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Benefits of Green World Slimming Capsules

Sumera Saeed | July 7, 2017 | category: Health and Beauty

Green World Company provides the best slimming capsules in Pakistan. Green World Slimming Capsules in Pakistan are the best herbal slimming capsules offered by Shoppingate.pk that easily reduce your unwanted weight. Green World Slimming Capsules in Pakistan is a natural floral formulation that reduces your weight safely & steadily by regulation the function of the body overall.  Green World Slimming Capsules in Pakistan has no complications and contains zero hormones. Green World Slimming Capsules in Pakistan lose the overall weight of the body by regulating its function as these slimming capsules in Pakistan have no zero complications. Green World Slimming Capsules in Pakistan are basically excellent for the people who want to reduce weight quickly.

Green World Slimming Capsules in Pakistan helps to burn the stubborn fat & accelerates the rate of metabolism & increase the burning of fat & decrease the intake of the calories by regulating the food intake with its herbal and natural floral formula. Green World Slimming Capsules in Pakistan helps to reduce the weight steadily and safely without any generation & rebound wrinkles and makes you slim and smart body.

Green World Slimming Capsules Ingredients

Original Green World Slimming Capsules consist of following ingredients:

Cassia Seed boosts the weight reduction and is excellent for liver fire

Lotus Leaf decreases the cholesterol and blood Glyceride greatly and accelerates the toxins

Hawthorn is considered to be an active and safe therapy for heart failure as it contains Vitamin C, hawthorn acids, flavonoids that lower the blood lipid level.

Mulberry has bio active elements like Vitamin C, Seleniumans, B-carotene to improve the immunity.

Rose decreases the total cholesterol level and systolic blood pressure

Green World Slimming Capsules in Pakistan

  • Green World Slimming Capsules in Pakistan are excellent for the
  • People who are on weight control program
  • People who have obesity
  • People who are intending for overweight

Green World Slimming Capsules Side Effects

Green World Slimming Capsules in Pakistan are the best herbal slimming capsules that have zero side effects. Green World Slimming Capsules are the 7 day weight loss pill in Pakistan.

Green World Slimming Capsules Benefits & Characteristics

  • Green World Slimming Capsules in Pakistan increase the burning of fats by accelerating metabolism rate
  • Original Green World Slimming Capsules in Pakistan regulates the food intake by decreasing the intake of calories
  • Green World Slimming Capsules reduces weight with its floral formula without any occurrence of wrinkles.
  • Green World Slimming Capsules have dual role in beautification and in weight loss.

Where to Buy Green World Slimming Capsules in Pakistan?

Shoppingate.pk offers you Green World Slimming Capsules available in Pakistan with cash on delivery service. We provide you original Green World Slimming Capsules online in Pakistan at affordable prices. There are many other Green World Herbal Products that you can buy from our online shopping website in Pakistan. You can also visit the Green World Karachi and Green World Products Price List and do online shopping in Pakistan. Shoppingate.pk offers original Green World Slimming Capsules for sale in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Quetta, Sialkot, Multan, Okara, Bahawalnagar, and Sargodha.

Green World Slimming Capsules Price in Pakistan: PKR 4,500

For order call us on 0346-7776552 or Visit Us


Vitamin C Helps in Fight Against Cancer

Vitamin C Helps in Fight Against Cancer

Sumera Saeed | March 23, 2017 | category: Health and Beauty

Vitamin C Helps in Fight Against Cancer

Vitamin C could help prevent malignancy from spreading all through the body, questionable research proposes. Found in abnormal states in oranges, kale and peppers, British researchers found the supplement starves tumors in lab tests. Giving patients high measurements are 10 times more powerful than a few medications being trialed in the fight against disease, the review claims. By infusing patients with it, sufferers can get up to 500 circumstances the sum than they would through eating.

In any case, specialists caution it is difficult to get the required sum through organic product, and that the outcomes are still from the get-go. Additionally called ascorbic corrosive, its impacts on disease undifferentiated cells, which are known to fuel the development of lethal tumors, had at no other time been assessed. Be that as it may, University of Salford specialists trust they have pinpointed precisely how it starves growth immature microorganisms. By repressing the breakdown of glucose, the mitochondria – considered the “powerhouse” of cells – can’t increase key vitality it needs to flourish.

Consider writer Dr Michael Lisanti stated that vitamin C is modest, regular, non-lethal and promptly accessible so to have it as a potential weapon in the battle against tumor would be a critical stride.

Given as an extra to chemotherapy, it could be utilized to forestall tumor repeat and further movement of the sickness. It has been considered globally as a potential treatment for tumor patients for over four decades. In spite of being known to help support the resistant framework, demonstrated outcomes for its impacts on growth have been moderately rare.

Past research has even demonstrated that it expands the danger of the malady by setting off a natural procedure that harms DNA. Growth immature microorganisms are thought to be one of the greatest reasons for chemotherapy resistance.

This is known to prompt treatment disappointment in patients with cutting edge types of the illness, permitting it to spread over the body. While trying to upset their digestion, they tried a scope of seven substances, as indicated by the review distributed in the diary Oncotarget. Three of these were normal items, including vitamin C, bumble bee subsidiary CAPE and drain thorn extricate silibinin.

Epilepsy medicate stiripentol was additionally checked, close by exploratory medications, for example, actinonin, FK866 and 2-DG. Actinonin and FK866 were observed to be the most intense, recommending two potential medicines for future logical research. Common items likewise ended the development of the dangerous cells, with vitamin C outflanking 2-DG ten times regarding intensity. Dr Gloria Bonuccelli, additionally included in the review, stated that their outcomes show it is a promising operator for clinical trials.

Anna Perman, Cancer Research UK’s senior science data director, stated that this is an early stage contemplate and hasn’t been tried in patients. Truth be told, a few specialists surmise that cancer prevention agents like vitamin C may meddle with chemotherapy which we know can be compelling treatment. The vital thing for growth patients to recall is that this review is taking a gander at the activity of vitamin C in the research facility, not the impact of eating nourishments or supplements that contain vitamin C. This ought not immediate anybody getting treatment for disease to change their eating routine or treatment arrange.

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5 Best Pigmentation and Dark Spots Removal Creams in Pakistan

5 Best Pigmentation and Dark Spots Removal Creams in Pakistan

Sumera Saeed | February 25, 2017 | category: beauty products

5 Best Pigmentation and Dark Spots Removal Creams in Pakistan

There are many creams accessible in the market for pigmentation on face that are the Best Creams are for Pigmentation on Face. Each company asserts that it makes helpful and compelling items and the item demonstrates its impact in under now time. Be that as it may, generally their claim demonstrates off-base. Presently in the given article we will educate you concerning best creams for pigmentation on face. At the point when diverse spots go ahead your face, you get to be distinctly stressed for your face since it is a typical longing of each individual to get perfect and clear face. For the expulsion of these spots you utilize each cream. Everybody believes that what is the normal reason for pigmentation? There is not just a solitary reason for pigmentation. Pigmentation is because of many reasons. The fundamental purpose of pigmentation is age.

What Causes Pigmentation?

The expanded level of melanin in the skin that produces shading is called pigmentation. It could be the consequence of harm, aggravation (after a treatment, similar to laser), sun harm or hormonal changes (which cause melasma). Skin discolorations and spots are an alternate sort of pigmentation, which is hereditary decided. At times the presence of patches can be the consequence of a malady, so it merits checking with your GP on the off chance that you don’t have a clue about the cause.


To prevent yourself from pigmentation on face you should utilize a cream with SPF 15+ every day. In the event that you have pigmentation on face you should abstain from irritating elements.

Conceal yourself from the beams of Sun.

Continuously wear sun piece.

You should utilize creams have Glycolic acid, Tretinoic acid, Vitamin C, Azaelic Acid.

On the off chance that you need, you can likewise utilize dying specialists like Kojic corrosive, Hydroquinone.

On the off chance that you apply these guidelines then you can shield yourself from pigmentation. Presently I enlighten u concerning the Best Creams for Pigmentation on Face in Pakistan. There are 2 noteworthy creams that are exceptionally powerful for pigmentation on face in Pakistan.


5 Best Pigmentation and Dark Spots Removal Creams in Pakistan

Meladrem is a cream which is accessible and is Best Cream For Pigmentation and dark spots on Face. It is a best cream accommodating to treat hyper-pigmentation. It is valuable for level out skin tone. It can be utilized both on your body and face. It is compelling for both body and face. It can likewise diminish skin pigmentation. The organization that make Meladrem claims that this cream is extremely successful for hyper-pigmentation, sun spots, skin inflammation imprints and it demonstrates its best outcomes in only 2 weeks and expel pigmentation. This helpful cream is free from each unsafe fixing. Uses more than 10 propelled fixings to battle age spots, Melasma, skin inflammation marks, and uneven skin tone; without paraben; aroma free; proper for delicate skin; non-oily.

It contains Vitamin B3, PEG 4, Lactic acid, Butylene Glycol and numerous different fixings that are helpful for pigmentation. Apply it once in the morning and once during the evening for its best outcomes.


Oriflame Even Out Dark Spot Fading Concentrate & Cream

Revitol is another cream which is exceptionally powerful and Best Cream for Pigmentation on Face. This cream is likewise free from each hurtful fixing. It depends on plant separate. It can likewise treat uneven tones. It contains extremely valuable ingredients. It additionally guarantees that it demonstrates its outcomes in 4 weeks.

Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Corrector

5 Best Pigmentation and Dark Spots Removal Creams in Pakistan

Garnier skin recharge dim spot expulsion is a day by day cream. It is non-oily. It comprises of vitamin C. it is exceptionally valuable for all kind of skin. It is a best cream for the evacuation of dim spots. It is guaranteed that this cream work sin 15 days and evacuates a wide range of dim spots. It has no other dangerous impact all over. It is additionally reasonable on the off chance that you need to get free from these dim spots then utilize this item immediately. We have seen that Garnier has all the time thought of appropriate and best items for the ladies and we are very certain that this dull spot corrector will likewise do supernatural occurrences for them.

Pond’s Clarant B3 Dark Spot Correcting Cream

5 Best Pigmentation and Dark Spots Removal Creams in Pakistan

This item is renowned in everywhere throughout the world for the evacuation of dull spots and levels skin tones. It comprises of vitamins B3 and C. it is useful for a wide range of shin however it is best for dry skin. It is to a great extent utilized by females. It is said that this cream will demonstrate its outcome in only 10 days. It has no other terrible impact on your skin. This cream likewise helps you in making your skin splendid and reasonable.

Oriflame Even Out Dark Spot Fading Concentrate & Cream

Oriflame Even Out Dark Spot Fading Concentrate & Cream

This pigmentation cream from Oriflame successfully lessens dull spots and fixes without bothering your skin. The cream is not sun touchy – making it adept for both day wear and night wear. It is additionally sheltered to utilize it under the eye and one needn’t bother with a fix test for utilizing it.

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Homemade Hand and Foot whitening Lotion For Winter

Homemade Hand and Foot whitening Lotion For Winter

Sumera Saeed | November 19, 2016 | category: Beauty Tips

Homemade Hand and Foot whitening Lotion For Winter

In winter our skin become dry and lackluster and it needs special care, for having soft and supple skin we keep practicing lots of tips and tricks but not every tip works as we desire. There are a number of beauty products available in the market that offer desired results but are bit expensive, not everyone can afford them to have white skin complexion.

We use a number of beauty products to make our face whiten and glowing but forget to take care of our hands and feet. There are lots of hand and foot whitening creams in the market some of them too expensive do offer results but some of them do not offer desire result as the companies show in their TVC.

Therefore it is best to make homemade hand and foot whitening lotion, which is not only cost effective but also offer remarkable results. The long terms use of homemade hand and foot whitening lotion will definitely everlasting results. The best thing about homemade whitening lotion is that it’s chemical free and most of the ingredients are available in your own kitchen.

So for them who really want to take care of their hands and feet and desire to whiten them by using homemade product, you are at a right place. Here you will find out about the complete method of homemade hand and foot whitening lotion.

Ingredients for homemade hand and foot whitening lotion:

  • Liquid Paraffin half cup
  • Almond oil 4 tablespoon
  • Olive Oil 4 tablespoon
  • Jasmine Oil 4 tablespoon
  • Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (derived From Vitamin C) 10% 5ml
  • Glycolic  Acid 5 % 5ml


Mix all the above mentioned ingredients well by beating with the help of spoon or beater. When you see the creamy texture stop beating and store the lotion in the Jar. Apply daily at night because when we go to sleep our skin undergoes the recovery process. While sleeping blood circulation increases and hormones released, if we apply the cream and lotion at night they absorb properly in the skin and works better in getting whiten skin. The above mentioned homemade hand and foot whitening lotion is suitable for both men and women.

For further home remedies, tips and tricks stay tuned with daytimes.pk

Ivory Caps Skin Whitening Pills Benefits and Side Effects

Ivory Caps Skin Whitening Pills Benefits and Side Effects

Mariam Irshad | November 3, 2016 | category: beauty products

Ivory Caps Skin Whitening Pills Benefits and Side Effects

Every girl desires to have perfect skin tone that’s why a lot of tactics are used. Market is already full of whitening creams, bleach, face wash and facials that are expert in providing fairness in short period of time. Once you used these whitening products, nothing else could appeal you.

As addiction leads towards destruction same happen with product long term use. Whitening products are full of potent Steroids agent of skin damaging. So using the whitening creams are always risky to use. By keeping this in mind in 2004 Ivory caps are made to give skin lightening with no side effects, its safe to use and provide effective results.These tablets gives best result if used regularly.

Ivory caps are best to use as during its formation each minute option matters for the makers so formulation happens by keeping in mind skin essentials and thus named as “Ivory caps” that came in market in 2006.Ivory caps contains Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Silymarin these ingredients give best results with no side effects as glutathione is best to maintain health and give protection against cancer and act as Tyrosinase Inhibitor that is enzyme   catalyzes the biosynthesis of melanin.

Melanin is main reason of causing skin darkening. Alpha lIpo acid helps in fighting against ischemia-reperfusion damage, neurodegeneration, and heavy-metal poisoning and radiation damage. Silymarin also known as milk thistle that keeps harmful substances out of liver cell.

Ivory Caps Skin Whitening Pills Benefits and Side Effects

Direction for use:

Before or after eating food take 2 capsule daily with water or juice.Do take it on time and don’t try to take more than 6 capsule a day on base if you want to have best results in short period of time then you can in take 6 capsules. Don’t cross intake limits then it will be dangerous for you


  • Ivory caps will give you glowing skin
  • It will prevent darkening of skin
  • Melanin agent is removed and gives you perfect skin tone.
  • Ivory caps reduce pigmentation production.
  • Remove melanin laden skin cells.

if you wants to have best result immediately then you must take capsule regularly , increase your vitamin C intake , do not leave home without sunblock and always try to have best tropical cream. This will give you best ever result. And it definitely works on all skin types.

Ivory caps has 60 tablets. Costs $49.99 but in Pakistan it is available in price range 10,000 to 25000.


Best permanent skin whitening Pills And Creams in Pakistan

Best permanent skin whitening Pills And Creams in Pakistan

Sumera Saeed | September 30, 2016 | category: beauty products

Best permanent skin whitening Pills And Creams in Pakistan

This is the dream of majority of girls to get white skin and talking about the best skin whitening products in Pakistan that are effective for skin whitening. The quality of skin care and beauty products must not be compromised to be secure from the negative effect of the products. Often low quality creams and products for skin lightening leave their side effects on the skin that is more dangerous. Coping with this situation high quality and original skin whitening pills by brands are imported from Amazon make them available in Pakistan for the consumers to shop online. Those imported quality Amazon products are the best skin whitening products in the world. Now you can get fair and beautiful skin permanently by using the pills.

Ivory Caps:

The best trusted and mostly used product for skin whitening around the globe is Ivory Caps. This product is directly imported from Amazon and the original Ivory Caps with high quality is available in Pakistan in online store. Ivory Caps are the glutathione formula without any side effect that gradually whitens the skin and do this permanently for your skin. It actually lightens the skin up to 3 shades of the skin tone. This skin whitening product has 100% natural ingredients and works for women and men. People with every kind of skin can use this product and it is safe. Ivory Caps is great for acne skin and also promotes health and boost immune system.

Ivory Caps Vitamin C Brightening Plus:

Best permanent skin whitening Pills And Creams in Pakistan

The improved formula of Ivory Caps is available in the form of Ivory Caps vitamin C Brightening plus. This is the best face whitening agent product that has the unique blend of Glutathione and vitamin C that is proven for the skin whitening. The original Ivory Caps vitamin C brightening plus is imported from Amazon for Pakistani consumers exclusively. It also has no side effects. This formula is the result of extensive and thorough research that has come in the form of most powerful and advanced formula for permanent skin whitening. This is the safe and effective creation.

NANO GLUTA Super Active Whitening Glutathione:

Best permanent skin whitening Pills And Creams in Pakistan

Korean NANO GLUTA is the super active formula that not only lightens and pinkish skin tone but also help getting V shape of the face. Another effective and one of the best NANO GLUTA super active whitening Glutathione treats acne, darker area and spots as well. The 100% natural and safe ingredients of the product are the specialty of this formula that makes it result oriented. The original Korean product is imported from Amazon. Safe NANO GLUTA has anti aging and anti wrinkles properties as well. Use these pills twice a day for quick results.

Glutathione Original Whitening and Bleaching soap:

Best permanent skin whitening Pills And Creams in Pakistan

This is available with the name of Kojic Acid Soap that is the best skin whitening soap for lighten skin that also smoothens the skin. Using Glutathione Original Whitening and Bleaching soap also removes dark spots, aging and acne marks. This is effective for whole body whitening. Original Japanese Kojic Acid Glutathione Original Whitening and Bleaching soap is available in Pakistan that is Amazon imported. Get smooth and fresh skin with the nourishing of coconut oil. It also has fresh fragrance and you can use it over whole body including inner thighs and private parts. Apply this for 30 seconds wash it.

Cathy Doll Karmart L-Glutathione Magic Skin Whitening Cream:

Best permanent skin whitening Pills And Creams in Pakistan

Another Korean effective skin whitening formula is here in the form of whitening cream. Cathy Doll Karmart L-Glutathione Magic Skin Whitening Cream is magic due to its skin lightening effect. Scars removing effect with SPF 50 help getting flawless and white skin and also protect the skin against UV. Natural plant extracts are used in the manufacturing of this product. Original Cathy Doll Karmart L-Glutathione is in the online stores. Amazon imported effective skin whitening cream is the great skin care product.

VOOX DD Skin Whitening Body Lotion:

Best permanent skin whitening Pills And Creams in Pakistan

Japanese original VOOX DD skin whitening body lotion is imported quality product and 100% authentic for skin whitening. Consumers in Pakistan can also have this product as it is imported from Amazon. SPF 60 and moisturizer in this lotion are for the protection and care of skin. Its protection from sun rays and whitening formula make this product special. It is effective and advanced formula with blend of BB and CC cream. High quality VOOX DD has proved safe for skin and ideal for every skin type.

ALVOY Magic Whitening Cream for private parts:

For whitening in private areas of body the exclusively design cream ALVOY magic cream is really effective. This is the formula especially for the sensitive and private parts of the body. It brings beauty to them and removes the darker area. This is quality cream with no side effect. For private parts you need something high quality and safe that is also effective. This cream penetrates in the skin fast and deep that makes the area whiten and nourishes the skin. Unique ALVOY magic whitening cream is Amazon imported high quality skin whitening product. Consumers can get original ALVOY whitening cream with herbal extracts for better skin tone.

Treat A Bunch Of Body Ailments on An Empty Stomach

Sumera Saeed | July 15, 2016 | category: Health and Beauty

Treat A Bunch Of Body Ailments on An Empty Stomach

Today you will find here a perfect solution of a number of body ailments on an empty stomach. If you have low blood pressure, heartburn, cholesterol, muscular pain, joint pain, sore throat, constipation and digestion problem and also want to lose weight, go for the below mentioned drink which is the solution of all these ailments.

Now you can treat them with the Apple cider and honey drink. Use this drink on an empty stomach and see the result by yourself.

Apple cider vinegar contains folice acid, potassium, calcium, sodium, Vitamin C, B1, B2 and B6.

Honey has iron, vitamin C, copper, calcium, potassium, vitamin B6 and zinc.

Treat A Bunch Of Body Ailments on An Empty Stomach

The mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey will give you better results. You need

  • Honey one tablespoon
  • Apple Cider Vinegar one tablespoon
  • Water one glass

Mix them well and drink daily in the morning on an empty stomach. But be careful don’t use too much apple cider vinegar as it can be harmful. If you want to drink consult a doctor first before practicing on the above mentioned tip.

Manage your Stress with Foods

Sumera Saeed | June 30, 2016 | category: Health and Beauty

Manage your Stress with Foods

All you are fully aware that our modern life is full of stress and anxiety. Stress becomes the integral part of a number of people due to the certain happenings in their life. They even can’t control over it and have to go through it. They remain under the control of strong mental pressure due to work, financial crises, relationship, and many other problems. Stress can affect the way of life. You can’t get proper diet, sleep and offer full attention to work. Stress can also leads to different ailments like headache, muscular pain, hypertension (high blood pressure), fatigue and dizziness.

You can manage your stress as stress is not a disease itself.  You can manage your stress by practicing on the following tips:

  • Do involve yourself with your social relationship. You can spend a variety of time with your friends and family.
  • Avoid doing thing that make you stress.
  • Do exercise daily.

There is no proper way to cope up with stress but the consumption of certain food will help to relive you stress level.

You can use banana in your daily diet, as it has relaxing properties. Rich source of potassium and carbohydrates it normalizes the blood sugar level and relax the nerve system.

Another food is dark chocolate. It’s a rich source of antioxidants. Its uses help to normalize stress level and boast endorphin and serotonin levels. Dark chocolate eating makes you happy as it stimulates the brain to discharge the happy chemicals.

The use of cashews increases energy levels. It contains mood lifter compounds known as magnesium and tryptophan. Their uses also boast immunity.

All type of berries like strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries, are a rich source of vitamin C, which has been revealed to be supportive in struggling stress.

Good News For Coffee Lovers If trying to Burn Calories

Sumera Saeed | June 29, 2016 | category: Health and Beauty

Good News For Coffee Lovers If trying to Burn Calories

If you are doing hard to burn your calories then stop for a while and must read the below mentioned tip. The below mentioned tip is very much effective and simple to use. Now you need not to do any hard exercise or starve yourself for losing weight.

It’s good news for coffee lovers that they can burn their calories every morning if they drink a moderate amount of coffee.

The presence of caffeine in Coffee helps you to boast your metabolism level and save you from heart attack and other diseases.

Adding a small amount of below mentioned ingredients in your daily morning coffee you can burn your calories and extra fat of body and can get slim and smart figure. You just need to have honey, cinnamon and coconut oil.

Honey contains a bunch of nutrients like iron, phosphorus, zinc, sodium, potassium and calcium.it is also a good source of vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, folate, riboflavin and niacin. Its use controls the cholesterol level and save heart.

Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. Its use helps you to fight bacteria in the body.

Coconut oil contains fatty acids but this fat is healthy. It offers high level of energy and metabolism.


Put one tablespoon of honey, ¾ tablespoon of coconut oil and one tablespoon of cinnamon powder in the cup and mix well. Now pour hot coffee in it and mix it properly. You weight loss and calories burn coffee is ready to drink.

Drink it daily basis for getting desired results.


Drink Lemon water Instead of Morning Tea or Coffee For Healthy Body

Sumera Saeed | May 13, 2016 | category: Health and Beauty

Drink Lemon water Instead of Morning Tea or Coffee For Healthy Body

We recommend you people to replace your morning tea or coffee with the lemon water because it offers lots of health benefits to the body. It not only effects body but also shows change in your mood.

The uses of lemon and lemon peel juice have antioxidant properties that clean body toxins.  Lemon is a rich source of Vitamin C as a single lemon contains approximately 30 to 40 mg of Vitamin C. it is said that the use of Vitamin C helps you get rid of cardiovascular disease, skin wrinkles, eye diseases and immune system deficiencies.  The antioxidant properties of lemon help to repair damage cells of the body.

Removes Body Toxins:

Drink Lemon water Instead of Morning Tea or Coffee For Healthy Body

If you use lemon water after eating meals it helps to minimize the body toxins. What are toxins and from where they come? I think you people will have to know the answer if you don’t aware. Toxins enter into your body when your breath in the air. The food we used to eat in our daily life. The citric acid found in lemon help the body to naturally flush out the crystals of toxins via urinating as the use of lemon water increases the amount of urine. The use of Lemon water helps to stimulate the liver function and body eczema. It aids the liver to flush out unwanted junk from the body.

Get Ride of digestion problem:

Drink Lemon water Instead of Morning Tea or Coffee For Healthy Body

Lots of people faces digestion problem as their stomach feel upset due to excessive eating of unhealthy meal. Lemon citric acid aids the hydrochloric acid in the stomach in breaking down meal. If you face digestion problem the warm lemon water will help you a lot have health stomach.

Boasts Health:

The use of Lemon water is a safe secure and effective as it manages pH levels of the body and getting strong alkalinity may assist in bone health.

It use improves memory, reduces muscle wasting, lessens the chances of hypertension (High blood Pressure) and strokes, improved cardiovascular health.

Helps to Lose Weight

When people use fiber rich diet it may increases their weight. If you are struggling hard and remain hungry to lose your body fat, you need not to worry now because the Pectin and polyphenols found in Lemon effectively aids in reducing body fat.Drink Lemon water Instead of Morning Tea or Coffee For Healthy Body

We hope the above mentioned health tips will give you lots of benefits in getting rid body fat, obseness, healthy stomach, detoxification and cleansing of body. For getting further healthy tips keep visiting Daytimes.

How to deal with Low Blood Pressure

Sumera Saeed | April 30, 2016 | category: Health and Beauty

If you have symptoms of lower blood pressure I will recommend you to read this article carefully to get some handful tips to get rid of it. Low blood pressure (hypotension) has also a need to be cured if you see active symptoms in your body like dizziness fainting, difficulty breathing, blurred vision, palpitations, fatigue, nausea, cold, clammy skin and lightheadedness. The readings of Low BP regularly remain around 90/60 mm Hg or lower. If your blood pressure remains extremely low it may cause insufficient flow of blood to organs for instance the brain, kidneys and heart.

But if you have naturally low BP and it’s not causing any problem then it’s not need essential treatment.

We have mentioned some precautions and home remedies below if you are suffering low BP in your daily life.

  • Avoid standing for a long period of time.
  • Stop using tea at night as it has caffeine which may leads to dehydration.
  • Also cut down the use of alcohol form your daily life.
  • Eat healthy meals on time in small quantity containing whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean chicken and fish.
  • Have some rest after eating your meal.
  • You should take a large amount of liquid juices or water.
  • You can also add salt in the water but only if you are dealing with low BP.
  • In hot weather you need to increase the intake of water.
  • Don’t need to do heavy work.
  • Avoid staying in the hot weather for a long time.How to deal with Lower Blood Pressure 2
  • Use much intake of minerals, vitamins and nutritional products.
  • Avoid taking too much intake of carbohydrate food like bread, rice, potatoes, etc.
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetable salad on daily basis
  • Use Vitamin C in your diet.
  • Use the juice of Basil leaves (Tulsi Leaves)


How to make Basil Leaves Juice?

How to deal with Lower Blood Pressure 1


  • 15 to 20 basil leaves
  • One table spoon of honey
  • Half glass of water

Add the ingredients in the mixture and grind to make smooth liquid and drink it empty stomach.

These are some effective home remedies by taking into action you can deal with you blood pressure problems.Mostly few people are prescribed by the physician to intake lower blood pressure medicine. If you want to avoid the low BP hypotension you need to practice on the above mentioned tips. If you think medication is need then consult a qualified doctor.

I hope you people will surely have benefits form this health article. Stay tuned for more….