches in size, are actually 2 to 3 inches smaller. This deceptive practice is more common in 40 inch, 43”, 50” and 60 inch LED televisions. So, EcoStar requests the consumers to be careful and make sure that they are getting the accurate size of LED, which they have paid for.

EcoStar also wants every buyer to be aware of the correct way to measure the LED screens. They should take an inch-tape and measure the LED TV screen diagonally; from the top left corner to the bottom right corner of the screen. This will give them the accurate size of the screen. The customer should know that the size of an LED is one of the most important elements, which reflect the reliability and authenticity of a Television brand as it ensures customer satisfaction. It is important to remember that size of LED is always “0.25” to “0.50” inch less than the said size due to panel addition but if it is more less than this the unit could be claimed as under capacity.

The customers have expressed their appreciation for this valuable advice and timely information from EcoStar, whereby thousands of customers are fortunately able to avoid any deception and ensure that they are purchasing a reliable television with complete screen size as committed by the company. EcoStar Televisions has always provided what it claims, by ensuring that EcoStar products have an accurate screen size that delivers high-quality picture and a durable performing product. Thus, EcoStar wants all the consumers to be cautious of this, to get real value-for-money and avoid purchasing any under-capacity LED, whenever they decide to purchase a new Television